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Newbie! Here, Newbie Newbie!


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Come meet yo' Mama! :P


So you're new here, and from what I've seen you probably have an interesting handle (your DM name) and/or an interesting story behind your handle. Come tell me about it, and a little bit about you? I'll share about mine and whatever else you want to know, later - gotta get to work now.

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Hello Mother ! 


*Curtseys* I always liked the name Kassidy Rose and my last name DaiShan do you know what it means ?


FYI it's very hard to read the small font :)


Kassidy Rose is a beautiful name - sounds very Southern USA to me, or am I wrong? Dai Shan means Battle Lord, so you're a high up warrior type called Rose ... *grins*


Sidenote: what would be the Old Tongue for Battle Lady, then?


So where are you from, Kassidy Rose? Oh and is there any shortening of your handle that you prefer?



Heya Mother!


Amarande ... from "amaranth" - "immortal." I've used this name for a long time on the 'net, and generally continue to do so pretty much wherever it can fit in as a properly usable name on a given site :)


... you're not one of the Chosen, are you? *eyes suspiciously*.

I mean Forsaken! Forsaken! That's totally what I meant. Just a slip of the Tongue there.


Amarande is a very pretty name. Is there any shortening of it that you prefer? It can't be Ama, since we already have one of those (my Souvra, Amadine).


And where might you be from?


I'm from Cape Town in South Africa. My home language is Afrikaans (which is derived mainly from Dutch, with a bit of German thrown in), but I grew up in two areas, one of which was predominantly English. The other was a very traditional Afrikaner farm area.


The story behind my handle:


My name is Laura-Gene. Unfortunately, people have this tendency to call me Laura (which I absolutely DETEST! Not the name, just the unmitigated rudeness of strangers who feel entitled to use half my name. I really don't like undeserved rudeness.) or Norma Jean (pretty, but dead!), Mary Jane, Peggy Sue, or whatever pops into what passes for their heads. To prevent murder (theirs) and a blown artery (mine), I started using just my initials, ie LG. That was back in the day when LG was still called Goldstar, btw - they owe me royalties :P


As to how it became Elgee: one day a lady phoned in at work. She asked my name, I replied "LG". She wanted to know how you spell that ... I replied "L. G." She asked "yes but how do you spell that??" ... to which I replied more loudly: "L." ... "G." ... this went on for a few rounds till the lady, clearly exasperated by my inability to spell, suggest that it was perhaps "E.L.G.E.E."

I said "fine, let's go with that".

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Come meet yo' Mama! :P


Someone get Mother her Kaf so she stops acting like a madwoman. 

/end spam



Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ... *sniggers*

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