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Ithillian Turambar

[Mafia Game Over] Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark - Mafia Wins!

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The Rules

  • YOU MAY NOT CHARACTER CLAIM IN THIS GAME!! If you do I will ModKill you and feel very sad. The canon is too strong and there are not enough Characters to allow Character Claims - sorry. Tell your fellow players to read this, and don't get all carried away when you are at L-1, ok?
  • You may not quote any part of any private communication I have with you. This includes PM’s, QT boards, or IM convos.
  • You may not edit your posts.
  • This is a hammer game. When the hammer vote is cast, we stop counting votes and unvotes. Period.
  • Votes and unvotes need to be bolded and red.
  • You must unvote before voting again.
  • Please send all day/night actions to me via your Role PM.
  • If no majority is reached by the deadline, I will modkill a random player and no coroner info will be given.
  • No talking (about the game <.<) off thread unless you have been given a QT board. Period.
  • Day 1 will be a maximum of 1 week long. After that Days will be no more than 72 hours long and nights will be no more than 48 hours. Adjustments will be made for weekends.
  • After death, you get one "Bah!" post that may not contain any game-related information.
  • Self voting is not allowed and will not be counted. You can vote No Lynch if you really want to.
  • I dont mind chatting ... some of you may already be aware of this. Feel free to ask questions and stuff, either in the game or via PM if you prefer - I'd rather you just asked than flounder about.
  • I'm in the UK, currently on GMT. Don't expect me to be awake ALL the time America. Turin will be looking after you while I sleep.
  • Stay reasonably active ... don't make me get cross with you. It's not a gameshow or a competition - so I don't need you to spam ridiculously. You just need to make at least 2 proper game type posts per Game Day. Playing Quiet or Playing Loud are bother perfectly valid styles and I'm not going to call you out on either. If you have a genuine reason for inactivity please let me know.
Day 1 Lynch


Start of Night One


Start of Day Two


Day 2 Lynch


Start of Night Two


Start of Day Three


Day 3 Lynch


Start of Night Three


Start of Day Four


Day 4 Lynch


Start of Night Four


Start of Day Five


Day 5 Lynch


Start of Night Five


Start of Day Six


Day 6 Lynch


Start of Night Six


Start of Day Seven


Day 7 Lynch


Start of Night Seven


Start of Day 8


Start of Night 8 and Game END: http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/topic/79828-mafia-game-over-indiana-jones-and-the-raiders-of-the-lost-ark-mafia-wins/page-158?do=findComment&comment=2847401

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Everyone who wishes to play should go here and R&U if they have not already done so previously.




Please let me know if you can't see the Link and I will PM you. If you have already R&Ud via PM for a previous Game you don't have to do it again.




