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  1. Thanks everyone! And sorry, but a ton of other people have already read it...the partial rough draft that is.
  2. I'm studying creative writing, so I can write my own epic fantasy! And I would expect to be able to be on more. Somehow I'm always less busy during school, and I know I'll have a lot of free time my first semester at least since I'm not taking many classes and they should be fairly easy.
  3. I know, I know, I said I was going to be more active, but my life had other plans and I've been getting ready for college all summer. I'll be moving in next week and I'm so excited (but a bit nervous as well.) All my Wheel of Time books are coming with me, of course!
  4. Dawn, Accepted I don't know the actors very well but based on appearance, Dylan O'Brien looks the most like Mat to me.
  5. I love that universe too. It would be fun to live there. . So long as I'm not in the Underdark, of course. Dark Elves are awesome and all but I wouldn't want to live with them. Wouldn't mind living in Icewind Dale, though, since I love snow.
  6. I believe this is the full list! http://wot.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Songs
  7. Definitely Harry Potter, in that case. I'd love to be just a random Slytherin, honestly. I don't think having magic is considered "special" in that world. If, on the other hand, you won't let me have magic, I'll go with Middle-Earth and live in the Shire.
  8. Dawn, Accepted. Basically any fictional world, except probably not Panem or Westeros. Harry Potter, Middle Earth, and Randland in particular would be pretty great, I think.
  9. Sean Faris is a bit muscular for Mat, and I really can't see Harry Styles as him...Dylan O'Brian is my top choice. (Though I don't know many actors.) Age-wise, though, Teo Halm is actually the closest. Mat is the only character I have even remotely looked into actors for since he's my favourite.
  10. I'm pretty sure the TV Series update might have dragged a lot of people back here.
  11. Piebald is an actual horse color. It refers to a black-and-white paint specifically, it is not something from WoT.
  12. I thought Arabian too, but she's really small for one, so I went for a pony/Arabian crossbreed.
  13. Mat's horse Pips is only described as brown, but he was named after the dots on dice...so how about this horse?
  14. We haven't mentioned Aldieb, Moiraine's horse, yet. Just based on the cover picture, I'd say Aldieb might be a Welara pony, which is a cross between an Arabian horse and a Welsh pony.
  15. I had to research it, and it has what's called a somatic mutation. http://equinetapestry.com/tag/somatic-mutations/
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