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Intro to RP (October '12 WT) - Lesson One

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Hello, and welcome to this Introduction to Roleplay class! I decided to write this class as a help to those out there who might be curious about Roleplay but are too confused by it to try, people who want to Roleplay but are not confident in their abilities yet, and people who already RP but still have questions about it or would like to improve their abilities.


I would like to start out by telling you all a little bit about myself. My name is Claire, and I have been a member of DM since 2001 or so. I have roleplayed as various characters over the years, mostly as Aes Sedai, but also as a wolfkin, a damane, a Black Tower soldier, and a trolloc. Writing is one of the things I most enjoy doing, and I'd like to share my knowledge (and the knowledge of other RPers) and perhaps inspire a new generation of writers at DM..

Here is an outline of the subjects we will cover in this class.


Lesson One: Information about RP Opportunities and Divisions at DM

Lesson Two: Creating a Biography

Lesson Three: Developing your Character through RP

Lesson Four: Pair up and RP on Revolution One

Lesson Five (optional): Question & Answer Session


Everyone who successfully complete the class will be presented with a special Signature Picture showing off their new skills. Additionally, members of the White Tower Social Group who successfully complete this class will receive credit towards their advancement. It will count towards the "Participate In a Group Wide Event" requirement.


After this lesson is over, I would love it if you all could introduce yourselves, tell us a bit about your history at DM, and let us know what you are looking to get out of taking this class.


I would like to thank the following people, who were an inspiration for various parts of this course through their own writings on the topic: Sirayn, bcxanth, Raeyn, Matalina, Elgee, Joram and many, many others!


Lesson One: Information about RP Opportunities and Divisions at DM


What is Role Play?


In general, role play is where participants each play a role as a certain character in the given setting. There are many types of role play, from live action role play (LARP), to tabletop role play using dice, to written or post-based roleplay. The type of role play used at DM is written or post-based roleplay. Every person writes their own character(s) based on the Wheel of Time world, and then you can use that character to interact with other characters in the same setting. The actions your character takes affect the setting and the characters around them (to a certain extent). All of our roleplay at DM takes place on the forums. You write a post from your character's point of view, and then others in the RP will respond in kind with a post from their character's point of view. In this way the plot you are trying to achieve moves forward.


Where can I RP at DM?


At Dragonmount, there are two options for you to explore if you wish to RP. These include the Dragon Reborn Portal Stone World, and the Turnings of the Wheel.


Dragon Reborn Portal Stone World


Taken from the DRPSW site: Dragon Reborn is a Portal Stone World very similar to the books written by Robert Jordan, allowing role-playing in a time where the Dragon Reborn is discovering himself, and preparing the world for the Last Battle.


The PSW is divided into several RP Groups, which follow along lines of major groups from the books- White Tower, Children of the Light, etc.


DR PSW Staff:

RP Admin: Taymist (PM her)

Assistant RP Admin: Winterwinds (PM him)


The DR PSW has been the main RP for Dragonmount for many years now. As the years have moved on, there has been a 'main plotline' that has followed the basic plot of the books as written by RJ. In this main plotline, there are archetypal characters similar to the main characters of Rand, Elayne, Mat, Perrin, etc. This main plotline serves as a background for all other RP that exists in the PSW. The main plot itself moves at a slow pace, with major events (Dumai's Wells, etc) happening once or twice a year. Most of the RP that occurs at DM is planned and written exclusively by individuals, small groups, or mini-plots carried out by the RP Groups themselves. There are a few things you need to take into consideration while roleplaying in the DR PSW. The most important ones are Permission, Balance, and Consent.


Permission: To roleplay in the DR PSW, you must have an approved biography for your character. Biographies are submitted to the RP Group you wish to join, then either approved or changes recommended. Realism is a must in a character's skill set, possessions, or gifts they have. For example, you should not roleplay that your character has the gift of Dreamwalking unless you have been specifically approved for that talent by the appropriate staff member. However, you can assign your character weaknesses or strengths based on reasonable assumptions about their upbringing, etc. For example, if your character came from a Noble House, it is reasonable to assume they are schooled in the Old Tongue, dancing, or other "lordly" pursuits. Another character that is common born might possess tracking or "street smarts" that the lordly character wouldn't.


