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Everyone knows The Princess Bride, right?

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Mafia Players love it too



My oh my, so many of these are hilarious, especially the GoT-themed PB. But this scene seriously NEVER gets old.


Funny thing is, although it's famous for creating the WIFOM acronym, my favorite line from this scene, and one of my favorite lines from the whole movie, is this:


Gah the internet fails me. Was hoping to find a meme with the quote on it. Anyways the quote is "You're trying to trick me into giving away something. It won't work."

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.....i dont.....



I also don't know about Princess Bride and I have no TP to be cut off from. Other lessons...*gulps* *runs*

You two must be taught. Princess Bride is my thing. I love that movie and the book to.

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*using gentles weaves of air, the ignorant are floated into the clockwork orange devices and secured. flows of water keep their eyes moist while they watch something they should have seen before bring promoted to soldiers (srsly, should be a quiz). the process is repeated until thy begin repeating lines without prompting*


I'll not balefire anyone... this time...


but you have one month to complete this task before I become... unpleasant.

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It's a brilliant film. I completely adore it and always have from the first moment I saw it.


I also believe that you could actually play a Mafia Game using nothing but quotes from Princess Bride.

I bet you could. We should make that a PR for someone in a Princess Bride themed game.

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ill be back on friday (hopefully) and if i can get a new phone tomorrow, ill be on DM if not maybe i can borrow teh hotel's wifi

you have a month.


rent it.


I'll rip it for you if you need me to.


do not disappoint an old kitty...



should i be scared or happy ??

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the story line hasnt really attracted me, just like i tried watching star wars and got bored

*prepares the balefire*


you're like the little boy in the story you know.


watch it for me, wont you?


They're kissing again. Do we have to read the kissing parts?!


Great movie and awesome book. This is my favourite T-shirt, it brings me good luck: 


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