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  1. @solarz, "i don't recall where it was mentioned that galad was 6.5 years older than rand..." it wasn't mentioned anywhere ,but it's easy to calculate,galad was born in the spring of 972ne,his mother tigraine vanished from caemlyn the same year,rand was born on the last day of the battle of the shining walls,november 25 978ne,hence 6.5 years difference,rand is the only character in the wheel of time story we know his birthday. "he had barely been in the whitecloaks for a year,and hadn't had any battle experience that valda knew of."
  2. @solarz, "valda dismissed galad as young and inexperienced..." how old do you think galad was when he fought eamon valda? galad is six and half years older than rand,in the beginning of our story he is 25 years and 10 months old,the duel between them did happen two years later,so galad was almost 28 years old! in my book,he was old and experienced enough to fight anyone, incidentally,how old was eamon valda? 50? 60?
  3. @James Sedai, "being mad or a bit mad,didn't seem to affect his perception or memory..." agreed.dark rand or light rand,mad or a bit mad,rand was incredibly focused.
  4. the tower of ghenjei is a gateway to another world,physically, its in andor.
  5. it was definitely happenstance,leigh butler's explanation is pure conjecture.
  6. @mlva919, "i have alway thought that rand died..." no he didn't,post last battle rand was definitely alive in the real world, there are three point of views contradicting your statement, let's start with min:"feeling the pulsing throb of the bond in the back of her mind.it grew stronger each moment." from min point of view we learn not only that rand is alive but also the bond is still intact. another point of view is from aviendha:"now we make sure that everyone well and TRULY BLIEVES he is gone." another one is from cadsuane:"c
  7. souls are being reincarnated not bodies,post body swap, rand's soul,the dragon's soul is in moridin's body,rand's soul transmigrated to a different body,but it's the same soul-body swap changes nothing.
  8. a statue for carlo pedersoli in budapest? unbelievable!! *shaking my head*
  9. @Wulf, "..then aginor just decided to explode for no reason?" no,it was rand's doing,rand fried his arse. .."three forsaken down.." well not really,ishamael was severely wounded but he was alive. it was szilard who said robert jordan had no idea how to start or finish the eye of the world,but the middle of the book is very good.
  10. sitters true power is during voting at the hall of the tower, i.e.support or opposed to the amyrlin
  11. @Sabio, is it one sitter per ajah?i simply don't remember. sorry,i just noticed,you've already answered my question lol.
  12. yes they do,the black tower is not going anywhere.
  13. @failemandarb, "i feel the only aes sedai he trusted was moiraine,nynaeve,elayne and maybe cadsuane..." your list of aes sedai is problematic. rand loved and trusted elayne implicitly regardless of her station in life, whether or not she's an aes sedai is irrelevant,it's like saying the only wise one rand trusted implicitly is aviendha. rand didn't trust cadsuane.period.post dragonmount ,he tolerated her existence nothing more. moiraine is a complex issue,the reason i asked niniel if she believed rand trusted moiraine compl
  14. @wotfan4472, "moiraine is the one that can be trusted to wait for the moment." this is irrelevant,it wasn't moiraine's decision,it was rand's, "now! rand yelled.nynaeve and moiraine channeled together exploiting the flaw in callandor.." ..and seconds later..."link!rand commanded.they fed to him.power." @Niniel, "i wish alicia had a bigger role..." creative autocorrect?robert jordan created too many characters as it is, no need to add one more.*grinning*
  15. @niniel, .."because he trusted her completely." did he? did rand trust moiraine completely?
  16. and yet,according to you,poor perrin is second only to rand in words count LOL.
  17. i never took elan morin for a fool,to be honest,i did find his nihilistic point of views quite refreshing,comparing to other villains(barring lanfear),he was a cut from a different cloth.
  18. fair point,bear in mind that the seanchan have no clue their captive is moghedien and she certainly is not going to reveal her true identity,sooner than later she'll get a pet name like nula,cutie-patootie or gollum....so no more moggy the spider lol.
  19. @orderofolde, "..the most powerful,who have not sworn on a binder is around 1000 years." yes.kesiera sedai(used to be active in the discussion board until a year ago), wrote a formula regarding channeler's potential life span based on their one power strengh,according to her,rand,moridin and lanfear's potential life span is approximately 900 years(15%longer life span for female channelers).
  20. in lord of chaos chapter 48 nynaeve tells tylin she's 26 years old,the time span between eye of the world chapter 1 and lord of chaos chapter 48 is 21 months, (using steven cooper wheel of time chronology),so in the beginning,nynaeve is 24 years and 3 months old and she was born in 973ne not 974 ne(it's a mistake). rand is 19 years and 4 months old almost 5 years younger than nynaeve.
  21. fair point,and you're absolutely right,moghedien would never reveal her true identity,"she hides and takes no risks,she attacks only where she sees weakness,and moves only in the shadows."
  22. is it a tie? post last battle,rand is very much alive,supposedly outside the big picture,but,in fact,he is a complete unknown factor with(arguably) the ability to manipulate the pattern.
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