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  1. Does any one know how old she is?
  2. Does the bond affect the way a warder ages?
  3. Do asha'man age the same as woman who work with the one power?
  4. I haven't read through all the post but seeing how Sanderson is the only person to write In the wheel of time world maybe we will get lucky enough to see him write a few more if Harriet would let him
  5. Now that I know that egwene was the youngest and one of the strongest amyrlin now I am creating the new amyrlin. I think she will be from the green and have 3 Warders.if you have thoughts or something you think would like to see in it post it.
  6. Thank you for answering so fast
  7. Ok so I am writing a short story and I want the facts to be spot on.does any one know who the youngest amyrlin seat was?I thought it was egwene but I am not sure and would you say egwene was one of the strongest amyrlin
  8. Man such a bummer so much more could be done but that was r's wishes
  9. If some one was allowed to write more books for the wot who did you think would do the best job that would make r.j happy or at less pleased?
  10. Thanks for posting that. Do you think that sometime down the line some one write book that picks up a few hundred years after the last battle?
  11. So due to my busy life I was just now able to finish the memory of light and I am super bummed that it is over. Now to the topic does any one plan on writing and short stories that take place after the last battle? I my self am thinking about doing one but not sure if it should take place right after or a few years later.let me know what you think
  12. I spend most of my time trying to get every one I know to read the series and if they won't I tell them all about it
  13. today I am making my clan (the white tower) look for it later.have a great weekend
  14. I just started playing and so far it pretty cool.i am not sure if you can add people but if you can look me up insanewicked
  15. wow this was a good read lots of good points.i have to think on this a little more before i really chime in on this
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