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  1. Absolutely, Cindy! WOT1402: Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin says that he "always tries to write his characters as if they are making their case to God why he should allow them into heaven". Most everyone doesn't see him/herself as evil. They believe in what they're doing just like the Aes Sedai do. They may be mistaken, but I believe Sorkin, RJ, and Mat believe that people, human beings, are ultimately and fundamentally good, not evil. He doesn't hate his characters and I doubt RJ did either. As a wannabe writer, I can tell you that that is absolutely the case for me.
  2. Perhaps you are correct. My point was that dismissing it as 'it was too powerful and they needed to get rid of it to create plausible tension' is completely bogus.
  3. No... It had NOTHING to do with 'there wouldn't be a story if'. More like: Rand saw what that power had done to others and himself, and he was afraid of it. 'wouldn't you be afraid to hold enough power to destroy the world? I would destroy that thing the moment I got my hands on it. I'm sure he was terrified. He had just drawn up enough power to destroy the world and had been close to doing it. After that, I would never want to see the thing again. Not only would the power terrify me, but I would be reminded of what I had almost done every time I looked at it.
  4. Even if it wasn't, Rand is human, he isn't perfect, to write him so would be false.
  5. Could you PLEASE add Pittsburgh to the tour stops?
  6. I hope Harriet and Co. stomp on this right away. This should not have occurred.
  7. Is this a 'if I could channel thread' or a 'if I could do anything thread'? If I could channel right now I'd open a gateway to... somewhere.... THERE WOULD BE SO MANY OPTIONS!!!! Just thinking about the deciding on where to go... makes me excited. I think I'd go to see the northern lights. That would be good.
  8. Welcome to DM! I hope to see you around the discussion boards and social groups. I would personally recommend the *ahem* Band of the Red Hand. We're a crazy group who love to chat and have fun. We'd love to have you with us. Which character is your favorite? See you 'round!!!!
  9. *strolls in* Woohoo! Party at the WT!!! That's probably because of the ads. They say that 'fosters is Australian for beer'.
  10. Welcome to DM! I'll echo Dice and say COME VISIT THE BAND!!! We are a little crazy, but we love to have fun. There isn't a limit to the amount of social groups you can be in so I would recommend all of them. All of the ones that I'm in are really fun. Hope to see you around!
  11. Awesome! Another person reading the series! Since I haven't said it before I'll say it now: Welcome to DM! Yes, the criticisms are mostly exaggerated. Wot isn't perfect *ahemlikesherlcokholmesahem* but it's great. Keep reading! Keep reading! And keep us posted!
  12. Hey Okdes! Welcome to DM! I'll echo Nikon and say that you should definitely check out the discussion boards and the social groups.... Like the Band of the Red Hand... Especially the Band of the Red Hand... Come to the Band!... We're a crazy sort of group, but we love to have fun and chat with one another. Hope to see you around!!!
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