1. Lenlo - Dr Rene Belloq - Town - Doctor - Killed Night 2

2. Talya - Simon Katanga - Mafia Symp (recruited) - 1x Rolestopper OR 1x Governor - Lynched Day 4

3. Dice - Killed Night 2

4. Chuckles - Reggie the Snake - Post Restriction Generator - Town - Lynched Day 8.

5. RTE - Imam - Town - Specific Oracle - Killed Night 5

6. Tiinker Cyan (end of Day 1)

7. Roo - Colonel Oberst Herman Dietrich - Cop - Town - Killed Night 3

8. Hallia John Snow (Start of D7]

9. Ley - Hovitos Tribesman - 1 x Vig by Poison Dart then Vanilla - Town - Killed Night 6

10. Player

11. Basel - Major Gobler - 1 time guaranteed Ark steal, then vanilla - Town - Killed Night 4

12. Cloud - Jock Lindsay - 1 x Rolestopper OR 1 x Governor – Mafia Symp (Not Recruited) – Lynched Day 6

13. Rey WBK (middle of Night 1)

14. Ishy - Marion Ravenwood Mafia JOAT (Doc/RB/Tailor)& original holder of True Staff of Ra Headpiece - Lynched Day 3

15. Darthe - The German Mechanic – Town - 1x BPV then Vanilla - Lynched Day 2

16. Time - Major Arnold Ernst Toht - Town - Original Holder of the Fake Staff of Ra Headpiece - Lynched Day 1

17. Peace - The Cairo Swordsman - 1 x Vig by Clever Sword Attack then Vanilla - Town - Killed Night 7

18. Song - Killed N1

19. Arez - The Cappuchin Monkey - Town - Vanilla - Killed Night 3

20. Kae - Desert Excavator - Vanilla Town - Killed Night 1

21. Maw - Barranca - Voyeur - Town - Lynched Day 7

22. Mish

23. Rand

24. Eddie- Horvitos Tribeman - Town - 1 x Vig by poison blow dart and then Vanilla - Lynched Day 5


Back Ups


1. ??

2. ??



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A face turning and the light hitting eyes that had seen far too much.


It had been more than twenty years since they had first saw it and it had captured their imagination forever. They checked the directions again and turned off onto a road that was little more than dirt. It was onlu about half a mile further apparently. One of them started singing quietly., 'Duh de duh duuuuh, duh de duuh' and then turned to look at her companion who was driving and then smiling as he joined in that unforgettable anthem. As they drove into the small car park they were in full voice. The excitement was growing.


The car stopped, the key turned in the ignition rendering the engine silent. They looked through glass at the old movie theatre in front of them. It looked abandoned. The singing tailed off ... He looked at her, questioning, and she took a deep breath and nodded. They would do this. They left the car and walked into the theatre together.


Signs proclaimed a new and digitally re-mastered ultimate Editor's Cut of the movie as they entered the lobby. There was no-one else there. They stepped through a doorway and then continued down a hallway, walking through alternate pools of light and darkness. Thorugh another door and then into blackness. She blinked as her eyes adjusted, feeling a reassuring squeeze on her hand as she did, and then let herself be guided down to where a comfortable couch stood, with a small table at either end. On each of the tables was a tub of popcorn and a drink. Her popcorn had better be sweet and not that awful salted stuff. In the distance a wall of soft midnight velvet drapes waited for them.


They took their places and waited, quiet whispered conversation passing between them. A soft sigh like rustle diverted their attention to the darkly shining screen that had now appeared from behind the drapes. There was a stuttered flicker of light and then it began. She tucked her feet up on the couch and made herself comfortable to watch, leaning against him as the glow illuminated their faces.




The silhouette of a mountain appeared. A shadowy fedora wearing figure walking towards it, bull whip on his hip, with others following behind. The eerie music building a sense of danger and distrust. They move into the darkness of the jungle, those following seeming full of fear and anxiety. One pulls aside a covering of vines, revealing a statue with a gaping mouth. He runs away screaming as the dark figure calmly approaches and checks his notes. His guides look at each other and then reluctantly follow.


Now they cross a stream and a mist rises in the darkness and entwines around the bases of the trees. In the foreground a small dart is embedded into a tree trunk. The figures examines it briefly before callously throwing it onto the floor, where his panicked guides retrieve it.


'The Hovitos are here. The Poison is still fresh - three days" one says, testing the dart with his tongue and then spitting the poison out. "They are following us" he says. "If they knew we were here," replies the other, "they would have killed us already." They move on again, drawn to follow the mysterious figure who is continuing towards his goal.


South America 1936


Appears on the screen as they walk towards a larger body of water. The one they are following stops and holds out his hand and one of the guides passes him a torn map, split into several tattered pieces. One of the guides pulls his gun and points it at the figure's back ... you see him suddenly become alert. He turns, his whip flicking out and cracking in the air - as it lashes the guide's hand causing him to drop his gun. He steps forwards ...


A face turning and the light hitting eyes that had seen far too much.





It is now Day One. You may begin.


Cautiously he made his way into the dark and cobweb strewn interior, his guide pressed for speed - but he had seen places like this before. A body impaled on spears, frozen in a scream proved that.


