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  1. You planning on sharing this theory? Sure :) Lily has been buddying lee pretty much from the start. I haven't played a game with both of them together. But from people's reaction it looks like it doesn't happen in game. Also lily keeps complaining that whenever she's town she gets killed off pretty quickly. And a slight guy feeling. There's my two pennies worth.
  2. Good morning angel. <3

    1. Luciena


      Good morning lovie <3

  3. I'd like to vote lily please. Testing a theory for meself.
  4. What does it mean when the scum miss? Like they targeted someone and they couldn't kill them or something?
  5. Are you reading the thread? I refer you to post 297 and 298
  6. 1. Verbal – leaning town, mostly because he was grasping at straws but it did get some awesome reactions and got the game moving. 2. Pralaya- leaning slightly scum because well… it’s Pral (no offence) 3. Leelou- not so sure, gave some nice posts but I haven’t actually played with her before. 4. Jack - Lost Dalmatian, Vanilla Town - Killed N1 Vanilla 5. Andrej- AJ is tricksy. I can never tell with him in any game I play. Also his response to Verbal’s for lack of a better word “case” was “@Verb Meh” 6. Basel- Did not like his responses to Halli or Verb. Leaning scum 7. Deep rest- very new his first game but loved his response and his readings, town read from Deep. 8. Tina- leaning town on Tina for the moment, however keeping my options open. 9. Hallia- <3 wove her, and her back and forth with Basel makes me think Halli is town. 10. Darthe Lily- Darthe came in and gave his usual so and so is town, set everyone to asking him to elaborate then Lily replaces him. Lily so far is town in my opinion, the rest of the game will tell. 11. Ishy- <3 Awesome as always. Town read on my lovie. 12. Luciena- Solid town read 13. Chaelca- I like some of her posts. Leaning town for now. 14. ReleaseTheEvil- leaning town, however need to hear more from him.
  7. I agree with verbal's case on AJ. He made sense as well as being among the people actually making an effort to get the game started. Edited for incomplete sentences. ( phone does that to me)
  8. You only vote when day starts Deep. And not for my Ishykins! FTFY QFT! Mah Ishykins! :D
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