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GAME ON - The search for the Holy Angreal


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I thought I had some handcuffs around here somewhere..... *digs through the closet* :wink:


I have rope in the trunk.


Everytime I seem to try to get through threads it's found lol. Me and my teammate have been incredibly busy at work this week.

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31 points to Taltos´s team and 30 to Smiley`s team.


The Angreal is hidden for the last time. This time everyone can get 30 points for finding it. I will give you some clues and you have 24 hours to find it and PM it to me.


Clues - not on the main board. Talya has started the post. It´s hidden in a post that Songstress has written.



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That´s the end of this competition. Thank you all for participating. I would love to hear what you think about it - what could I have done differently?


Now to the winners and the points.


1. Brave Vesperia (Lenlo and Razen) - 65 points

2. Dá Loken (Arez and Darthe)

3. Leelou and Verbal - 30 points

4. Les Llamananacorns (Roo and Nya)

5. Tuatha DéDanann (Wild Taltos and Valic) - 304 points

6. Chiaroscuro (Tress and Dice) - 60 points

7. Bananasaurus (Smiley and Ayla) - 224 points


As you can see Taltos and Valic are the winners! Congratulations!




Taltos and Valic - 20 points. Since Taltos did most of the work I will give him 10 extra points.

Smiley and Ayla - 15 points.

Lenlo and Razen/Leelou and Verbal/Tress and Dice - 10 points

Arez and Darthe /Roo and Nya - 3 pity points

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Thanks for the game Tina it was really quite fun (and a great way to earn points) I think another mod might be good, preferably on in a US time zone so that people in the US can ask questions and get answers, otherwise the only other thing to make it interesting would be to decrease the waiting time for a question

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Yes, I agree. Turin was supposed to help me out but the timing wasn´t very good since he has a lot to do.




You did a great job of pulling it off despite my lack of helping. And it was a really good idea.

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