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  1. Lucky........ I don't have almost any off days until Christmas time.
  2. I want a vacation... Summer wasn't restful so I want a real one
  3. Absolutely, Cindy! WOT1402: Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin says that he "always tries to write his characters as if they are making their case to God why he should allow them into heaven". Most everyone doesn't see him/herself as evil. They believe in what they're doing just like the Aes Sedai do. They may be mistaken, but I believe Sorkin, RJ, and Mat believe that people, human beings, are ultimately and fundamentally good, not evil. He doesn't hate his characters and I doubt RJ did either. As a wannabe writer, I can tell you that that is absolutely the case for me.
  4. Hi, Ryrin! It's been a while, hasn't it? Thanks alot! I look forward to hearing your thoughts! It'll be great to be back.
  5. Hey all! I know it's been a while, but while I was gone, I made a short film. This is a project that was completed for my high-school's film festival in only three weeks. It was a whole lot of fun to make, but it took two all-nighters and every single other night was a late night. It was incredibly stressing, but I learned so much and I have to say that I'm decently proud of the way it turned out. Let me know what you all think! In other news, my school year is ending and I'm looking forward to being able to be more active.
  6. I think we all know that the archers are the best. *downs the flaming shot* That was tasty! Yes! I love movies! Milk chocolate is preferred, but I'd never say no to dark. I don't really have an opinion on crocks... I don't think. I'd like to hear your opinions, I think you might feel strongly about them. And I don't think anybody told me about the WoT. I know I was the first in my family to start reading them, but it was so long ago. :/ Loving movies is good. Can you pick any favorites? Crocks are just kinda stupid-looking. Mat would hate them. A more important question: Do you think bananas are shadowspawn and need to be destroyed with balefire? If not, if you're like me and all the reasonable people of the world and think bananas are just fine, then watch out for Dawn and Chae. They're like whitecloaks... but searching for bananas...
  7. Welcome, Elektra! I'm Jak... the smart one. ^^^ That's Nikon... the other smart one. *hesitates* Yeah... So have a flaming shot and tell us about yourself. Do you like movies? Dark chocolate or lighter? What is your opinion on crocks? Hate 'em? Loathe 'em? Who is your favorite WoT character? Who told you about Wheel of Time in the first place? I'm always interested to hear about that last one.
  8. As far as I know, they are in the midst of settlement talks. Who knows who'll have them when the dust clears.
  9. I'm in the middle of a reread right now. I'm in the first third of Fires of Heaven. As for a book club reread, I'm really uneven when it comes to reading. I might read only a little on a given day, I might read half the book. I might be running far ahead, but it would be fun.
  10. Haha, it says that the only thing I agree with Trump on is that people should need to present a photo ID to vote. Very accurate. He's a disgusting human being. I did not foresee Jeb Bush leading at 81%, though... Didn't know much about him. Jeb Bush 81% (Unexpected) Marco Rubio 75% (Meh... Don't agree on immigration. Compassion, people, compassion!) Bernie Sanders 66% (If only we agreed on the rest of the Social Issues. We agree on the need to end capital punishment.) Hilary Clinton 65% (Frankly, I'm surprised we agree on so much. ) The rest are so low that it doesn't matter. I have to say, it is nice to see that I have some common ground with people who I never thought I'd have common ground with. Take Hilary, for example, we agree on immigration, foreign policy, economic, environmental, and science issues. That's not insignificant. Mmmm, first election that I will vote in. Twill be interesting. Couldn't call myself excited about any of the candidates, which is depressing, but who knows, someone/something may turn up.
  11. 2015 kinda sucked, but 2016 is looking to be a little bit better... a lot better... a million times better...
  12. Perhaps you are correct. My point was that dismissing it as 'it was too powerful and they needed to get rid of it to create plausible tension' is completely bogus.
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