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  1. Congratulatoriations *sacrificies one of his cut toenails in your honor* Get one level higher, and it will be a hand nail I sacrifice!!!
  2. Cindy meeting Roka: I'm the cute kitty right? Cus, I can't be the guy, my glasses are way cooler looking!
  3. ok... no talking about the last martins book then *sigh*
  4. Anyone here who hasn't read A dance with Dragons yet?
  5. I allways knew you were trying to make me interested by playing nonchalante, but it didn't work and you kept at it for too long, so now you acctualy believe your own deception... aah, life *kills something*
  6. Cuen'Shaidar... bleh. Like the webby, kinda sarcastic. And I can't believe you kept the linking system, that's one of the things should have been removed, bleh.
  7. Empies are not rigged. Sure, we won most of the nominations when I ran them, but that was simply cus we were the awesomest, and certainly not because people tried to get on my good side by voting as I told them to - as if I had a good side, pitifull really.
  8. he proly steals them from the inter-web or somesuch. Do not believe he makes them himself, and if he does... I'd be a lil worried about him, living with so many cats and dogs, not natural, no ser *shakies*
  9. no, if anything, I'm surprised just how little has changed. Nothing revolutionary, not even close. I would have used DO for my own title if I didn't have it in my head Roka was higher then the GL *g*, besides, I wanted to give everyone a chance to be the GL - and it's far better to suck up to the GL then to Nae'blis, ah well :) What about faction heads then? If Nae'blis is based on points?
  10. ooh, newbies, what would this site do without them why don't we have the Great Lord doing this anymore? Some specific rule or whatnot?
  11. She got spooked... or maybe is cus I didn't shower in over a month *ponders*
  12. 3015 didn't want to have edited in my previous post *nods*
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