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It's The Final Countdown!


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A creak is heard from the corner, most likely an old floorboard or something that has taken damage from a brawl at some point in the past. The first Bander who enters the room moves in closer to see what is causing the noise. They approach and see some smoke arising from a chair, which is the source of the creak. And on that chair is sat an old familiar face - one that hasn't been seen in quite some time. The man in the check watches, waiting, hoping to see if the moment of recognition arises. To save the agony, the old Bander in the chair speaks...


"Yes, yes! Stop thinking! It is I, Corki, the former Marshal-General of this motley crew and vagabonds! Somewhere in that corner are some M-G Brews that I stashed away for this occasion many many moons ago. Yes, yes, you can go and dig them out and share them around, for this is a special occasion." 


The Bander goes into the corner, and then a few moments later, comes staggering out, burdened with a load of M-G Brew.


"Now, be a good Bander, and give me one of those! And then spread the rest amongst the rest of the Band who turn up!"


The Bander does as told, passing the former Marshal-General a M-G Brew, and then another to the next Bander in.


"And you are probably wondering what the special occasion is! Well, on Saturday, after many many years, I am finally marrying my fiancee, who used to go around these boards under the guise of North Star. So, wish me luck in the next chapter of my life!


"And also, for those of you who knew about it, I am now a fully qualified accountant...finally! After many many years! So a double celebration then!"

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*solemnly accepts the MG brew*


Thanks Corki, I think we met last time you were around, but it's good to see you round again :)


Congratulations on both the wedding and the accountancy thing!!!

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*looks around at all the MG Brew* Mmmmm where did you all get all of that? I know my stashes are hidden much better than Corki's ever were!


Hi Corki! Best of luck Saturday with everything, may you both stay calm and cool and have an absolute blast with a hopefully amazingly beautiful day! I am so going to spying for pictures on Facebook!

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