Being cautious of the Light to avoid the killing darts and leaving his whip in place across the Pit, he carefully steps across to where the Golden Idol sits.


He takes a moment to match its weight with a bag of sand and the switches it. Success!




But no. The Trap is triggered and the walls start to shake. He runs now, hoping speed will save him where caution protected previously.


He reaches the pit, where his guide has already crossed, but his whip has become unfastened. "Throw me the whip," he says. "Throw me the idol" says his guide. He hesitates and then does so, the guide catching it before laughing and dropping the whip on the floor on the other side of the pit. 'Adios' he says before leaving Indiana to his doom.


The wall on the other side of the Pit is coming down and will seal him inside forever. The expression on his face is priceless and then he backs up and leaps across the Pit, barely making it.


The stone door is almost closed.



Those watching were involved now ... feeling almost part of the film. It was like they were there ...



Indiana slid through the closing door just in time, reaching back to grab his hat.


He carefully moved around the spear traps and took a deep breath. He was safe. A rumbling above alerted him to the giant boulder that was now rolling towards him. A look of exasperation crossed his face before he began to rush towards the entrance to the cave. Leaping through as the giant boulder sealed the door forever. It didn't matter, he had what he had came for.


But not for long. He found himself surrounded by angry tribesmen and a white suited man. He reached out his hand and Indiana reluctantly placed the Idol into it.


"Dr. Jones. Again we see there is nothing you can possess which I cannot take away."


The man in white held up the figure and the tribesman all knelt in fear. Indiana siezed his chance and bolted, racing through the jungle. The tribesman quickly receiving the signal to pursue and chasing after him.


As he came to the river, he screamed at the pilot to start the plane, swinging across on a vine and scrambling up to safety.


"There's a snake in the plane" he screamed, "I hate snakes!"




Safely back on campus, Professor Jones finished his lesson and followed his friend into a large Hallway where two strangers waited. They wished to speak about an old friend of his.


One of them spoke. "Yesterday afternoon, our European section intercepted a German communique that was sent from Cairo to Berlin." The other one added, "You see, for the last two years, the Nazis have had teams of archaeologists running around the world looking for all sorts of religious artifacts. Hitler's a nut on the subject. He's crazy. He's obsessed with the occult. And right now, apparently, there is some kind of German archaeological dig going on in the desert outside Cairo."


Indiana looked at them, his interest growing. "Now, we have some information here, but we can't make anything out of it and maybe you can.


"Tanis development proceeding. Acquire headpiece, Staff of Ra, Abner Ravenwood, US."


Indiana could hardly contain his excitement. The Nazis had discovered Tanis. He explained to the two men exactly what the headpiece and Tanis were for.


"Well, the staff is just a stick. I don't know, about this big. Nobody really knows for sure how high. And it's...

it's, uh... it's capped with an elaborate headpiece in the shape of the sun with a crystal in the center. And what you did was, you take the staff to a special room in Tanis, a map room with a miniature of the city all laid out on the floor. And if you put the staff in a certain place at a certain time of day, the sun shone through here and made beam that came down on the floor here... and gave you the exact location of the Well of the Souls."


Which is where the Ark of the Covenant would be found.


The two men spoke quietly to another for a moment and gestured that Indiana could leave. His friend cam out a few moments later and gave him the news he had been hoping for. They wanted him to go and fetch the Headpiece, and that meant a trip to Nepal.


But someone was already there. Stepping off the plane, a figure in a black leather coat wrapped it round him more closely. It was cold, but the aura he radiated was colder. He had come to obtain the Headpiece and no power on this earth would stop him.


He smiled to himself, hoping that there would be resistance and then he would be able to do what he did best. Convince others to change their mind. The thought of that grew within him, overwhelming all other thoughts. And then the feeling of bliss changed. His expression turned to pain and there seemed to be flames burning his skin. He screamed as his features began to melt and finally collapsed, dead on the floor as his companions looked on in horror. To covet the Ark of the Covenant was a dangerous thing indeed.


