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Attention all new members!


So, you think you have what it takes to join the greatest fighting machine there is in the whole of Randland? You think you have the spirit, the comradery, a face that won't be scared by the enemy, the ability to drink copious amounts of the various Brews, the skill to ride a horse, the skill to draw a sword, the skill to notch an arrow and shoot or the skill to build great defences, you like music, travelling and good food, but above all, want to have fun?


If you answer "yes" to any of those questions, then the Band of the Red Hand at DM is the place for you! On the other hand, if you answer "No" to all those questions, do not fear! For the members of the prestigious Band of the Red Hand will show you the way and help you answer "yes" to those questions!


So, having read that, you have decided to enlist yourself in the mighty Band of the Red Hand? If so, congratulations!!! But now the hard work begins!


All new recruits into the Band of the Red Hand must take a difficult route and make a choice... a choice between the Band's three Regiments: The Archers, the Cavalry, and the Infantry. Each has a great history; the pranks of the Archers, the Knights of the Cavalry, and the Infantry always in look of a "volunteer" to dig its latrines. Your choice will be made after spending time with each of these regiments!


Upon signing up, you will be added to the Band's usergroup to see our private boards.


Having read everything I have said, please could you post the following information in this thread for us:


DM Username: Just because I am lazy!

Email Address: Please post the email address that you check most regularly, so that when I email you about the Band, my email will get through to you!

Skype: What is your Skype username, just in case you or someone else from the Band wants to talk to you!

Twitter: What is your Twitter name, just in case you or someone else from the Band wants to follow and chat with you!

last.fm profile: Post a link to your last.fm profile (music listening website) so fellow Banders can see what you are listening to!


Please Note: Be sure to read the "READ FIRST" thread in the Raw Recruits boards once you can see them!


One last thing to say...





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Hey Draw! welcome to the band Jea will get you fixed up with access to the Boards as soon as she can but in the meantime look around and post!


oh and as per Band tradition...Hands the noob a Bandy CHEERS!!!



also despite what it says above you dont get to choose ure regiment......yet. You start as a RR a Raw Recruit and will be give three tasks in each regiment to complete once that is doner then you get to choose a regiment. If you have any queries about being an RR hit me up with a PM cause at the moment....Your MINE!!! :baalzamon: :baalzamon: :baalzamon:


seriously any questions at all dont hesitate to ask bro

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Guest Tiren Sormia Sedai

Username: Tiren Sormia Sedai

Email: TirenSormia@hotmail.com

Twitter: N/A; but I do have Facebook.. Facebook.com/reagan.rozales

MSN: don't have this yet, let ya know when I do

last.fm profile: N/A


*blushes & smiles* ..uhh yeah, it's all starting to come back to me. Lol.

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DM Username: Tiren Sormia

Email Address: TirenSormia@hotmail.com

MSN: Don't have one yet!

Twitter: I don't Tweet. My facebook is www.facebook.com/Reagan.Rozales

last.fm profile: Don't have one.


I know I'm posting this twice, but this is all my current information since I had to delete my other two accounts. :)

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YAY!!! *tackles cloud* Now i can torturo talk to you out of chat! :biggrin: welcome to the band btw.. we'll get your welcome thread started soon and We'll see about getting you sent in to get it to where you can see our private boards!

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Hai :biggrin:


DM Username: Cyan

Email Address: little.dreamer@rocketmail.com

MSN: I don't have one :ph34r: But if you want you can add me on Skype: selene.colette

Twitter: I don't have this either :rolleyes:

last.fm profile: Or this xD

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