Balance: You want to build weaknesses, strengths, faults and virtues into your character. Your character will not (and should not be) perfect! Nobody wants to roleplay with the beautiful, genius, god-like princess heroine that always gets her way. Such a character is flat and one-dimensional, and ultimately a bore to roleplay as or with. Complexity in character building is the only way to go. They win some, they lose some. Sometimes they fail utterly at everything they turn their hand to. That's where the interest is in roleplay. Think hard about your character's flaws and play them.


Consent: Make sure it is ok to join an RP by privately speaking to the involved parties before joining in. Sometimes there will be RPs on the boards that are marked OPEN, these RPs are generally open to any character that would have a reason to be in that place at that time. For example, if you have a Fade character: It probably would NOT be feasible for them to join an "open" RP with some Novices from the White Tower. There is an RP planning board HERE for the whole DR PSW where you can talk to other players and get people together interested in RPing with you. Many of the individual RP Groups also have their own RP planning areas at their boards as well.


Always be clear on your plans for the RP with the other players, and make sure all agree on the direction the RP should take. Never ever kill/hurt/maim another player's character without their permission. This is considered a huge breach of etiquette. Ordinarily, you should not do something which would have a significant effect on other people's characters without gaining their permission. Most players will be open to new possibilities. If you are having difficulty getting players to agree to your plot, try to remember that group RPs are a collaborative effort, and try to be flexible. If you are having real problems with planning or an in-progress RP, don't hesitate to contact your Division's staff.


What's an RP Group?


The RP Groups are divisions of characters created for the Dragon Reborn PSW. Each group focuses on a major character type from the book series. Generally speaking, you can role play up to three characters per RP Group you are a member of. There are a couple of exceptions; in the Freelander's division, you may play up to twenty-one characters, (3 Aiel, 3 Ogier, 3 Seanchan, 3 Kin, 3 SeaFolk, 3 Tuatha’an, and 3 general Freelanders-- everyday Joes like Innkeepers, Blacksmiths, etc.). In the Congress of Shadow division, you may play up to nine characters (3 Darkfriends, 3 Dreadlords, 3 Shadowspawn like Gholam, Fades and Trollocs).


Here are all of the Dragon Reborn RP Groups their Group Leaders, and any links to information about them.


Band of the Red Hand

Group Leader: Quibby (PM him)

Rank and Advancement Info:HERE

Informational Sites about the Band: HERE and HERE


Bio Email: BotrHDiv[at]dragonmount[dot]com


Black Tower

Group Leader: Arath Faringal (PM him)

Rules and Advancement Info: HERE

Informational Sites about the BT: HERE

Bio Email: BTBios@gmail.com


Children of the Light

Group Leader: Nynaeve (PM her)

Rules and Advancement Info: HERE

Informational Site about CoL: HERE

Bio Email: CotLDiv[at]dragonmount[dot]com, CC to Nynaeve.n10[at]gmail[dot]com


Congress of the Shadow

Group Leader: Liitha (PM her)

Advancement Info:

Temporary Amnesty on Requirements! Read HERE for info.

Typical Requirements when amnesty not in place:

Darkfriends, Dreadlords, Shadowspawn,

Informational Sites about CoS: HERE and HERE

Bio Email: CoSDiv@dragonmount.com



Group Leader: Mystica (PM her)

Advancement Info: Aiel, Kin, Sea Folk, Seanchan, Ogier

General Freelanders and Tuatha’an do not have a progression system, but Weapon Scores can be increased through training. Ask the Group Leader for more information.

Informational Sites about FL: HERE and HERE

Bio Email: FLDiv@dragonmount.com



Group Leader: Devon (PM him)

Advancement Info: HERE

Rules: HERE

Informational Site about WY: HERE

Bio Email: warders.bios@gmail.com


White Tower

Group Leader: Kathleen (PM her)

Rules: HERE

Advancement Info: HERE

Informational Sites about the WT: HERE and HERE

Bio Email: dmwtbios@gmail.com



Group Leader: Taymist (PM her)

Informational Sites about the WK: HERE

Bio Email: WKDiv[at]dragonmount[.]com


Weapon Scores and One Power Scores

In the DR PSW, the strength and skills your character can use are based on your Weapon Score and/or One Power score (OP score for channeling characters only). As your character advances in rank in the Group through RP and training such as classes, these scores will generally go up. You need to keep the skills you use in your RP in accordance with your WS or OP score. A new Novice, for example, would not be able to weave a shield on a full sister. A raw Band recruit would not be able to go blow for blow in a swordfight with a blademaster.