Those watching looked at each other in surprise. "I don't remember that bit" she said. "Neither do I" her companion replied. They wondered who the Editor was that had created this Special Edition, and then settled back to see what else would happen.


Time - Major Arnold Ernst Toht - Town Original Holder of the Fake Staff of Ra Headpiece has been Lynched


'Hello, Marion'


The familiar silhouette appeared on the wall, cast by the light from the open door. Earlier in the night, Marion had had a full bar, loud and rowdy as usual. Her regulars were still surprised that she could literally drink them under the table.


'Indiana Jones. I always knew some day you'd come walking back through my door. I never doubted that. Something made it inevitable. So, what are you doing here in Nepal?' She moved closer, looking at him, a mocking smile on her face. Indiana got straight to the point, ' I need one of the pieces your father collected....' but he was never able to finish as Marion suddenly lashed out with a hard right cross to his jaw. He blinked and held his chin, looking at her in surprise and confusion.


'I've learned to hate you in the last ten years!' she shouted. 'I never meant to hurt you.' he replied, still rubbing his jaw. 'I was a child. I was in love. It was wrong and you knew it!' She spat the words at him, her tone accusing. 'You knew what you were doing.' he said.


Her voice grew colder. 'Now I do. This is my place. Get out!' He tried reasoning with her, 'I can only say I'm sorry so many times.' 'Well, say it again anyway!' she snapped.


'Sorry.' he said.


She turned away and leaned up against the bar, pouring a shot, drinking it and then pouring another. 'The piece I'm looking for Marion - it was an amulet - about yay size, with a crystal in the middle. Do you know it?'' I know it','she said. 'I need it Marion' he replied.

'Come back tomorrow' she said, dismissing him completely. He paused for a moment and then went back out into the cold.




The scene cut to a group standing over a dead body on the ground. 'How has this happened?' said one of them. 'We don't know' said the other. They looked down again, and then walked away.


Song has been Killed




The scene cut again, this time to the desert excavation in Tanis. It was dark, but there was excitement as they found a small cache of valuables stored in jars. One of the jars broke and its contents spilled out onto the floor. The excavators were paid a pittance and the object that had landed near his feet would support his family for several months. He looked around, before quickly bending and scooping it up, hiding it inside his robes. No-one has saw. He was confident of that. When they were finally dismissed and allowed to go home, he followed his usual path through the city. The moon was full, and pools of light only served to make the shadows deeper. And then, one of the shadows moved.




Standing in front of him was someone he hoped to not draw the attention of. 'No, you can have it back! I was just going to show my family, they are so interested in my work. I was going to bring it back tomorrow!'




'No I swear! No! Please!'


The blade danced through the air, its owner stepping closer and closer, forms alternately illuminating and hiding the edge as the light hit it. Pleading for his life,the man tried to back away. The figure spun suddenly, his blade following around in an arc that was so full of grace it would have been beautiful to see - unfortunately the only one who saw could not appreciate the deadly skill required to master such a weapon - all he saw was death, unstoppable and merciless. It continued it's path, severing the man's head completely, his body collapsing in a pile of robes. The figure reached down and inside the robes, retrieving what had been taken, and then left the body as a warning to others.


Kae - Desert Excavator - Vanilla Town has been Killed



This time it was his turn to look at her, a puzzled expression on his face. 'Do you think these are deleted scenes? Maybe they should have always been there?' 'I have no idea' she replied, 'It seems so familiar, but I have the strangest feeling that this is just the beginning, I honestly have no idea what is happening.' 'I'm sure it will all work out ok,' he said reassuringly, 'Here, have some more popcorn' and he popped a piece in her mouth, laughing and offering her a drink as she spat it straight back out, cursing about salted popcorn just being wrong!


Marion heard the door open and turned towards it. Her drink forgotten for the moment. 'Bar's closed,' she said. A voice replied, 'We are... hehe... not thirsty.'


