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most badass character?

Curtis Sargent

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Lan of course is the character that Jordan tired to make badass personified, so its pretty hard to top him. 


That being said, I always thought that Perrin was really badass, in a relatable way. Like hes not badass because he can kill you (even though he could), or because he necessarily does cool feats (which he does), but where characters liek Mat do things because they feel like they are forced into it, Perrin does things because its the right thing to do. which of course Mat does too (freeing those sea folk damane in CoT), but thats like perrins main driving force. Like when he goes back to the Two Rivers and defends it from trollocs because he loves his home and his people, or how he risks his life to rescue faile in TDR, or how hes on a super important mission for rand to the Prophet, and he says screw it all until i go against 200000 aiel with like 10000 regular soldiers because I need to save my wife. Or more accurately, cutting off a warriors hand and threatening to make him into a cripple if he doesnt get any information to get his wife back. That's like a real-world badass, not even taking his badass wolf powers into consideration. Hopefully that made sense.


I also always thought Thom was really badass. partially in the same way that Perrin is. and moreso in that he has no badass wolf powers to fall back on. he knows everything, he knows how to gather intel by talking to people, hes stealthy, he can kill people with knives, he used to be the queens lover, he fought an effing Fade and came away with just a limp, he has a cool mustache, some agent of the king kills his girlfriend so he single handedly assassinates the king and drives all of Cairhein into civil war and gets away with it, etc, etc,. Not to mention he was so badass that the Seanchan assumed that he was some super elite agent, the best man that the white tower had to send against them, which if they knew about half the men the white tower has access to, thats a huge complement. 


I also thought juilin was kind of badass, but he was basically not-as-badass-thom.


I also really liked Elyas. For obvious reasons.

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Honestly, yes. I always get way too happy whenever Bela happens to appear in the story.


I mean Im only just starting book 11, but I cant wait for Rand to ride Bela to Shayol Ghul in the last book and kill the dark one from her back.


All jokes aside I thought it was cool she stays around so long, since she was the first thing that Rand ever used the OP on, which kinda makes her special in a "it really doesnt matter" kind of way.

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Lan and Rand are both badass in their own way (and Lan is a hundred times wiser than Rand, so he tops the list of those two), but they are "supposed" to be archetypes - Lan of the warrior, Rand of the "tragic hero".


No, I actually think the most badass characters are probably Egwene and Cadsuane. Cadsuane for obvious reasons, she is a force of nature, although she's not really that likeable. Egwene, because she develops from the doe-eyed village girl to badass Amyrlin who turns the tower on its head in just a few years.


Her education with the Aiel, her time in captivity etc. all just enchance her character. At the end, I would definitely prefer to stay on her good sides... But I don't think she was irrational / stupid as some of the other "ruling" characters, which I also believe is one of the secrets to Egwene's success. She became an Amyrlin at, what, 20, she reunited the Tower and made it stronger than it had been in a thousand years by opening it for every woman who could channel, regardless of age, culture of origin etc. In fact, she seems to me almost to be a ta'veren as much as the boys - I know she's not, not really, but she definitely shatters the world in her own way. Along with Nynaeve, with the new style of healing and rediscovery of lost talents. 


Egwene develops into a more unlikable character in many people's eyes, but she always stays true to her personality and her experiences. And even though she believes the AS are basically elevated from society, she is not as bad as some of the others, as humiliy was beaten into her from her time with the Aiel. She doesn't always believe she knows everything, that she can be taught nothing. She understands more of different ways and cultures than many of the other AS, which probably also has to do with her age - the longer the sisters are staying away from the outside world, the less they seem to remember of how it works. With the exception of some Grays, who by their "job description" always tries to understand both sides in a conflict, and some Browns who at least in theory know a lof about different peoples and cultures, most AS seem to forget that they live in a bubble cut off from the rest of the world.

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Surprised that no one has said Moiriane. Pretty much from the moment she heard the fortelling as an accepted she made her life about finding and guiding TDR. Always doing what must be done for the right reason, even when it means she has to do some very morally grey things. She takes out 2 forsaken one of which was at great cost to her (which she knew ahead of time and did it anyway).


She's one of my all time favorite characters. Wish the series had more of her.

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