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Everyone knows The Princess Bride, right?

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It's a brilliant film. I completely adore it and always have from the first moment I saw it.


I also believe that you could actually play a Mafia Game using nothing but quotes from Princess Bride.


In my opinion, the Princess Bride is a comedy classic which can always appeal to people of every generation. This movie is one of my most favorite comedies I have ever watched. 

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<---- LOVES and owns Princess Bride, wishes I could has you all over for a view-a-thon, Hey South Carolina isn't THAT far , right? 



By far the best comedy, well at least one of the bestest!!!

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Is there a personality type quiz that could determine which awesome movie you are most like? If there isn't I should probably make one lol


Kind of like the 'which Ajah are you' thingy.


Congratulations Berf - you are 74% Star Wars, 18% Princess Bride and 8% Dogma

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Can't believe the stupid machine didn't pick up my 1% District 9/Children of Men impurity.

What a piece of junk!

Those films are both rather compelling. They will be included.

I thought i gave him to you to re-educate @ Cindy.

I had no idea he was so behind hand.... I'd thought the shadow had excellent tutelage in all the dark arts.


how has Hollywood been so badly neglected?


chuckles, get a PO box, I'll send you some DVDs. just pretend they're from the library.



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