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  1. Anyone think Demandred is just taking a vacation. Chilling on a beach somewhere with his Ooaki waiting for all this to blow over???? lol. But i just think that is at the BT or part of Rands Coalition
  2. I Originally thought that the wolf would be perrin.... since his whole shebang is about being a wolf brother. But i believe you are right Arc. i dont have my books on me right now (being at work and all) but i believe in EotW some says Lan courts Death as a man courts a women... or something to that effect. If you look at the prophecy it only mentions each chacter once. One-Eyed fool= mat,,,,, First among Vermin=Rand..... Fallen Blacksmith=Perrin (i know we already know those 3) but why would there be 2 prophicies about perrin. Perrin really hasn't know death first hand. I mean you could be picky and say he knows death because of his family. But Lan strives to be consumed by the blight. To die fighting those he hates. But hey thats just what i think.... *throws down 2 coppers* Edit: I had forgotten about hopper.... I don't want to think about hopper.... o how i miss him. But yea perrin knows death that way 2. But my orginal theory still stands
  3. Started doing my re-read/re-listen(only when im driving and the wife isn't in the car) but as of right now I'm on Shadow rising. I started about halfway through last month and i think im doing pretty good and will finish in time for the release(if nothing comes up) But right now my favorite used to be Perrin but that was before i finished the series (hate how he drones on and on and being woe is me) but mat has become #1 in my book
  4. These are things that i have thought as well and Thisguyi agree with you completely. But he just has so much distrust in him its hard to believe that its just from all of that it just reminds me so much of Shadar Logoth
  5. Ok i looked (not to extensfully) but i did i swear and didn't see this topic else where. At the beginning of TGH Moiraine tells Suain that she was able to Contain Mat's curruption before it infected anyone else. What if she is wrong. Slowly building from TGH Rand starts to get suspicous of everyone else. He has a hard time trusting many good folk. So here is my thought/theory. It isn't Rand's taint that makes Rand that way but a little pin point of Shadar Logoth attached it shelf to Rand and slowly festered. Yes the taint might of been no help but couldn't that be a good reason?
  6. My least favorite part is i feel like only i wouldn't like and that was when Aginor(sp dont have books with me) and Rand fight. The cord that connected Him to the sky that rand had to slice to finish him off. Maybe i just didn't understand that fully or what but that is the only forsaken fight (that i can remember) that happens like that
  7. Great random thoughts come to me when i'm trying to slack at work lol. But that is the only way i can see it working since everyone avoided the Male Aes Sedai after the taint
  8. The seals were most likely made before hand With both Male and Female Aes Sedia before they disagreed about how to finally seal the DO. They most likely knew that there had to be seals in Place before the last battle. That is only one of my ideas. But another posiblility is that they had just used 13 symbols of Aes Sedai they had laying around. (dont ask why i capitize random words lol)
  9. I won't do it. I know once i have the book in my hands my will power will be tested but once i start i will not put the book down
  10. I love getting things right! (often it is rare enough, so I can celebrate!) Finally saw the quote. I'll say you guys came out on top here, but it still makes 0 sense to me. That's quite a large army to not use for so long. WTF were they waiting for? The Last Battle. Why waste such a suprise like that Early on. imagine no one is expecting male channlers except for the Black Tower and Forsaken but all of a sudden These Channelers come out of no where and blind side everyone. No one on the Light side will see this coming
  11. One of the few or only that show their own intellegence
  12. one upper! jk jk lol. but one of my favorite things is how he'll will mention something just slight as it is (ex: Tower of Genji) in one book, makes you wonder about it. And then doesnt tell you about it until so many books later. My first collection of books and sooooo many post-it notes referencing so many over things
  13. i would still read the whole series i'm on my 3rd reread and i still love every part
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