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[Blue Ajah Harry Potter Week ] *Game Over - Town Wins* Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4 Mafia

Ithillian Turambar

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Welcome to the Blue Ajah Annual Mafia Game at the White Tower and Warders


Lego Harry Potter - Years 1 - 4 Mafia


Ithi ripped open the cellophane and put the disc into her wii. 37 hours later - with allowances for sleeps and eating (and the odd frustrated message asking what on earth was she supposed to do HERE!) - She and Harry emerged victorious.

Hmmm what to do now? Get on Amazon and order Years 5-7? No ... there were still Red Bricks to find and adventures to be had - plus everyone knew that going back to the start and doing it all again in Free Play was the most fun. She had also figured out how to connect to the wifi - so she didn't have to play it alone. A few messages to and fro and Key's Mii appeared in the Plaza.

A sudden crash of thunder made her jump. She looked out of the window and could see that the sky had turned dark. Another KABOOOOM! broke through the silence, seeming to be right above the house. She quickly typed a message to Key and then stood up and walked over to watch the storm play out. She probably should have turned the telly and console off - that was what you were supposed to do, right? But she didn't - and as she looked outwards she didn't see the tiny flicker of blue light dance out of the electrical socket ... followed by a brief pulse around the console and tv screen. If she had seen it, she would have probably just thought it the refracted glare from the lighting that was carving up the sky.

The storm was over and done with more quickly than she had expected. It seemed to vanish as quickly as it had appeared ... She quickly bing-bonged Key again and then made herself comfy on the sofa and then loaded up the Game again.

This is now a live Game. Feel free to post
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Player List


1. Turin - Sirius Black - Town Cop

2. Hallia - Professor McGonical - Town Rolestopper

3. DPR - Gilderoy Lockhart - Town - Vanilla - Killed Night 1

4. Basel - George Weasley - Town: converted to Mafia - 2 x Tracker/Follower - Lynched Day 3

5. Kassidy Mentored and replaced by Darthe on D3 - Griphook - Town - Banker (Passive effect causes Posting Studs to Double while alive) - Killed Night 3

6. [Amarande Replaced by Peace on D3 - Professor Lupin - 3rd Party Serial Killer with Werewolf *mark for death* Ability - Lynched D7

7. Cindy Mentored and replaced by Wombat on D2 – Voldemort – Mafia – Curse and Spell JOAT with Dementor Access - Lynched D4

8. Mish – Lily Potter – Town – Ghost Sacrifice (Bodyguard), immune to Dementors – Killed Night 4.

9. Rhea – Draco Malfoy – Mafia – Vanilla - Lynched Day 1

10. Bridmorgan Mentored and replaced by Berf on N4 - Neville Longbottom - Town - Medium (50% chance of communicating with the Dead via the Mirror of Erised) - Lynched Day 6

11. Time Replaced by Daruya on D2 - Alastar Moody - Town - Spell Joat - Can also purchase & use AK but will be locked up in Azkaban if hits Town - Killed Night 3

12. Dice - Dobby - Town Commuter

13. Thorum – Peter Pettigrew – Mafia - Animagus Ability to rat - Role cop and GF when Scabbers - Killed Night 4

14. Nicana *Mentored by Dap* - Cornellius Fudge - Town 1 x Governor with access to Dementors

15. Cloud - Ernie Prang - Town Busdriver

16. RTE - Rita Skeeter - Watcher/Voyeur & Town Reporter

17. BG - Tom Riddle - Mafia - Blocker - Lynched Day 2



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The Rules - Please read through them

  • You may not quote any part of any private communication we have with you. This includes PM’s, QT boards, or IM convos.
  • You may not edit your posts.
  • This is a hammer game. When the hammer vote is cast, we stop counting votes and unvotes. Period.
  • Votes and unvotes need to be bolded and red. Use this code via mobile
    [color=red][b]Vote Key & Ithi[/b][/color]
  • You must unvote before voting again.
  • Please send all day/night actions to us via your Role PM.
  • No talking (about the game <.<) off thread unless you have been given a QT board. Period.
  • Day 1 will be a maximum of 1 week long. After that Days will be no more than 72 hours long and nights will be no more than 48 hours. Adjustments will be made for weekends.
  • After death, you get one "Bah!" post that may not contain any game-related information. Do NOT test us on this.
  • Self voting is NOT allowed and will not be counted. You can vote No Lynch if you really want to.
  • We don't mind chatting ... some of you may already be aware of this. Feel free to ask questions and stuff, either in the game or via PM if you prefer - We'd rather you just asked than flounder about.
  • I'm Ithi and I'm in the UK, currently on GMT. Don't expect me to be awake ALL the time America. Key is based in the US will be looking after you while I sleep and stuff but we do both have lives as well. Also don't nag Key to answer stuff she may not know the answer to mmmkay? Feel free to do as many un-official vote counts as your fingers can manage :)


Want to earn Studs so you can go shopping?

