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GAME ON - The search for the Holy Angreal


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I'm so very, very sorry again. I'm just too tired. I didn't check the date. It's in a post from last year. How do we do now? Hm... I will let the team hide it again tomorrow when I hopefully am more clear in my head. Since you have. been working so hard to find it I will leave it for now and every one that find it will get 20 points. It's in a thread with many posts...


Is that okay?

Ahhh sorry guys. I did not pay attention either - I just saw the last post in it which was this year and did not notice when it actually was made. :sad:

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Okay, again sorry for that. The Angreal is now hidden in a safe place again. You may start asking questions in 12 hours. Songstress and Razen found the last hiding place and their team will be given 30 points each.



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*Bangs head in something hard*. Everything that I posted yesterday after a certain time, including this pic, is gone!!! Non of it has been posted. Why? I´m officially the worst game mod ever. :blush:


I will now hide the Angreal and check that I do it twice. I will pretend that it has been 12 hours and that you have just asked your first questions. The answers are - it´s not on the main board and the thread was started by Talmanes. Wait for my signal.

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