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  1. I believe this is the full list! http://wot.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Songs
  2. Piebald is an actual horse color. It refers to a black-and-white paint specifically, it is not something from WoT.
  3. I thought Arabian too, but she's really small for one, so I went for a pony/Arabian crossbreed.
  4. Mat's horse Pips is only described as brown, but he was named after the dots on dice...so how about this horse?
  5. We haven't mentioned Aldieb, Moiraine's horse, yet. Just based on the cover picture, I'd say Aldieb might be a Welara pony, which is a cross between an Arabian horse and a Welsh pony.
  6. I had to research it, and it has what's called a somatic mutation. http://equinetapestry.com/tag/somatic-mutations/
  7. Another Razor possibility (I'm not sure if this coloration has a name, though. It's pretty unique:)
  8. And for a Razor, how about a brindle-patterned horse?
  9. I was thinking of Bela as less like a Clydesdale, and more like a darker-colored Haflinger, like this: Or a Black Forest horse.
  10. It's not common, but people can ride zebras. Someone in my town actually owns a zorse, I've seen them out on it a few times. I agree that Mandarb was a Friesan. I assumed Bela was a light draft of some sort.
  11. There are LOTS of badasses, but I've got to pick Mat. He's incredibly skilled in combat and very tough as well, plus he keeps his wonderful sense of humour throughout the series.
  12. I'm not a fan of book 8. It always bored me, even more so than book 10. As for the women in the series, I like most of them - yet I never could like Elayne. Nynaeve, Faile, and Egwene are all fine...but Elayne? I just never liked her.
  13. I'd be a Brown for sure, since I'm such a bookworm and love learning for the sake of knowledge.
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