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  1. Congratulatoriations *sacrificies one of his cut toenails in your honor* Get one level higher, and it will be a hand nail I sacrifice!!!
  2. Cindy meeting Roka: I'm the cute kitty right? Cus, I can't be the guy, my glasses are way cooler looking!
  3. ok... no talking about the last martins book then *sigh*
  4. Anyone here who hasn't read A dance with Dragons yet?
  5. editing posts is fun! Got some sweet and amusing memoeries of it *nods* Edit away! TheMasterDude shall leave the roka post alone, as of the fond memories of roka edits remains.
  6. see, this is what happens if you don't form full sentences, let this be a lesson to you! As for the ON topic thingieyummy - they happen on purpose! purpose!
  7. alas, good things come in small numbers, excellent things in even smaller numbers. You'll only find the real thing in Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia got it as well a coupla years ago, but I tried it and it's damn awfull. Don't understand how they could muck-up so bad, I mean, it's not like they don't have any of their own Albanians that actually make this stuff *just shakes head in puzlement* Guess the soil, air and Albanians just turn out better if they have a Slovenian citizenship *shrugs* And in case anyone's wondering, soil and air do have Slovenian citizenship. Do not think about it too much, mysterious are my ways, better to just trust my word *nods* P.S. Serbian Albanians aren't real Albanians, they just pretend they are (Kosovo issue, alas), but Croatia has real Albanians, so...
  8. Jesus happens, while Roka eats burek. Anyone ever had a pizza burek? Course you haven't, it's illegal to import to other countries in fear of putting several popular restaurant chains out of business.
  9. light svcks -this nugget of wisdom has been brought to you by Roka, The
  10. are you affraid of clowns Eclipse? Or is that hope in that avatar thingie?
  11. I allways knew you were trying to make me interested by playing nonchalante, but it didn't work and you kept at it for too long, so now you acctualy believe your own deception... aah, life *kills something*
  12. *wonders if he'll get even a single reply ON topic* Here, have Nynaeve *tosses him Nyn* go ahead, make a child, then give me it *nods*
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