He wished that Toht was still alive, this was more his speciality - but he had seen him in action enough to put on a good show, or at least get the job done.


'What do you want?' Asked Marion. 'Ah, the same thing your friend Dr. Jones wanted. Surely he mentioned there would be other interested parties?' He replied. He did not revel in this work and hoped that she would be reasonable, not that he let anything like that show on his face.


She turned back to the bar, knocking back another shot in one go. 'Must have slipped his mind.' She said. 'The man is nefarious. I hope for your sake that he has not yet acquired it.' He looked through the notebook that Toht had left.


Wie zu foltern die Menschen, Informationen zu erhalten


It was an interesting and informative read. Very educational.


'Why,' said Marion, 'are you willing to offer more?'


'Oh, almost certainly,' he replied, 'Do you still have it?'


Marion leaned closer to him 'No' she said.


The man flicked through the notebook till he found the page he was looking for. Ahhh, perfect. He walked over to the brazier in the middle of the room. 'Your fire is dying... here, why don't you tell me where the piece is right now?'


But Marion had other planes 'Listen, Herr Mac,' she said, 'I don't know what kind of people you're used to dealing with, but nobody tells me what to do in my place.'


The man smiled. 'Fräulein Ravenwood, let me show you what I am used to...'


He held the poker in the hot embers until it began to glow and then approached Marion with it, moving the white hot tip closer and closer to her skin. She could feel the heat radiating off of it.


'Wait, wait! I can be reasonable!' She cried, trying to move her head away, but she was held firm. 'That time has passed.' He replied, unmoved by her pleas. 'You don't need that.' She begged 'I'll tell you everything!


'Yes, I know you will.' He replied.


Suddenly a loud crack was heard, and the man felt the harsh cutting blow of a whip bit into his wrist. His instinct to the pain was automatic, and he dropped the glowing poker ... Its tip connecting with a drape and quickly igniting it.


By the time they noticed the fire it was too late, it was out of control. Now they had a burning Bar to content with, as well as a fight to win. As another bottle of whiskey exploded, they realised they needed to be quick.


The intruders opened fire and Marion ran from the hail of bullets that flew through the air and hid behind the bar, swigging a quick drink for courage. Indiana was in a tricky situation, but he had been in worse. One of the intruders pushed him up against the bar and grabbed him by the throat, strangling him. He calmly looked up at Marion. ‘Whiskey’ he said. She looked around, confused for a moment, before passing him the whiskey bottle. He took it and smashed it over it over his assailant's head, knocking him out cold.


He struggled with another and then attempted to use him a human shield as a machine gun was pointed in his direction by a third man. Their leader spoke to the man with the machine gun.


‘Shoot them. Shoot them both.’


Indiana and his hostage looked at each other for a brief moment, before the hostage turned his own weapon on the machine gunner – killing him instantly. He looked back at Indiana again, a look of victory and shared camaraderie. Indiana was having none of it and floored him with a strong right hook. Now to dispatch of the leader, but he was nowhere to be seen.


The leader had spied something glittering in the flames. The Headpiece. Giving thanks for his good fortune, he reached for it and then wrapped his hands tightly around and pulled it towards him. It took a moment for him to recognise the pain and the searing heat of the Headpiece as it burned into his flesh. He dropped it, screaming in agony and ran out into the snow, thrusting his hand into the icy coldness in a desperate attempt to numb and cool the blackened and damaged flesh.


The fire was raging now and they looked for a way through the flames, rushing out of the building just as it collapsed. Marion turned to Indiana, ‘Well, Jones, at least you haven't forgotten how to show a lady a good time.’ He looked at her, an incredulous smile on his face. ‘Boy, you're something!’ he said.


‘Yeah?’ said Marion, ‘I'll tell you what, until I get my money, you're gonna get more than you bargained for. I'm your goddamn partner!’ and she held up the Headpiece, the reflection of flames from what was once her Bar flickering on its surface.



