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Welcome back to the BT Tigraine

Turin Turambar

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thank you .... how you been Rey?

I'm great thanks Tigs, pretty busy with uni and study but loving it at the same time. I don't pop into the BT as often as I would like, but can usoften be found in the Chat Room :) How's your youngun and life on your end?



Tigs and Rey back, soon meesh will pop in and Locke will too (although he is still around, thank goodness, he's part of the furniture)

Haha, we could make one of those classic "putting the band back together" movies. The ragtag bunch of misfits past their prime are reunited to fight and attain glory once more (not that I'd ever dare suggest you were past your prime of course >_>).

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Meesh has been busy with IRL stuff.  She was hanging out in the 100,000 posts thread for a couple of weeks there, not too long ago.  But she's been pretty scarce for about a year.  She was around after I joined the BT, but not for long.

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