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  1. Just now returning from a very long MIA.. (I can still see all my boards, so I'm good - I think) Tiren Sedai - White Ajah I'm also a member of the Band & the Kin, gotta stop by soon to say hi!
  2. Hey yall.. Just a little bit before, lol. But didn't get to stay around much because I just now got internet. So not many will remember me. :)
  3. Well it's been a while since I was around these parts! How's everyone been doing? Good to see you all again! It sure is good to be back, there has been a lot going on since last time I was here & I'll be able to stay around a lot longer this time!
  4. Tiren Sormia - Aes Sedai - White Ajah I'm on during the day while at work (when I'm not busy with customers), this is the only place I have a computer. And I usually don't have time on my weekends to play on the internet - unless I sneak on here via smart phone ;)!
  5. Congradulations Del *clears throat*, Head of Ajah! *kisses her Great Serpent Ring* :-* :-* ;) This is soooo exciting! *snuggles* I'll be there ta help you out, much as I can! Let me know anything you need a hand with. You'll be fantastic hun! *bounces with excitment!!!*
  6. Becareful Dwyn! Have a great road trip and can't wait ta here ya stories for when ya get back! Miss ya hun! :)
  7. Well, well.. 4 yrs 'eh! And we was novices together! HA! So I guess I can't really make ya feel younger - when I'm about as old as you! Shall we do an old tradition and paint the halls different colors? *snickers; looks around uneasy* Dun tell Mother I said that. *smirks* *snuggls* Love ya darlin! ;D
  8. Great idea guys! wish I had the internet so I could join yall! But take my horses along for the ride will ya?! ;) They could use the work out. *snuggls and dances to the flames*
  9. :) nice.. I'll see what I can think up!! ;)
  10. I'm here.. Though to let everyone know - I'm only here on the weekends for posting.. I won't be able to answer any posts adressed to me during the week, due to no comp access. But I'll be around! *snuggls* Oh, and I'll help with The Song, hun - if I know about it soon enough! ;)
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