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  1. In Honor of Warders

    Thank you,Warders! I wouldn't mind having one
  2. August Sign In

    KassidyRose DaiShan September ! My Love will be visiting me!
  3. Well, It's Finally Happening

    Wait..... What?
  4. JordanCon update thread

    I am sad I couldn't be there this year ! :( Have a blast !
  5. Good News!!

    Congratulations! :joy:
  6. Can I come back?

    I missed you!
  7. Well, we're never going here....

    We are Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah!
  8. Well, we're never going here....

    Hmmm. Maybe it's a call for help .
  9. Gone for a Time...

    *hugs* see you when you get back! There will be shade and water upon your return!
  10. Warder's Gameshow Week - Wheel of Fortune

  11. November Sign In

    Pumpkin pie
  12. Hello!

    Welcome back ! I was wondering where you went to the other day .
  13. Hello?

    Your name looks like I know it.
  14. It's My Warder Birthday :P

    Happy Birthday !
  15. To my fellow Canadians

    I was at my mom's doctor office when I seen that . Please stay safe ! Ahm, you were the Ahm on my facebook page post ! *hugs*