Weapon Scores

"The WS is a number from 0 to 20, indicating your general level of skill and ability with handling weapons. Note that this is more a measure of skill, than of any physical strength; as such, Trollocs, Ogier, and other distinctly non-human characters may have WS which do not completely reflect their overall fighting abilities. Thus, for situations involving these characters, or other situations where more than pure skill influences the outcome of the fight (such as character knowledge or ignorance of the terrain, aid from other characters, channeling, or other biased fights) the outcome of the fight should be discussed between the RPers involved, as this will produce a more accurate result than pure reliance on the WS system. The WS ranges from 0, completely unskilled, to 20, for the most superlative fighter in the world. Note also that the WS system is nearly exponential; an increase of 1 WS is a doubling of the character’s skill, and also the amount of time spent to reach that level." -- Weapon Score Page


The specific groups that primarily use the WS system include non-channeler Freelanders, non-channeler Congress of Shadow, Band of the Red Hand, Warders, Children of the Light and Wolfkin. Members of the White Tower, Black Tower, and other channelers (Sea Folk Windfinders, Aiel Wise Ones, Kin and Dreadlords) may optionally choose to also have a Weapon Score assigned in addition to their OP score. This is handy if you wish to have your Aes Sedai train in weapons also so she can defend herself even when unable to touch Saidar.


For more specific information about the Weapon Score system, visit HERE. For WS information specific to the Warder's Divison, also visit HERE.


One Power Scores

"The purpose of the system is to bring about a greater degree of order and certainty to role-playing the Power, so that everyone is clear on what they can do. It is also intended to reduce the amount of abuse, by clarifying what is not possible. A final aim is to actually improve role-playing by giving firm guidelines on how channeling characters can be developed. It’s important to note however, that the scores that are assigned to your character are not the be-all end-all of every situation! Despite a character being exceptionally strong in the Power and exceptionally skilled in their use of it, they can still be beaten in the right situation.


There are four things to be determined with a channeling character; those are the character’s strength in the One Power, aptitudes in the five elemental Powers (which is interdependent with overall strength), their skill in the One Power, their overall Potency in the One Power (which is dependent upon a combination of skill and strength) and any Talents they may possess. The Five Powers are natural affinities for each of the five elements, Air, Earth, Fire, Water and Spirit. As you may already be aware, male characters are more likely to be strong in Earth and Fire, female characters in Air and Water. All 5 Powers added together give overall strength in the Power. Overall strength is rated out of 50, with each of the Five Powers rated out of 10.


Upon approval of your character biography, you will be randomly assigned your Strength score. As you should be aware, women are generally speaking weaker than men in the One Power. To account for this, the average (mean) One Power Strength score for women is set at 28. The average Strength score for men is set at 32. The random generation of statistics means that most Strength scores will be centred around the averages for each particular gender, with fewer and fewer people having scores that are further and further away from that average (thus, extremely weak and extremely strong channelers are less common than “average” channelers). Male scores range from 26-38, Females from 22-34." --One Power System Page


After you receive your randomly generated total strength number, you then go about the process of breaking it 5 ways to assign to your individual elemental strengths. Each elemental score "costs" a certain number of your total strength points. It is set up so that it costs less points to buy a higher strength in an element that is normal to be strong in for your gender. For example, it would cost a male character less points to be strong in Fire and Earth than it would a female character. Conversely, it would cost a female character less points to be strong in Water and Air than it would a male. Spirit is equal for both genders, so the point costs are the same for males or females.


"Skill is as important as Strength and thus is rated, like Strength, on a scale of 1-50. The average male level of skill is 28, female 32. As with Strength, your Skill score is assigned to you when your biography is approved. Female scores range from 26-38, Males from 22-34 Most channelers start with a low Skill, however progression is fairly rapid. In many cases, a channeler must posses a certain level of skill in addition to the required elemental strengths to perform a weave. Higher skill also means that channelers can do more complicated things like splitting their weaves."--One Power System Page


As your character advances in rank, their skill level will increase towards the total that you are initally assigned. For example, if your Black Tower initiate receives a Skill score of 28, he will not have the whole 28 points of skill available immediately. As a mere Soldier, he might only have a Skill of 9. As a Dedicated, he might have increased to a skill of 19. And finally as a full Asha'man, he would increase again to his full skill potential of 28.