The scene shifted suddenly again, a large bull of a man surrounded by figures. He appeared to be in a court, or perhaps a tribunal of some kind. The figures spoke. ‘We know you have been working against us’ they said, ‘we have all the evidence we need – there is only one sentence that can be pronounced for this kind of treachery’. The giant hung his head and barely spoke as he was lead outside to where a gallows waited. Silently he ascended the stairs, a dark hood was placed over his head before the rope was fastened around his neck. A moment later the trap door opened and he fell down, the weight of his muscular form snapping his neck and killing him instantly.


Darthe – The German Mechanic – Town - 1x BVP then Vanilla has been Lynched


Those watching sat in stunned silence for a moment.


‘Wasn’t he supposed to get killed by an aeroplane propeller near the end?’ she said. ‘That’s how I remember it.’ He said. They looked at each other for a moment before turning back to the screen. The scene was already changing again …


Something was wrong. Unfriendly eyes were watching them. Suddenly the crowds parted and they were faced with dangerous looking swordsmen. Marion floored one with a frying pan and then ran as fast as she could in the other direction. Desperately looking for somewhere to hide, she jumped in a large basket. Her little 'friend' the monkey was not going to let her get away so easily though and jumped up and down on its lid. Marion was scooped up and carried away on the back of a large truck.




Indiana watched as Marion was taken from him. He knew that he could chase after her but he also knew where she was being taken. To get her back he would need some bargaining power, and that meant getting to the Ark first. As he sat in a bar, considering his options, he found himself being watched again - but this time by men with guns. Just as he thought there was no way out a large group of children rushed in and surrounded him and led him out to safety.


His associate met him and together they went to meet an old man who would be able to interpret the markings on the Headpiece. The old man looked carefully at it. 'This were the old way, this says "six Kadan height - " he said. 'About seventy-two inches.' Indy replied. 'Wait!' said the old man, and he turned the medallion over, 'And take back one Kadan, to honor the Hebrew God whose ark this is.'


Indiana's face turned thoughtful. 'Belloq's medallion only had writing on one side? You sure about that?' he asked his associate. 'Positive!' he replied. 'Balloq's staff is too long.' said Indy. 'They're digging in the wrong place!'


In the Nazi Camp, Marion was brought before the Site Commander. 'You were in possession of the original piece for years. You will tell us everything you know, or you will be motivated to do so.' 'Like hell I will' replied Marion. 'Very well,' said the Commander, 'We will see if your strength matches your brave words'


Marion was dragged into a nearby tent and the screams begain almost instantly. They lasted a long time, too long, before finally they stopped. When the Commander went in to see what she had revealed, he found her dead and broken body tied to a post in the centre. He looked at those who had done the 'motivation' and they shook their heads.


'True to your word Fraulein Ravenwood, he said, 'but at least you will not be able to help Dr. Jones anymore.'


In the Movie Theatre, there was the sudden sound of coughing, choking. A piece of popcorn gone down the wrong way from shock. An onslaught of back slaps ensued until finally she was able to ask ... 'Did Marion just DIE?' 'I know!' he replied. 'I can't believe it!'


Ishy - Marion Ravenwood - Mafia - JOAT (Doc/RB/Tailor) has been Lynched


Back at the old man's house, a man reached in through an open window and liberally covered a bowl of dates with something that would be instantly fatal. Satisfied that his work was done he left.


Indiana and his associate we still congratulating themselves. If the Nazi's Staff was too long, then he still had a chance to find the Ark first and save Marion.

He reached for a date and threw it up , his mouth open wide to catch it as it fell. His associate snatched it out of the air and pointed to where a small cappuchin monkey lay stiff and dead, the remains of a date nearby. 'Bad Dates' was all he said.


