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  1. There was no trick and the bargain was changed to address the need for the exchange program moving forward. It benefits all the groups evenly. Most importantly the original was not made by and has absolutely zero to do with Egwene and her status as Amrylin. As for the second part now you are just flat out making things up. Everything was put to a vote again? Do you mean the one item where Egwene out of necessity held the vote to change her status as the one dealing with Rand? That doesn't invalidate in anyway her previous right to make the first decision, nor does it change any of the ot
  2. The point is name one decision that has been overturned because she was not a legal Amrylin? There hasn't been nor will there be one. The examples you use(even if they were correct, which they're not) have nothing to do with her legal status or right to make decisions as Amrylin. Also who did she trick for another bargain? Not sure what you are referring to there. I was talking about the barrgain Elayne&Nyn, as Salidar AS, made with the Atha'an Miere(the 20 sisters as teachers). It was hard to swallow for the AS, so she had to make another one, much better for the AS. I used t
  3. and then goes on to rectify the matter by changing the laws in ToM so nothing like what Elaida did can ever happen again. So if not a very good start, then the best possible ending which is what counts. If that is the case please explain how all her initiatives from her time as Amrylin in Salidar are upheld. We know how often AS twist the rules to get what they want. She had some very unpopular decisions and Romanda and Lelaine would jump on any excuse to invalidate them if it was possible. No her rule started in Salidar and that is what the secret histories will say of her reign.
  4. She doesn't jump ship from the Salidar AS, it was a symbolic conciliatory gesture nothing more. It doesn't invalidate anything done in Salidar, shes is just giving the WT AS a chance to vote in addition, note that both sides were chastised for their wrong doing in the situation. It is quite clear they view her reign as starting back then TGS In addition all of her initiatives made during her time as the Salidar Amrylin are upheld. Some of them were quite unpopular and if there was even a sliver of truth to her reign starting later, the Sitters would use that to undo them. I think
  5. She should have done this better if she united all the Ajahs and use all Sitters to vote for her. Even this vote is a little off, just like the first one back in Salidar. She used the voting rules proposed by Elaida, without a full Hall. The Red and Blue Sitters weren't even there, and voting without the Blue at least, not to mention the fact that they were seen like the rebels and the loosing side, and Egwene chose a Keeper from the Red. So by trying to reconcile with the Reds, she made an enemy of the Blue, the only Ajah that stood by her side until now.
  6. I'm on another re-read of the series, and I just finished the chapter in which Egwene is chosen as Amyrlin by the WT AS, and the rebel AS had to apologize for their 'transgressions'. Why did she accepted the new vote? The Tower AS were in no position to demand anything from her, but by doing this, she lost all her work so far. She tried to prove to everybody that Elaida had acquired her shawl with the help of the BA, that her decisions were wrong, that she is the real Amyrlin, etc. For almost half the series, she was the Amyrlin of the Salidar AS, but by deciding to jump ship an
  7. I think the author 'hinted' that it was their last chance. Arangar and Osangar were two poison blades used in a duel in which both fighters usually died at the end. So they had just one final match to prove their worth.
  8. [Removed] Most people fear or mistrust the AS because they stop trying to live by their oaths, they just tried to circumvent them, to a point in which almost everybody knows that AS are manipulative and can distort the truth, even if they can't lie directly. They kept all their failures secret(loosing the seals, Manetheren, Malkier, Hawkwing, BA), and some of those things can come back to haunt them. [Removed] EDIT: I'll just add the last line again, it was actually on topic. In my opinion, they should have just one oath, to not interfere in the politics of Randland in any way
  9. It will not seem so straightforward after you'll visit one of those sites. You won't believe the huge amount of theories flying around there, some with thousands of posts on a single subject(Jon's parents is one of them). I suggest you read Dance first though, it will be a lot easier. Don't know if the sites are still maintaining the spoiler rule about it, although they should. After the release of DwD, I had to take a break from Westeros for a time; they had over 900 online users at any given time(or at least while I was online), so it was hard to keep track of every topic for discussion, e
  10. Maybe this one vision is not enough to point to Moiraine, but there are others as well. For example, Mat knows that he has to give half the light in the world to save the world, and he lost one of his eyes to bring back a woman that was dead and gone, so to speak. So, by saving Moiraine, Mat 'saved' the world, by giving Rand the help of a woman dead and gone, at least from his pov(and Min's as well).
  11. I think the author said in the same quote that she's a little rusty and she will be able to surpass(so at the moment she is at most his equal) Perrin if she'll train some more. So, training required. EDIT @ YouMayCallMeElci I wasn't talking about using nightmares in his fight with Slayer. I was talking about that chapter in which he jumps in nightmares to face the dangers inside, not just dispelling the whole thing as not real, as the wolves taught him at first, and how the rest of the Dreamwalkers and AS usually do.
  12. They are not free of crime, and only because the ones that break the law have on trip to the torture chair and know better than to do it again. The streets were cleaned, until the Elaida regime. The Seachan also have almost no crime(because the punishment is beheading for most crimes and slavery for the rest), very clean streets, no beggars, etc. Yes, there is respect, but there is also fear. Only the people who really really want something from an AS are entering the WT grounds. They have the protection of the WT, especially against the shadowspawn, but they are not in control of the ci
  13. In response to what has been bolded, what other organization would that apply to? Not sure if I am understanding what you mean but if you mean AS, they rule Tar Valon and as such are to a degree answerable to their people at least as much as most Randland rulers. Huh? So if people in Tar Valon suddenly decide that the AS should leave the city and stop bossing them around, they will do it? Or the citizens in TV have anything to say in the way AS manage the city and their politics? Or that the most important people of Tar Valon(nobles from other lands) can chose the Amyrlin/Sit
  14. She's not weaker, but her battle tactics both in the real world and TaR are somewhat linear, and if she will find an enemy able to jump directly to the last stage(trying to kill her), she'll have a problem. Her battle plan so far, dealing with Seachan, BA, Elaida, Mesanna, etc: 1. Try to fight enemy. 2. Get captured by enemy(Suroth, bandits, BA in Tear, AS guarding chain, Mesanna, etc) 3. Bore your enemy to death, or try to escape and(or) kill him after a lot of bla bla bla. I don't think Slayer will put an adam on her neck and wait for her to recover and crush him with superior stubbo
  15. Since they seem to hate the AS so much, I can't understand why they try to emulate them. If the commanders will stop naming all their soldiers 'Child X', they will advance a lot in my book. I swear, the 18 years old 'Mother' telling her 400 years old 'daughter' to fetch her slippers is not enough, RJ had to create a male order in which all the lower ranks have Child besides their name. The AS think they have the right to boss around anyone because they can use the OP and they are under the misguided impression they are the only ones capable to decide what is best for the world. The Ch
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