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Rhuarc - mind reader?

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It has been pointed out to me that Rhuarc occasionally answers people and they then didn't realise they were speaking aloud.



He meets Mat in TDR chpt. 54 Mat thinks


Aiel! Burn me, what are bloody Aiel doing here?

And Rhuarc then answers him and Mat "had not realised he had spoken aloud."


Same thing happens in TSR chpt. 22 when he answers Rand.

Did anyone else notice things like this? I know there's a theory that 


He can move unseen

But is there anything more?

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Posted (edited)

I took it to mean that Rhuarc knows how to read body language really well. Not one of the Emond's Field Five could fake body language until much later in their lives.


He was good enough to catch Lan and Moiraine on their inner thoughts too. It comes from being a chief, with a blood feud with the most deceitful clans in the Shaido. Which was also a clan that lived close by them.

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