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    *smacks Jason*
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    Any chance to get a chat app to open in this window next to the posts? We've all got widescreen, and posts are easier to read if not so stretched... a nice plump old chat app on the right or left would be much a cool thingie *nods*
  3. Who else thinks Hound is still alive? Despite being proclaimed dead by that monk priestofathingie?
  4. it's Roka Smrti! not Smarti! It means death, and I was right, so...
  5. Roka

    My fellow DMers

    I also have a question, which one of you will stoop low enough to answer a non-staff members questions and concerns? Even if the beforementioned person is me. Oh and, not just listen, but reply too, I'm demandig like that :P
  6. I'd mock you, but I have more urgent matters to attend to *nods*
  7. I only remember Rob, anyway, there's no RPing anymore, so it's quite different now and the only fathead over there right now is me, and since you can stomach me, I'll wager you could stomach the rest of em too *nods* P.S. we got post icons at our offsite boards enabled, so it could look like the old forums with rank icons (though none of the young ones seem to have caught up with the idea yet... maybe it's outdated, ionno, I am kind of nostalgic though so I'd like to see it in action again) P.P.S. what made you come back? O_O
  8. just M'hael, not ORG leader, makes for a more peacfull *coughboringcough* staff board ::) What you had against BT anyway? Anything real or did you just decide on the spot it'd be boring to go along with everyone and just picked one to upset your stomach by choice? I did that with the Italians, damn italians, Gorica and Trst are ours! *nods* O_o P.S. I actually have nothing against Italian people, their beautifull land or their government. I just hate them, cus there has to be one so I don't feel like a pussy *nods*
  9. Canukistani is of a female persuasion. BTW, Colbert is back from vacation, so you can catch his show again, just thought I'd spread the word *nods* http://www.black-tower.org/boards/index.php
  10. you've got kids O_O, cool beans *nods*
  11. I hear you Tigara and you raise good points, but are not aware of the background nor why things are the way they are. Especially this comment of yours "Why? Because they have very nearly separated in all but name from DM. Their members post only at the off-boards with their own rules and now don't want to come out of their comfy boxes." inticed me to respond. SG, BT and the Band are pretty much big enough to be sites in their own right, certainly if they merged they could make a show even against DM. Basically, they are, besides WT, the only ORGs that actually could manage what Jason wanted in the first place, sites in their own right that DM acts only as a portal too (and vice versa!). That was the original idea by Jason, that is what he wanted all ORGs to do, that is what I, Tayol and Corki managed to do, and then, I still don't know what triggered this, Jason changed his mind and decides that he doesn't like our sites growing bigger by being affiliated to DM (despite actually wanting AND demanding that 3 years back when the ORGs started) due to (I'm pretty much quoting him here from his last email 2 days ago): 1. rules not being followed 2. sites having different quality standards 3. inter-connectivity not present To all those I replied with what I considered a complete rebutal of Jasons reasons (to which he didn't respond but said he will talk to some admins, and thus, you now have this thread here I do believe). 1. PG13 rules: Both SG and BT try to follow DM PG13 rules to the best of their abilities, BT has several mods in place that are told to remove any and all "bad" language. If something slips through here and there... nobody's perfect, things slip through on DM forums constantly. SG has less mods then BT does, but I do believe I've schooled my fellow SGers long enough not to be so bold in trying what BTers still dare to. 2. quality standards: is in the eye of the beholder in my view. Every ORG tries their best to make their webpage look as best as possible, so sometimes, smaller ORGs, can't reach the height that is obviously DM design (?), but give them a chance and time and they will improve. Other then that, it's all in the eye of the beholder, these boards for instance, for me, do not reach the quality of SG and BT designs, yet you do not hear me complaining about this site not reaching the desired quality. 3. inter-connectivity. Both SG and DM webpages have clear and visible links back to DM. DM has no links to these sites save what members post in their posts. If their is any interconnectivity lacking, it is on the part of DM, not SG, not BT... I suggested a sollution to Jason. He said he could offer us say, http://btorg.dragonmount.com type of addies, so I said, if you want the ORGs to be more affiliated with DM, that is fine, I can understand that, but you can't just ignore those that have contributed to this site for so many years simply because you CAN get others. That is just spitting in their faces, you have to take their views and opinions into account, it IS the ONLY decent thing to do, therefore, I proposed the following: 1. Require every and any ORG/DIV/DG to have their official webpage on http://orgdiv.dragonmount.com. You provide links to these webpages on any and all DM menus. What ORGs put on these webpages is their own concern (with PG13 in effect of course), as long as they provide a clearly visible link to DM boards and include a DM logo (doesn't have to be big) on main pages. 2. ORGs/Divs can keep their offsite boards anywhere they like if they chose (or if not, then they have plenty of board space on forums.dragonmount.com), with one member account reserved for Jason, not admin rights, but mods and access to all boards so he can at any time check the going ons if he so choses. Let me express this publicly, I want us to stay affiliated to DM. I will try my best to help achieving a consensus between Jason and communities under him, as should all. But, I say this with a clear head, stop d1cking around Jason, sooner or later, people will say no to you demeaning their work and saying it was all for naught in the end. Roka former DM Admin former ORG leader member since 2000
  12. http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=9284 also, there's another 20 page thread on that forum, you can read page 19, but not page 20, same error it shows... fix fix fix!
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