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  1. Having read the series completely once, and now at Winters Heart in my first re-read since, its interesting to see your views on the characters at the first time of meeting them. I actually had very similar thoughts with some of those characters at first, and with out going into too much detail, I think you will be surprised at how your opinions and views change on some of them. I know with me that by the end of AMOL those characters I was excited by at TEOTW weren't necessarily those characters I could stand at the end! ​Without a doubt it is worth all the little details you are given, whic
  2. The top two in my eyes aren't technically fathers by blood, and one is more a guardian rather than an official father figure, but I'd have to say Tam (Rand's "father".....obviously) and Mat (with the way he takes on responsibility for Olver). Tam just knows. Literally no matter the situation he knows the exact way to respond. ​And Mat, while he sort of has a child thrust upon him, he seems to thrive under it, even to the point of where he worries what Olver is learning from the Band members (pretty much every move Mat himself uses on the ladies!). With regards to a bad father, I'm strugg
  3. The Heroes of the Horn are in TAR waiting to be reborn with each turn of the wheel, and we know wolves can live on in TAR thanks to Hopper but generally if your bog-standard run of the mill person was to die that would generally be it for them except those who the DO has a "claim on". As Sabio and DemandredFO mentioned above, TAR would be absolutely heaving with spirits otherwise!
  4. For me the "boring bits" are often those passages which help forge your relationships with the characters. The issue I always had was if it began to make me dislike a character. With Matt I could read them all day as I liked the character. Egwene POV's though made me want to scream!! (Thats an issue for a different thread though!) I think it really depends on how often your favourite characters appear in each book which then dictates the readers view in terms enjoyment.
  5. Mat - favourite character due to his love of all that happens in them scummy taverns. His POV's were definitely the ones where you get the most moments of looking like a madman as you laugh away to yourself in the corner, book in lap. Lan - you have to respect the fact that the man is "The Weapon". As mentioned above, even the Aiel see his ability. Birgitte - She doesnt like the pretty boys. She drinks. And she knows how to fight. What more could you want?
  6. Min closely followed by Avendha and Birgette fighting it out in second place. I know the thread is asking purely on looks but the likes of Egwene and Elayne were driving me mad as the books wore on which meant they dropped drastically in my opinion. Over time RJ took them from one end of the scale to the other.....quite an achievement!
  7. Hello! Been visiting this site for over a year without ever actually signing up, and I finally asked myself, "why haven't I?" So here I am. Started the books when I was about 12 and then drifted away before coming back in 2012 and reading all 13 just in time for AMoL's release (I'm still searching for something to fill the void - sadly a flame just doesnt quite cut it ) Looking forward to sharing some views/theories in the future.
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