"Potency is a measure of your character’s overall potential with the One Power, taking both Strength and Skill into account. Potency is measured out of 100, and consists of the sum of your Strength and Skill scores. Potency may never exceed 100 unless via the use of an angreal/sa’angreal, or in the special circumstances of linking (more on this later). Thus, Egwene the Aes Sedai with a Strength score of 29, and a skill score of 30 would have an overall potency of 59. Both men and women have the same average Potency score (the average male has 60 from 28 Skill and 32 Strength, the average female has 60 from 32 Skill and 28 Strength). This accounts for their equal overall potential with the One Power, where women balance out men’s greater strength with greater skill, and vice versa. It allows some form of overall comparison between the sum of a character’s abilities against another character." --One Power System Page


For more specific information about the One Power Score system, visit HERE. For OP information specific to the White Tower, also go HERE. For OP information specific to the Black Tower, also go HERE.


Turnings of the Wheel RP

There exists an alternative to the DR PSW for RP opportunities. Turnings of the Wheel (aka Revolution One) is a freeform RP board in which you can RP without rules, score systems, or even the need to stay in the WoT world.


"Turnings of the Wheel (or ToW in short) exists so you can do different kind of Wheel of Time roleplaying and twist and play with Robert Jordan's world. Each story is exists in its own separate version of the setting, a different Portal Stone World if you will. You can set your stories anywhere and to any Age you desire. Want to see the Shadow winning the Last Battle? Wonder what your DM character would be like if they had become a channeler instead of Warder or a gleeman instead of a channeler? Got plans for how the world had been different if the Ten Nations hadn't fallen to the trollocs? Don't like how the One Power works and have a better model? This is the place to show your mad writing skills and ideas!


Turnings gives you the opportunity to play out everything you've never been allowed to play before. The possibilities are infinite. No need to worry about how it will affect other people's roleplay because you're playing in a self-contained world. If you and your partners are up for it, it's good. The only restriction is that we are working under PG-13 rules. But what if your story is so long that it takes more than one thread to complete? No problem, just like in normal DM your characters' sagas can continue till infinity and in as many threads as you need. How do you get started? If you have an idea already, all you have to do is to start writing and invite others to join the fun. You can write detailed character histories (bios) if you feel like you need them, but they are not mandatory. In case you're running short on inspiration I can bounce ideas around as well." --Arette Nentiar


If you are interested in learning more about Turnings of the Wheel, you can visit their board HERE.


Lesson One Wrap-Up

This concludes Lesson One of the course! I know it was a long one, but it will be all downhill from here now that we have the basics out of the way. If you have questions about THIS lesson, please feel free to post them here. As your homework, I would like each of you to answer this short quiz. If you have any questions about the quiz, please feel free to ask me in a PM. I’d also love it if you each replied here telling me a little more about yourselves, and what you’re looking to get out of this course.

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I read the lesson but I can't take the quiz till later (google doesn't like my antiquated IE browser and I'm unable to use anything else at work). I'll try to get it done tonight. :smile:

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Hi - WolfbrotherKronos is the name - you can call me Kronos or Wolfie for short.


Just took the quiz - a little about me!


I'm a musician. I play guitar, percussion, and I sing. Been reading WoT for a couple of years now interspersed with other things (in A Path of Daggers now). I've done quite a bit of table top role play and really enjoy it. I've been wanting to get involved a bit on here, but wasn't quite sure how things worked here which is why I'm taking the class. Want to know anything else? Let me know :)

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A bit about me, then.


I'm a geek. I read lots of sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and thriller novels, I'm a big gamer, and I love to play Final Fantasy. I also play Magic The Gathering, and Triple Triad Advance online. I'm a mafia addict, and in RL I'm engaged to a wonderful man and I love cats, rockhounding, and I'm a movie buff also.


Edit: Quiz taken.

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Oops! Forgot the intro.