Arez - The Cappuchin Monkey (Hello Cindy :wink:) - Town - Vanilla - has been Killed


That night, Indiana went to the dig site. Armed with the headpiece, and a correct size staff, he waited until the sun rose - its light creating a beam that pointed to the exact location of the Well of the Souls. With that in his possession, he was sure that he would be able to negotiate for Marion's safe return. After carefully noting down the co-ordinates in his notebook, he climbed back up out of the Map Room and disguised as just another excavator, made his way across the sand to where he knew the final treasure awaited. Passing by a tent that had its door hanging half open, he saw a familiar form. Marion! Excellent, he could rescue her AND find the Ark too. He rushed into the tent, 'Marion ... Marion' he said. But she did not reply. His eyes took in the whiteness of her skin, the stillness of her body. He reached to touch and she was cold. She was gone.


He sat down on the floor hard, stunned, shocked, there were no words that could describe losing her.


He would have waited there forever had someone else not walked in. The Site Commander! It was HIS FAULT. A need for revenge burned inside Indiana and he took out his gun and fired, hitting the one who had ordered Marion's death right between the eyes, killing him instantly.


Roo - Colonel Oberst Herman Dietrich - Cop - Town - has been Killed


His need for vengeance sated for the moment, Indiana leaned over and gave Marion one last kiss. He failed to protect her, but he was damn sure he wasn't going to let them get the Ark. He paused for a moment before leaving, but didn't look back.


By the time he arrived at the location of the Well of Souls it was dark. His associate had already found the opening and together they looked down into it.

His associate spoke first, 'Indy, why does the floor move?' 'Give me your torch.' replied Indiana. He took the torch and dropped it down into the tomb, revealing thousands of snakes.


His face turned pale. 'Snakes. Why'd it have to be snakes?' he said. 'Asps... very dangerous.' replied his associate, 'You go first.'




Those watching, nodded. They had blinked back tears as Indiana found Marion, but now the adventure was back on ...




A circle of burning torches was thrown down to keep the snakes at bay. Then Indiana climbed down the rope. A sudden jolt from above caused him to lose his grip and he fell to the floor, his face only inches away from a black cobra that raised its head and hissed at him. The fear in his eyes was palpable as he slowly backed away out of its range.


He pumped gasoline at any snake that came anywhere near him. ‘Get down here now!’ he shouted up to his associate, his tone full of panic. A couple of long poles were thrown down and landed beside him and then another figure climbed down. At the bottom, he moved close to Indiana and whispered, ‘Indy, there is something that troubles me. ‘What is it?,’ Indiana replied. ‘The Ark. It is something that man was not meant to disturb. Death has always surrounded it. It is not of this earth.’


‘It’s too late to turn back now’ said Indiana, ‘Come on – let’s go’ and he nodded towards the far end of the chamber.


Carefully they made their way to where a large stone sarcophagus waited. Gold covered figures looked down on them, warning them to not take the Ark. It took both of them to remove the heavy lid. They inserted the long poles into the sides before lifting the contents clear. The torches illuminated what they had discovered, the gold glittering in the flickering light. The Ark of the Covenant was theirs.


One the open sea, a large merchant vessel sailed. It's Captain was not exactly a pirate, but it could certainly be said that not everything on board was completely legitimate.


It was dangerous to be in these waters at the moment, but he had said he would be here, just in case he was needed. It wouldn't be the first time a certain Dr Jones needed a safe harbour, so to speak.


A small boat approached, containing a military presence. Damn. He quickly sent his crew to make sure things that needed to be hidden stayed hidden.


He went to greet the uniformed men as the boarded. 'Papers please' they snapped. He passed over his documents and waited silently.


'These are invalid' they said 'you are an enemy spy and will be shot!'


They drew their weapons and fired immediately and then unceremoniously threw his body overboard, where black fins circled.


Talya - Simon Katanga - Mafia Symp (recruited) - 1x Rolestopper OR 1x Governor - has been Lynched


'Well, that's going to make things a bit complicated later on' she said, sipping on her coke. 'Yes' he replied, 'I used to be in the Navy, you know. That vessel was not ship shape at all'. She laughed. 'I think you might have mentioned that before' she said.


Meanwhile, in the Well of Souls, Indiana watched as the Ark was carefully hoisted up to the surface.


