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Know your WoT Quotes? ;)


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Hello lovelies! :nynaeve:


Welcome to the White Tower's own Quote Game!!! ran by no other than yours truly.


How many times have you re-read WoT? When was the last time you even picked up a WoT book? Or looked at one? Or just dusted the covers cause you're one of those feared cleanliness freaks? :D A lot of valid questions. All will be answered in the midst of quote epicness.


I will be posting a quote daily. More than one, if correct answers are given quickly. If a quote doesn't get guessed in a long while, I'll reveal the answer myself and move on. The task at hand is to say who said the quote and what book it was said in. Even if you only know one of these, you should go right ahead and post. For every correct answer you get a point. Once this activity is over (It's a week long), I will tally all the points and the top winners will receive beautiful signatures with WoT quotes on them (made by me! So yeah, you know they're going to be glamorous ;)).


I will keep this first post updated with the current quote so it would be easier to navigate the thread.



A couple of simple rules:

1. No spamming.

2. Once you posted a guess about who said the quote and/or what book it's from, you're not allowed to guess again until I replied to it with Correct or Wrong.

3. If you mock anyone's guess, you're gonna get smited.

4. No using google. Especially since most of these come from a privately made file and don't exist online (yes, I checked :P).


Note: I'll tweak the level of difficulty according to the rate of correct guesses.



Now lets get this thing started!!! :biggrin:


Previous found quotes:

"A man who claims the throne of a dead country is nine kinds of fool." - Siuan, New Spring.

"A Seanchan helped you when you needed it. They are not all evil. Only most of them." - Nynaeve, Fires of Heaven.

"Why can we not talk here?" No reason except a dead man on the floor, but that did not count with her. - Aviendha and Rand, Lord of Chaos.

"If anyone tries to harm the woman, she'll make him wait out in the hall till she has time for him."

- Min, A Crown of Swords.

"Dogs seemed to know women who could channel as easily as cats, but dogs appeared to think the women were cats, if unnaturally large ones." - Cadsuane, Path of Daggers.

"I think the woman was born in Far Madding in a thunderstorm. She probably told the thunder to be quiet. It probably did." - Basel Gill, Winter's Heart.

"A whirlwind of death that lasted… a minute? Five? It seemed an hour." - Perrin, Shadow Rising.

"I returned from my ride to find two strange men ransacking our tent. They drew daggers, so naturally, I hit one of them with a chair and stabbed the other one."

- Deira Bashere, Crossroads of Twilight.

"Rochaid and I brought eight Dedicated and forty Soldiers, enough to destroy an army or cow ten kings. We might even make an Aes Sedai blink." - Gedwyn, Path of Daggers.

"But no wine for me,” he added as he sat down. "Strange enough things happen when my head is clear. I want to know the difference." - Mat, The Shadow Rising.

"You can't afford to chase her away." Actually, she did not think fifty Myrddraal and a thousand Trollocs could chase Cadsuane anywhere but the point was the same. - Min, Path of Daggers.

"First things first; take care of what can be done now before worrying too long over what might never be." - Verin, Lord of Chaos.

"Balwer did not even blink. The man would not show surprise if one day his horse spoke to him." - Lord of Chaos.

"Perrin was not sure which of the two men was more deadly, but he thought a mouse could starve on the difference." - The Shadow Rising.

"How do you know when a woman wants to kill you?" Rand mused. "When she knows your name?" Dobraine did not sound as if he were joking. - Path of Daggers.

"Don’t worry," he said softly. "Everything is going well." She would have asked him what they were doing there, but she was afraid he would tell her. - Min and Rand, A Crown of Swords.

"He had no right to be right when she wanted him to be wrong." - Morgase, Path of Daggers.

"In his experience, if a woman did not want to hear something, she could ignore it till you yourself started to doubt you had ever spoken." - Mat, Crossroads of Twilight.

"She should have been bowed down under her weight of broken oaths, blasted lives and blighted souls." - Egwene, about Joiya Byir, The Shadow Rising.

"How many would die? For her. For justice, for the right, for the world, but at heart, for her." - Egwene, A Crown of Swords.






Current quote:

"...but I hear that they have attempted to leave the City and been brought back like sacks. In sacks, one story claims. Having met Cadsuane I can almost believe it..."




Points tally:

Aiel Blademaster - 17 points.

Rhea - 8 point.

csarmi - 6 points.

Basel - 2 points.

Elgee - 2 points.

Clouded - 2 points.

David Selig - 2 points.

Ledinna - 1 point.

Millon - 1 point.

Ala Rubra - 1 point.

Daruya - 1 point.

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Ledinna got the book right! Fires of Heaven indeed! ^_^ 1 point.


Millon got the right character. It was Nynaeve thinking that. And the thought did come up because of Cerandin. You just got the wrong book. 1 point. :D


Way to go!!! :biggrin:




Next quote:


"Why can we not talk here?" No reason except a dead man on the floor, but that did not count with her.


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Next quote:


"Why can we not talk here?" No reason except a dead man on the floor, but that did not count with her.



Aviendha to Rand (speech) and Rand (thought) after a Gray Man was killed in his rooms.


I'll have to go look up which book - can't remember offhand now ... brb :P

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