I'm Daruya, though most people here shorten that to Dar. In RL I'm a mechanical engineer. I'm married with 2 teenage boys (13 and 14). We have 3 dogs, 2 horses and 19 chickens. I love the fantasy genre in general, though I can be stubborn and/or picky about what I read. If the back cover doesn't intrigue me, I won't read it. :biggrin: Also, I'm not a musician but I do love to sing! I was on the worship arts team at church till 2 years ago but haven't gotten back into it since I got out of the hospital from my bout with pneumonia. My favorite part to sing is harmonly (3rd or 5th) rather than lead. I don't see myself as a superb singer but I do have perfect pitch, according to the lead worship arts pastor. :biggrin: I also used to play the flute and piccolo.

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hey guys,


I'm blank, in RL I work in a bakery and spend my spare time reading, hanging out with friends and generally creeping around the internet.


I have loads of books but recently moved back in the parentals after finishing uni so most of them are in storage which made me sad for a while until I realised this was an excuse to buy more books :laugh:


I love science a lot, I'm also unusually interested in American Politics for someone who is British.


Also Claire I was wondering, just out of interest, what kind of time frame is the class on? Just as long as it takes for people to get round to doing it? :tongue:

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what kind of time frame is the class on?


Good question!


I generally give everyone a few days to get through lesson one, but if everyone finishes sooner, I will post lesson two immediately.


The other lessons are a little more dependent on everyone being done with them before moving on, so those may take longer.

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Oh yeah this was alot easier to read than trying to find all of this info in the different stickies.


So im Len, Lenlo, Lenny whatever really floats your boat. I am currently a Senior Highschool student/College Freshman and plan on going into Computer Engineering. Same as Kae, im a mafia addict and I love Fantasy/Sci-Fi books. Some of my favorite authors are Piers Anthony, Orson Scott Card, H.P. Lovecraft when im feeling some horror and Edgar Allen Poe when im feeling abit more classical/poeish.


The closest thing ive done to forum RP is some LARPing, but I never managed to get into that like my folks.

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Hi I am Valeria, in RL I am a graphic Design and /photo major so love doing art, also I am no sprin turnip when it comes to roleplay - I have off and on roleplayed in various degrees and locations. One more recently being Second - Life, now there something I'd like to see a Wheel of Time RP sim in SL...something to think about.


Thank you Claire, just sorta what I wanted to know about the Dragon Reborn Portal stone, I hope to we some pratice with the one power system in these classes...do we? hehe




EDIT: Also got time to take the quiz!

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Hello, all! :D


I'm Leala, and I've actually been roleplaying for a long time. About twelve years, really. I signed up for the class, because sometimes I need a refresher for DM's rp. It's really different from every rp I've ever been in. I have four characters right now: Two Aes Sedai, one novice, and a Wise One apprentice. I like to play channelers, generally.


Anywho. I really would like to see a participation boost in the DRPSW. I love writing with my friends, and making new friends through roleplay.


So, more about myself...I teach Reading/Language for the GED at a community college along with ESL. I have a Bachelor's degree in Spanish, and I'm working on finishing my Fine Arts degree while I'm teaching. (one class at a time, though.) My family has four cats in our house. My cat's name is Triforce (we call him Trify for short). I love to write and draw, and I'm looking to change jobs in the future. I love teaching, but standing for so long hurts my feet. (I have ridiculously flat feet.) Anywho. I've been a member of DM since January of 2011, I left somewhere in April of that year, and came back in April of this year...and they haven't gotten rid of me yet! :)

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I didn't forget the intro, I was just a bit to eager to go play Sims 3... lol.


So, Misheru, Michelle, or Mish ^^ I live in Norway with my husband and my cat. I want to become a gardener, I love fantasy, I only read in English (british family, so I've gotten both languages since birth, and when I try to read books in Norwegian, I translate to English in my head... Stressful!), I'm big on animal rights and animal welfare, I have done photography, but I haven't got a camera anymore, ach. I view myself as, if not a goth, then an alternative person. I'm also a big geek; one of my life goals is getting good enough at digital painting to do my own Wheel of time-portraits. I used to write, but I've had writers block for 8 years and counting... I have a bad skin condition on my hands and feet that's very painful and limit my life in a lot of ways. I want to play D&D, but can't find anyone in my area to play with. My favourite band is Muse and my favourite movie is Moulin Rouge! :happy:


I love the fantasy genre in general, though I can be stubborn and/or picky about what I read. If the back cover doesn't intrigue me, I won't read it. :biggrin:


This, totally this!


Valeria; my husband wants to become a graphic designer when he gets better, he's in no condition to work now due to youth arthritits, but he started his educaton before he got sick.

