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ahhhhhhhhh..... that's more like it...... nothing like a good gang stabbing and welcome-grats-fest to start the day right. and a rib, yum! thank you all very much for your warm, pointy, and vigorous salutations.


(i would have thanked you all more promptly and individually, but my home internet died again, and it may require some serious CPR this time; but my attendance at work has never been better.)


i has a very happy now :myrddraal::myrddraal::myrddraal:

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excellent... nail clippings... i have to go watch some bela lugosi movies so i can get the voodoo zombification rituals just right now.... i'd study up on cloning but i don't think i can sit throguh jurassic park twice in one lifetime.


First you turn your nose up at Robin Hood Men In Tights (it wasn't no Young Frankenstein, I'll give you that), now you're poo-pooing Jurassic Park?!


5 make believe points for the Bela Lugosi reference though. Did you see Nosferatu? (the more recent one)

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