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A Social Group?


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So the DR:RP seems pretty straightforward to me but the social group thing just has me confused. I mean it looks like a place to just hang out and talk... but I see you do have some form of structure and role-play system implemented as well.


What is happening in here?! I'm so very confused!!!  :blink:

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I skimmed it for about 20 minutes the other day. It seemed like roleplay rules, but then all the discussion seems OOC... which makes my brain spin. I mean there is a lot of talk about ajahs and paths a warder can take and the different kind of bonds but it also asks you to keep RPing to a minimum. Is there something skimmed over / missed that would make all the pieces fall into place?

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Basically, instead of creating a character that we write stories about, we act as our positions in the Tower. I am the Mistress at Arms, second in command of all Warders. It's not my character, it's me. In this group you start out as an Initiate, and can do various tasks around the Tower in order to be able to join it fully by choosing whether to train to become an Aes Sedai or a Warder and then you spend time with both of them and do more tasks. This is a structured way that we all just interact with each other and get to know each other and just hang out. Each of the Social Groups, and each of the subfactions of each, has their own personality and focus, and it makes for a great deal of fun for anyone!


Hopefully that helped a little :P

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 I am the Mistress at Arms, second in command of all Warders. It's not my character, it's me. 




But I get the idea of what you're saying. I'll have to browse around a bit to get a better feel for what is going on, but it kinda makes some sense. 

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Yes and instead of writing a whole paragraph describing your surroundings for example...


"Eldurian, a lost traveler, strode through the doors to the common room where Sherper was sitting and read a book titled; 'The finer points on how to not tick off Aes Sedai’. The man had evidently not noticed Eldurian walk through the door as he appeared too engrossed in the thick leather bound volume propped on the table in front of him.

“Hello?” Eldurian said whilst walking closer to the man. “I’m a bit lost and wa—“

The man practically fell from his chair, but the sword was in his hand in a flash.
The tip of the blade was inches from Eldurian’s neck before the man realised who it was and stopped the swing that would’ve decapitated him. Sieving the hand and half long sword, all the while mumbling incoherent apologies, Sherper ushered Eldurian to the table to sit down.

“I’m really sorry about that mate, but you really should knock before entering.”
The place they were in was obviously ‘a common room’ and thus a public place, but Eldurian decided it was probably best not to press his luck with this man, so he kept his mouth shut.  

“Name’s Sherper by the way, but everyone seems to have fifty other variations of it.” He extended a hand across the table to Eldurian, which he took gratefully – anything to break the ice and the awkward silence between them.

“Now. What was it you wanted to ask? You seem a bit lost. This your first time to the Tower?”  "


Ok, I might've went juuussstttt a bitttt overboard with that one. it was originally meant to be an example of what Not to do. BUt what's done is done.


What you're Suppose to do is this...


" *Walks in through door to common room. Pokes head inside to see if anyone is there.*

Hello? Sorry to interrupt but I'm kind of lost. "


and then I respond with stuff like....


"*Startled by sudden commotion in common room. Nearly fall from chair.*


*Draws sword* "


But yeah, I'm not the best person to be giving examples I think... :dry:

But you're not meant to role play in third person, and nothing like writing whole paragraphs. And no godmodding either! (Look it up).


Hope you get to be part of the White Tower family! and enjoy your stay.


I should probably say Hi too.

I'm Sherper by the way. Hi.

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You catch on quick Sherper ;) 




 I am the Mistress at Arms, second in command of all Warders. It's not my character, it's me. 




But I get the idea of what you're saying. I'll have to browse around a bit to get a better feel for what is going on, but it kinda makes some sense. 


YEAH YOU DID!!!!!!!!


XD well you can always just try it out. Feel free to post in any of the boards you can currently see, and if you want to know more you can always join (by saying you've read and understood all of that rules in that big thread and also fill out the question thingy linked to in there) and see how you like it.  We try to be friendly (well, except for my commanding officer Fnorrll the Sword Captain... He snarls ;P )

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Its always hard to explain. You have to get a feel for it. Yes, at our core, this is a place to hang out and chat. We dont invent characters and RP them, we are ourselves here and we build relationships with the real "us".


That said we do have a structure and organization and the names of the ranks are chosen to reflect those within the WT and Warders in the books. Again though, its nt a character, its just where you fit in with us here, a rank basically, based on what you've achieved during your time with us.


To muddy things a little more, we do include sentances within *'s like my *snarls* above, which describe actions. But we really dont want to overdo that (btw Sherper, if anything id say you had a few too many of them in your example of what you should do. But its all good, thanks for being helpful). We dont however, ever do as Sherper showed, long third person paragraphs describing at length locations and events.


Its a tricky balance to describe but you'll get it through interacting with us! Just remember, we are here to be social, not to role play. The little bit of role playing we throw in is purely for fun. Like this, for example:


*pushes and load of extra paperwork into Aiel Heart's arms and exits stage left*





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You get paid in whip lashings from the Greens if you misbehave :biggrin:


Hi Eldurian! Nice to meet you :) Like others have said, all the SGs are places to hang out, chat, find friends and so on, but since we're all big geeks here all of us, they have themes so we can pretend to be an Aes Sedai or Ogier or whatever while we're at it :biggrin:

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Glad to have you Eldur. You'll learn best just by browsing about and what not. A lot of discussions and games around here. A bit for everyone. Also, though we use the structure of the WT there are differences. For instance, with Aiel Heart as example, a woman may be a Warder and a man may be Aes Sedai. Not Asha'Man but AS. Ya follow? 


If you ever have any questions feel free to throw me a PM if ya like.

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Hey Eldurian! Nice to meet you  :smile: Like the others have said, the social groups are a place for us fans of the series to interact, talk, and basically hang out with others who have common interests. The main difference between RP and the SG's is that in SG's you are yourself. Its you Eldurian who becomes an AS or warder if you join the WT or an Aiel if you join the Aiel or become a Ogier if you choose to join them. In RP you're acting, role-playing as a character in a setting.


As for the limits to role playing, in SG's its kept to light role playing/ A little light role playing is always nice, you do have them in raising ceremonies and its always fun to add a bit of flair to your post by some role play. 


Anyway hope to see you around! Hope it helped. :smile:

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I don't think we've met yet Pink! Hello there! Be sure to stop by the Warder's Yard and the moat!


SO!! As this is a social group, why don't you two become sociable Pink and Eldur. Tell us a  bit about yourselves. How long have you been blighted with this series? How many times have you weeped over the lost hours of your life as you heave one installment or another to the ground in frustration only to crawl whimpering back to the book and critically examine it as you clutch it to your breast to ensure it is still whole and then continue to abuse yourself shamefully reading on into the god hours of the morning? What characters are your favorites to hate? What do you do? Are you students or working or fancy shmancy successful entrepreneurs? Do you have any hobbies? Like travel? Where'd you go? Are you ACTUALLY going to answer these questions or slowly nod your head and back away? I'd back away. From this whole place if i were you. Bunch of bleedin nuttos in here. Me? I', perfectly normal. DON'T LISTEN TO THEM! 

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