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So about me. I'm Cyan. IRL I'm currently a student at a Chinese highschool. I love reading and gaming, though I don't get much time to do either right now as school takes up most of my time. I also love skiing and wake-boarding, but as there are neither good ski resorts nor clean lakes here, I don't get to do it very often. Soccer is pretty fun too. Wot is my favorite book series, but I think Tolkien is a better writer. I haven't ever RPd before so I'm looking foward to trying it out. I tried writing a while back, but after my entire notebook, and only copy of my story, got accidentally thrown away, I haven't really tried writing again.


Oh and I finished le quiz.

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Hello!! I am wildfire, WF, WiFi, Wild or whatever combo you can think of. :smile:


A little about me: I am disabled so I don't work, though I do volunteer at an elementary school doing copying, collating, and stapling for the teachers. I am looking for a part time job to supplement my Social Security. I would love to get a full time job however I would lose my insurance and I have so many medical appts. and prescriptions that it is not feasible. I love to do crafts and painting. I joined DM in May 2011 and now am a Gray Accepted in the WT and an aiel Wise One (dreamwalker) in the Aiel group. I am not sure I can do this. It seems to be very complicated and I really don't understand what was presented so far and don't have the knowledge enough to ask pertinent questions. However I am going to do my best to finish the class and get going in RP.

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Hey Claire... just to clarify... I think most of the questions are based on the DR PSW. Because for the Turnings of the Wheels, you pretty much have no rules (Ie, can Foretell whatever you want, whenever you want.) Yeah... so... just to clarify.


Oh and I'm Boopsy. At the DR PSW I'm Skechid Aran Teobon (Storm Leader and BT ADL), Camigwen Klatsang Marivin (Yellow Sitter) and Regalia Frantelle (Blue Sedai). I've been at DM for ages and started off in RP because back then that was all there was. Skechid is probably one of the longest characters (He's 12 years old DM time) still being RPed, albeit not very actively. I am Boopsy here because it's a silly name and I'm silly. Back when I was just a wee Soldier, I was known as the Politest Soldier in DM. I was featured in a few silly stories. And I made stew. A WHOLE lot of stew. *lol* Yeah.


I am not really taking this class, coz I've been RPing way too long, but I'm just sitting in to remind myself of the basics. So, yeah... just here to have fun with fellow class mates. So yay!


Edit: In the next staff meeting, I wanna propose we change weapon scores to buttkicking scores, because we ALL know that's what's keeping us RPing.

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Yo, am Fnorrll. I'v been on DM since around 2001 as well I think, but been on and off over the years. I'v only ever been a social side member of the White Tower, but I used to RP back in the day as a warder and a wolfkin and an Aiel here on DM, and as a member of the second wave of the Chosen (the new Rahvin) in an alternate WoT world set after the Last Battle over on another site...that was fun. Havnt done web based RPing for a number of years tho.


IRL I'm 26, an electrician, in London, UK, love table top RPing, writing, reading, SPORTS of any kind, movies, video games etc.



*edit* oh, and I took the quiz.

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Hi, I am Pankhuri(that's my RL name and my WT RP character as well). I usually go around by Pan or Pank, Pank is becoming more common.


I am a school going little student. I love reading books, usually fantasy but also including thrillers, historica fiction or almost anything I can lay my hands upon. I also write a little. Many stories are bouncing in my head but I never RPed till date. I also try many things time to time.


Hopefully, if this class finishes and I do my first RP then I will personally send you a PM Claire for giving me the courage to RP.

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Edit: In the next staff meeting, I wanna propose we change weapon scores to buttkicking scores, because we ALL know that's what's keeping us RPing.


Affectionately known as BS scores.



Hopefully, if this class finishes and I do my first RP then I will personally send you a PM Claire for giving me the courage to RP.


Awwwww, that's very sweet! I hope everybody who takes this class gets a chance to start RPing here at DM-- it's totally awesome!

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I'm Cloud.


I'm afraid I ain't able to tell you more than that, matters of national security and stuff like that.



I'm interested in RPing because I'm a huge fan of storytelling in any media. I have always been a reader / observer of art, but I decided that I could actually be a decent artist if I started practicing myself. So here I am, trying to practice since skill is everything in storywriting. I filled in the form btw. Looking forward to the classes :happy:

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