Indiana watched as the Ark made its way up and then made to climb up himself. He pulled on the rope and was surprised when it gave slightly. The answer as to why appeared shortly afterwards, peering over the edge of the entrance to the Tomb.


'Dr. Jones, how ironic. You have spent your whole life looking for valuable antiquities and now you are going to become one.' This was a more unfamiliar face, one who had been in the background before, but with the loss of so many higher ranking folks, Indy guessed that someone needed to take charge.


'I'm afraid that we have to leave now' the Officer continued, 'I must make sure our prize is delivered safely' and he made to drop the rope completely.


'Sonnovabi..' Muttered Indiana, he pulled on the rope hard, despite knowing there was no hope of being able to climb up it. The Officer was not expecting it though, and the sudden tug made him stumble. He struggled to maintain his balance, but it was too late. He fell forward and down into the tomb, his neck breaking on impact and killing him instantly.


'Well I guess I'm not the only addition to this particular exhibit' said Indiana.


Basel - Major Gobler - Town - 1 shot guaranteed ark steal and then vanilla has been Killed


The Officer's compatriots looked down and saw that he was dead. There was no time to retrieve the body. They had work to do. Indiana looked up as the heavy stone covering was slid across the entrance, sealing him inside ... All around him the sound of scales slithering and hissing could be heard and the torches were going out.


In the Movie Theatre, things seemed more familiar. 'He will get out, won't he?' She asked. 'Who knows?' He replied. 'The way this version has been going, I wouldn't rule anything out


Indiana climbed out of the Tomb, blinking as the sun hit his eyes. On the other side his associate waited. 'Oh, my friend! I'm so pleased you're not dead!' He said. Indiana patted him on the back in reassurance and reached for the water bottle. He then made to sit down in the shade, he was so tired.


'Indy, you have no time. If you still want the ark, it is being loaded onto a truck for Cairo.' Said his associate. 'Truck? What truck?' He said, his eyes becoming alert again and staggering back onto his feet. He put the water bottle over his shoulder and looked around the nearby camp. His associate followed him, as he found a couple of horses and leapt up on one.


'Meet me at Omar's.' He said, 'Be ready for me. I'm going after that truck.'


'How?' Replied his associate. 'I don't know,' he said, 'I'm making this up as I go!'


He galloped off into the distance and his associate started to move off too. He saw a small half naked man watching, a narrow pipe in his mouth and a look of stunned disbelief on his face from what he had just witnessed. 'Yes, I know my friend,' said Indy's associate. 'I often feel the same about him'. He slapped him hard on his back, causing him to inhale sharply and then choke. But Indy's associate was already moving on, singing heartily, and did not notice that the figure had fallen to the floor - twitching - and was now completely silent.


Eddie- Hovitos Tribeman - Town - 1 x Vig by poison blow dart and then Vanilla has been lynched...

Edited by Ithillian

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I haven't wantched this one... Only watched one IJ-movie, something about a crystal skull :laugh:



Yes yes yes, I know I have to go watch it ASAP <.<

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Yep, he's actually got three exciting movies coming up.  Ender's Game is in Post-Production, Star Wars 7 is in Pre-Production, and Indiana Jones 5 is Announced. (I don't stalk IMDB >.> )

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Awesome scene Ithi!



Vote Cloud :wub: Here's to seeing how playing mafia after bonding works :tongue:


So if one of you dies... Will the other... you know.... :baalzamon:


Well, I sure hope that won't be the case :laugh: 


I haven't wantched this one... Only watched one IJ-movie, something about a crystal skull :laugh:



Yes yes yes, I know I have to go watch it ASAP <.<


I still need to watch the Crysal Skull! I heard it wasn't that good though :/ Do you recommend it? 


Vote Mish for not making an effort and joining the game uninformed :rolleyes:


Lol xD

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Reyoru is playing!?


Well, look who it is! How are you doing Ed old chap? How's married life suiting you?


It would be rude not to return the favour; Vote Ed

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