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Welcome Luciena!


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Well now looks like I have corrupted gotten Luciena to join the BT with the help of Leelou!


Until Tina gets your access request sent in why not post where you can see and get to know the rest of us!



Oh yeah also enjoy some of these taint filled goodies!



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Welcome to the BT Luc :smile:


Here be brownies and Dragons and all the tainty goodness you heart desires. Access to our most secret rooms will be arranged shortly but until then wander freely around anything you can see and scatter your two-penneth within them.


We like Games and always have a couple running on our Main Board. One is a Mafia Game - if you would like more info about it then just ask, or dive straight into the next one that pops up. The other Game is always something a little bit different and changes each time. The rules for these are always explained though. Games are a great way to get to know us better.


Once you get access you can head over to the Farmhouse, complete the Tour of our home and join in the latest Saidin Class. It's the first step to getting promoted. From there you can learn to battle with the one power.


And you can also earn lots of points. A great way to do this is to sign up for our 100 questions game in the Village.




We love questions. You can start here and then we can start making stuff up that sounds entirely plausible to answer you with :)

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Glad to be here guys! I'm sure Dav and Leelou deserve their points! I am Luciena but call me Luc or Luci either one will do... I'm 26 finished reading WOT just end of May after taking a long break from when i started it 10 years ago at a friends suggestion. I ended up here because I was looking for spoilers to the books to be honest, i like surprises when i read a book but i'm impatient i want to know what happens before i read it.. 


I joined the Black Tower as we established because of Dav and Lee, also i like the Ashaman in the books, Logain specifically..

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