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Welcome back to the BT Tigraine

Turin Turambar

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Returning peoples is very great news for the Black Tower. You must have been away for some time as I do not remember you. I am the current M'Hael, leader of the Shadow faction. If you have any questions about how things have changed ask away. Someone will answer and those answers might even be right.


Tina the Lady Dragon will get you added back onto our private boards. Until then just bounce around on the main board and post away. I think there will be some people around to bring you brownies. Go ahead and tell us about yourself and how things have changed for you while you have been off having a real life.



Welcome back!!!



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Thanks so much!  I disappeared about 2 years ago ...give or take! Had just gotten a new job and was working 6 days a week so didn't have much time to do anything.  Moved around a bit and now I am back!  Can't believe how much has changed :( Actually kinda makes me feel old.  But I'm not old persay.  Glad to be back and can't wait to see some of my old pals and make some new ones :D I know that last bit sounds cheesy but.....okay no buts...it's cheesy!

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Welcome back Tigs and hello again Mills


Signing up for Games is a great start. Games means points and points means spendings and increased Levels which means Promotions.


The first step is to complete Saidin Class, which can usually be found knocking about in the Farmhouse somewhere. It will explain how to spend points and increases Levels. After that you need to learn how to OP Battle and once you are a Soldier you can choose a Faction.


Then your Faction will take over and guide you the rest of the way. Oh - and don't forget to sign into Roll Call at the top of this Board :)


And questions are good - feel free to ask away. If we don't know the answer we will just make something up that sounds plausible lol

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Welcome back Tigs...


Things are the same really, it's just been painted a bit and wall papered, just don't start peeling it off! 


As Ithi said if you ask people will answer...not sure it will be correct, but who cares... >.>


*waves at Mills* hey, yes you really should start from scratch...you could chose the Light instead, you are looking shiney...Oh wait...nope someone has painted your face...never mind!

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Welcome back to the madhouse! I remember seeing your name but I don´t think I have ever talked to you. You played mafia, right? I´m sorry rl got in the way. It´s an evil force, we try to fight it but it´s strong and hard to defeat.  


You will soon be added to our hidden boards and get the official Welcome PM. 

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