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  1. @solarz, "i don't recall where it was mentioned that galad was 6.5 years older than rand..." it wasn't mentioned anywhere ,but it's easy to calculate,galad was born in the spring of 972ne,his mother tigraine vanished from caemlyn the same year,rand was born on the last day of the battle of the shining walls,november 25 978ne,hence 6.5 years difference,rand is the only character in the wheel of time story we know his birthday. "he had barely been in the whitecloaks for a year,and hadn't had any battle experience that valda knew of." true,galad was relatively new as a whitecloak,but he was a prince of andor since the day he was born,trained by the best andoran instructors,not to mention white tower warders,and they all knew his past,dismissing galad as young and inexperienced(knowing his personal background) was incredibly stupid.
  2. @solarz, "valda dismissed galad as young and inexperienced..." how old do you think galad was when he fought eamon valda? galad is six and half years older than rand,in the beginning of our story he is 25 years and 10 months old,the duel between them did happen two years later,so galad was almost 28 years old! in my book,he was old and experienced enough to fight anyone, incidentally,how old was eamon valda? 50? 60?
  3. @James Sedai, "being mad or a bit mad,didn't seem to affect his perception or memory..." agreed.dark rand or light rand,mad or a bit mad,rand was incredibly focused.
  4. the tower of ghenjei is a gateway to another world,physically, its in andor.
  5. it was definitely happenstance,leigh butler's explanation is pure conjecture.
  6. @mlva919, "i have alway thought that rand died..." no he didn't,post last battle rand was definitely alive in the real world, there are three point of views contradicting your statement, let's start with min:"feeling the pulsing throb of the bond in the back of her mind.it grew stronger each moment." from min point of view we learn not only that rand is alive but also the bond is still intact. another point of view is from aviendha:"now we make sure that everyone well and TRULY BLIEVES he is gone." another one is from cadsuane:"cadsuane watched him go.no need to keep watching this sham of a funeral then." lastly,as our legendary hero is riding off into the sunset he is wondering: "i wonder which of them will follow me." why would a dead man be concerned which one will follow him? in the last three pages of a memory of light there are tonne clues indicating rand is alive and well in the real world. as to how did rand managed to light his pipe,well,that's a completely different discussion.
  7. souls are being reincarnated not bodies,post body swap, rand's soul,the dragon's soul is in moridin's body,rand's soul transmigrated to a different body,but it's the same soul-body swap changes nothing.
  8. a statue for carlo pedersoli in budapest? unbelievable!! *shaking my head*
  9. @Wulf, "..then aginor just decided to explode for no reason?" no,it was rand's doing,rand fried his arse. .."three forsaken down.." well not really,ishamael was severely wounded but he was alive. it was szilard who said robert jordan had no idea how to start or finish the eye of the world,but the middle of the book is very good.
  10. sitters true power is during voting at the hall of the tower, i.e.support or opposed to the amyrlin
  11. @Sabio, is it one sitter per ajah?i simply don't remember. sorry,i just noticed,you've already answered my question lol.
  12. yes they do,the black tower is not going anywhere.
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