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Ithillian Turambar

[Mafia Game Over] Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark - Mafia Wins!

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You mean peace's post? I didn't get that connection. Why would Tiink want to bring up that discussion when he is the third voter?


to get the game moving. 


And anyhow I do prefer to hear people's own reasons for things like this. It's so easy to say "yeah what s/he said" when someone ponders about possible reasons.


true. but his reasons were simple enough i think 

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NP. I was always late for class and I turned out great. Don't you wanna be like me?

You spell Tinker with 2 i's.  You sure you turned out great?


3rd voter.

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NP. I was always late for class and I turned out great. Don't you wanna be like me?

You spell Tinker with 2 i's.  You sure you turned out great?


3rd voter.

So how do you read that 3rd vote Peace? Scummy? Or conversation kickstarter?

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Potato in da house.


I haven't wantched this one... Only watched one IJ-movie, something about a crystal skull :laugh:



Yes yes yes, I know I have to go watch it ASAP <.<

There are only three indiana jones movies. /itisknown And my friends have been most uncooperative in letting me steal them.


I saw that one, and they've announced that they're filming a fifth.



Everything's been going pretty well, Rey. It's snowing right now. Stupid Colorado. 

Being married is awesome. It's really motivating me to start a Battered Husbands Shelters Foundation. :laugh:





a fifth one??
did you know harrison ford always did his own stunts??

He's so sexy :wub:

I'd do him.



YEAH SG1! Bestest show in the history of stuff!


So i there was this pretty girl in my intro lecture with a slightly too large nose but it looked ok on her
i suddenly realised i was contemplating hitting on faile.


I'd totally hit on faile.



i wish there were a new episode tonight... :sad:



i wish there were a new episode tonight... :sad:


I am on episode 3 of season 2 now :happy:








In other news, Tiink is making an effort to get the game moving. He may be town just trying to get the game moving, or scum wanting to create a train by looking like he wants to get the game moving. Keep an eye on him, see if his vote shifts. Same for RTE.


Oh, and how could I forget? VOTE LEY

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Cautiously he made his way into the dark and cobweb strewn interior, his guide pressed for speed - but he had seen places like this before. A body impaled on spears, frozen in a scream proved that.


Being cautious of the Light to avoid the killing darts and leaving his whip in place across the Pit, he carefully steps across to where the Golden Idol sits. He takes a moment to match its weight with a bag of sand and the switches it. Success!


But no. The Trap is triggered and the walls start to shake. He runs now, hoping speed will save him where caution protected previously.


He reaches the pit, where his guide has already crossed, but his whip has become unfastened. "Throw me the whip," he says. "Throw me the idol" says his guide. He hesitates and then does so, the guide catching it before laughing and dropping the whip on the floor on the other side of the pit. 'Adios' he says before leaving Indiana to his doom.


The wall on the other side of the Pit is coming down and will seal him inside forever. The expression on his face is priceless and then he backs up and leaps across the Pit, barely making it.


The stone door is almost closed.


A Trap has been triggered. Your NEXT POST must contain the words 'Grabs Hat' or you must suffer the consequences. You have 24 hours to do this.



Edited by Ithillian

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UNOfficial Vote Count:


RTE - 1 (Talya)

Cloud - 1 (Mish)

Mish - 3 (Cloud, RTE, Tiink)

Rey - 1 (Eddie)

Eddie - 2 (Rey, Basel)

Ishy - 1 (Rand)

Darthe - 1 (Lenlo)

Ley - 1 (Mawth)


Currently not voting - 15 (Dice, Chuckles, Tink, Roo, Hallia, Ley, Player, Ishy, Darthe, Time, Peace, Song, Arez, Kae, Maw)


With 24 alive it takes 13 to Lynch


The current Deadline is 9pm GMT Sunday 3rd March






Ok, now here we go. This is where the game really starts, imo.


I get the feeling the spam is about to end


Tiink places 3rd vote on Mish.

Not really a ping for me,  but Could places a light FoS on him by asking him why he placed it there. 

Peace tells him he takes the blame (due to some previous game scenario.)


Player doesn't like any trains being started. He'd rather let Day go to waste with a No Lynch. :tongue: Says he thinks 2nd and 4th places are more scummier places. 


I post a link to my Live Oscars Commentary (it fizzled out half way, sorry.) 


Player decides to come in with some snark.

Thank you for being helpful ed




Says I'm openly lurking. Whatever the hell that means. 


Player says the Oscars are dumb even though he knows he dreams of receiving one. 


Peace randomly calls Tiink "3rd voter" in a spammy post. Subliminal FoSing? Then follows up with it being a neutral read to him (in response to Ishy). 


Apparently Mawth thinks the 2nd voting spot is scummy, too. 


Ummm, y'all, sometimes other people just speak first, and it's not always a bad idea to wait to see if someone else agrees with you. I don't like personally doing it, but I could see the benefit if it was a crazy idea. I mean, if Rey just grabs hat and makes an outlandish post, it will be received with a grain of salt, but if he leads up to it and maybe lets someone else actually voice it... Wait, Rey IS scum. 



*laughs at Ishy*

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Come on, Ithi. 'Grabs hat'? Thats impossible to work into a sentence. It couldn't be 'grabs his hat' or something gramatically workable. Actually, would that count? Do the words have to be right next to each other, in that order?

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