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  1. One of the things, IMHO, that added to the cultures of the world RJ created was that different countries had very different views of things when it came to sex & nudity. I think that should be preserved. The Two Rivers was ULTRA conservative in this regard. When the group first got to Sheinar, they were all shocked by the bathing practices. This helps distinguish Sheinar and also acted as something that kept them from being a generic super honorable soldier culture from peasant to lord. Looking through the series sex is used a lot, but also in a much more subtle way. Just because it wasn't on screen doesn't mean it wasn't there. This is especially the case once Rand accepts and truly takes up the mantle of TDR. Berelain and many of the High Lords/Ladies try to find ways to seduce him. Lady Colavare in Cairhein tried to do the same. It's even implied that that's what the Wise Ones were up to with Aviendha. A big part of who Rand is and how his personal morals and honor works is that he never gives in. On the flip side, chasing women is a big part of who Mat is... and let's not forget about Tylin. So just because the books aren't filled with sex scenes doesn't mean that things weren't stronly implied to be going on off screen. RJ saved his on screen nudity/sex for more key moments like Rand/Aviendha. All in all, just sticking to what's on the pages will sexualize things plenty. The only thing that's tricky about it in WoT is that it doesn't show up in the first book much at all, which is somewhat opposite from shows/movies in that it's usually there in the first few episodes to help get people watching.
  2. I don't think it matters as much in an on screen format. Because of a distinct lack of a point of view vs a book it's possible for someone to be a central character AND mysterious. If they just follow the first several chapters Moiriane show's she can be both a "good guy" and morally grey. For instance, her and Lan are very real when talking to each other when Rand approaches to ask her help in healing Tam. The conversation they have with Rand while doing the healing is also down to earth. Then a few chapters later she destroys the ferry and pretty much says she'd kill all of them if it meant stopping the Shadow. She's very much the leader of the group between Emond's field and Shadar Logoth. My only concern would be if they show too much of her motivations/intentions. Just like the books the possibility that one of the boys may be TDR isn't even brought up by anyone until the epilogue. Even then it doesn't initially occur to Rand that he isn't anything more than a man that can channel.
  3. For most intents and purposes, this is how it was in the books. I don't think Rand ever really spent time with more than one of them at a time for any length of time... and he definitely wasn't "with" more then one at a time. Really the only odd thing about it, from the point of view of our culture, is that all 3 were not only OK with it but friends with each other.
  4. They could still keep them as 3 lovers, just not 3 ongoing simultaneous lovers. Relationships end amicably and they remain friends/allies.
  5. Some specifics... let's just talk Eye of the World for now but chapters like the dinner at the Grinwell's while great character building in a book are bloat in a show. A lot of the parts where Rand/Mat are on their own could be cut/condensed to a montage to bring them to Four Kings. On a series level... I'd be fine without the Coramoor plotline. The Rebel AS politics got very tedious and probably could be simplified once they pick Egwene and just back her up. That would get to the tower siege sooner. The Perrin/Bornhold story was always frustrating. Faile's time while captured wasn't exactly exciting either. Looking at the books... 1 through 5 I think translate fairly well. 6-14 cover much less time and is where most of the TV editing would be needed. Those you'd want to focus on the high points. So in my breakdown I'd do Seasons 1-4 would cover the first 5 books and mostly following the books because the main characters are all in a few groups. After that... when everyone is split and basically has their own stories is when you could condense it. S5 would be LOC/CoS. S6 would include the following main events: Rand cleansing Saidin Matt/Tuon up to the point where she rejoins the Seanchan. Tower Seige up through the Egwene being captured. Perrin's story up through the Faile rescue. Elayne's Caemlyn battles. S7: Rand to VoG Matt to Moiriane rescue Perrin\Galad unifying white cloaks Egwene through Mesaana S8: The last battle.
  6. I'd say both are a little to old to be Morgase... she's like mid-late 30's in the books. Both of them are 50+.
  7. So there are lots of ways to limit all 3 of these organically. In a book where you're not limited in any way in number of characters or screen time you have a ton of freedom. That said... let's take one example and look at the Wise Ones. Does Egwene need 4 Wise One dreamwalker mentors or could that be done with Amys alone? Doesn't mean that there aren't 4 and that the other 3 are cut completely just that the screen time is really only devoted to Amys. The FS can definitely done in a similar fashion in that they could be condensed into fewer characters... as in some of them doing double duty. AS... the best way might be for their to be fewer Ajahs... Blue/Grey are fairly similar. So are Brown/White. Yellow/Green go together well too... Really the only outlier their is the Red.
  8. There's been a lot of talk on this in the "Other Meda" board before the show became official, but there is a significant amount of trimming just from the show being a visual medium. I'd say that you're probably about 1.5 books per season if it just focused on the main characters and their through lines. Possibly 2 books if they do 13 Episode seasons.
  9. If you're referring to the summary's put out by the press it may just be their simplified interpretations based on talking to Rafe and not being familiar with the books.
  10. My belief is that for all of the long lived, major characters you'd want unknowns. I'd imagine if this show is successful it's going to go for at least 7 years. If you're going to incorporate some bigger names I'd leave them for smaller roles that have a big impact yet would be killed off (Ishy/Baalzamon, Lanfear)... Think Sean Bean as Ned Stark. As much as Sam Elliot is the spitting image of what I have in mind for Thom, I don't think he's a good choice. He's 74, so his longevity may be an issue. Plus, his southern drawl doesn't quite fit the character and I've never seen him in a role that didn't feature it. I'd also potentially rule out the following: Any actor with a semi-promenent role in GoT. Love GoT and it's really well cast... but I'd hate the show to feel too much like GoT by having the same actor portray a similar character in WoT. IE... we don't want Emilia Clarke to play Moiriane even though she'd be good for the part with her natural hair color.
  11. Could have also been some sort of innate bond that they created for themselves before they really knew what they were doing.
  12. So here is are a couple of scenarios of business sense. From a production standpoint between something like LOTR and WOT, many of the assets could have use for both shows. IE... similar sets, similar locations, similar stunt/special effects etc... So think of it this way: LOTR shoots in New Zealand from Jan - June. WoT shoots July-Dec. Different actors/directors/writers for each show but set construction, costume design, etc... could all be shared between two. From an audience perspective it could also make sense. Look at what AMC does with Walking Dead/Fear the Walking Dead. Very similar shows, but aired different times of the year so the audience's attention almost always has some flavor of Walking Dead feeding it. Obviously streaming is different but binges a year apart probably don't do much for maintaining subscriptions
  13. I don't necessarily think it has to be one of those major networks. With so many of them starting to offer their own streaming services there are more and more players. Even the big 3 (Netflix, Amazon, Hulu) streaming services are aware of this and that's why they are investing in their own programming. TV in general is moving more towards a subscriber model than an advertising model so this could still appeal to a lot of "networks" in order to bolster subscribers.
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