  • The number of Studs available to make purchase is directly linked to how many posts there are in the Game - but please be aware that a shed load of pure spam posts, just to boost your totals will NOT be looked at kindly. Having a bit of fun with your posts is completely fine. We really do want you to have a fun game.
  • Stay reasonably active ... don't make me get cross with you. It's not a gameshow or a competition - so I don't need you to spam ridiculously. You just need to make at least 2 proper game type posts per Game Day to not lose your place. Playing Quiet or Playing Loud are bother perfectly valid styles and I'm not going to call you out on either. If you have a genuine reason for inactivity please let me know.
  • You will receive a Bonus of 100 Studs for every player that has an active valid vote on any player at the time the Hammer falls. If no majority is reached by the deadline, I will modkill a random player and no coroner info will be given and you will also NOT get your End Of Round Bonus.







This is the White Tower - and not the Gun Fight at the OK Corral. There will be no being meany heads just for the sake of it and personal attacks will NOT be tolerated. It's a Game. You play it and have fun. Yes, we accept that at times you will want to poke about a bit and apply pressure here and there. That's perfectly ok.


Just remember that this is a game of WITS and WIFOM and not snarkiness. If anyone is genuinely unhappy with anything another member has done or said please, please let us know via your Game PM and we will deal with it. We don't want anyone feeling unhappy. Mentors - pay careful attention to your Mentees with regards to this please - ta very much.


I know you will all be brilliant.

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Welcome to Diagon Alley


Here you can see the goods available to purchase with your hard earned Studs.


Diagon Alley is only open in the Day. You may not make purchases at Night.


Purchases are made on a First Come - First Served Basis. This means that other people may have spent all the Studs before your request is considered. If you are unable to complete your purchase, because there are insufficient Studs available, the Mods will advise you to try again later.


Curses - can be used on self or others


Only Certain people can use these two curses


Avada Kedavra: Kills = 150 Studs

Crucio: Torture - Provides Current Abilities of Target. Target WILL be aware that they have been tortured = 200 Studs


Charms - can be used on self or others


Anyone who can use a Wand can use these five charms - Be aware you cannot use a wand when in animagus form


Immobulus: Freezing Charm - Blocks target from performing Non Magical Actions = 200 Studs

Expecto Patronum: Patronus Charm - Repels Dementor Attacks = 200 Studs (Be aware that your chances of producing a successful Patronus increases the more you practise this Charm)

Expelliarmus: Disarming Charm - Stops Target from Casting a Spell = 250 Studs (Warning: This Charm becomes less effective each time you use it - it relies on surprise)

Revelio: Reveal Charm - Basically allows you to 'see' someone = 250 Studs


Potions - can be used on self or others


Anyone can use potions - even in animal form or if they don't have a wand


Invisibility Potion: Target cannot be 'seen' = 150 Studs


**The Invisibility Potion will make you (or your Target) Invisible. This means that you cannot be 'seen' ... but you can be 'heard'.


*Counters Revelio Charm (is this is a remote viewing and so is ALL visual)

*Cannot be 'seen' by those who may target you with various other spells/potions/actions but there is a chance you may be 'heard'. The Invisibility Potion is not 100% successful in these instances, but if it is successful their action will fail.**


Polyjuice Potion: Target will 'look' like someone else - and you can choose who :) = 175 Studs

Strength Potion: Makes Target super strong - gives possibility of surviving/resisting an attack = 200 Studs


Character Boost and Full Character Upgrade


Character Boost: Gives you Limited Powers/Abilities that may or may not include items that are not on the above list = 300 Studs

Character Upgrade: Gives you Unlimited Powers/Abilities that may or may not include items that are not on the above list = 600 Studs



Any Spells/Potions/Abilities/Powers can ONLY be used at Night

You can only possess a maximum of 3 Spells and 3 Potions at any one time


All Night Actions will happen concurrently - unless there is a conflict. If there is a conflict then Actions will occur in timestamp order.


Happy Shopping, good luck and most importantly – have fun!



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Current Official Vote Count

DPR - 1 (Cindy)
BG - 1 (Turin)

Not Voting - 15 (Hallia, DPR, Basel, Kassidy, Amarande, Mish, Rhea, Bridmorgan, Time, Dice, Thorum, Nicana, Cloud, RTE, BG)

With 17 Alive it takes 9 to Lynch





Current possible End of Round Bonus = 200 Studs

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Okay, there's a lot of heat on me already, so I'm just going to reveal:


I'm Gimli. My lightsaber unlocks the controls to the Tardis.


Obviously  I'm Town, so plz unvote before someone accidentally hammers.

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Okay, there's a lot of heat on me already, so I'm just going to reveal:


I'm Gimli. My lightsaber unlocks the controls to the Tardis.


Obviously  I'm Town, so plz unvote before someone accidentally hammers.

trying to subliminally trigger my warm lightsaber associations and play on my whovianism...


oh yeah, I'm happy with my vote right where it is.

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Okay, there's a lot of heat on me already, so I'm just going to reveal:


I'm Gimli. My lightsaber unlocks the controls to the Tardis.


Obviously  I'm Town, so plz unvote before someone accidentally hammers.

trying to subliminally trigger my warm lightsaber associations and play on my whovianism...


oh yeah, I'm happy with my vote right where it is.




ah crap I can't risk my TARDIS access...


unvote vote RTE


hi sweetie :wub:


Kitty is confused. Herro :wub:

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