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  1. Oh ok, just gave you my last points left over from September in that case.
  2. Oh boy... I haven't heard this much talk about bondage bonding since Desi and Elgee were around here trying to bond everyone who made eye contact with them...
  3. For someone who was so hesitant to join, you're pretty excited about promotions ;)
  4. I'm gone a couple of weeks and you guys start panicking... yeesh. First off Ley, I don't bribe people with points, it makes me feel dirty. Secondly, the Shadow was in dire need of recruits for us Lighties to kill. Thirdly, RL has been kicking my arse lately so sorry about not having been around in the last 2 weeks, but seriously, take a chill pill and enjoy the hugs from the ladies.
  5. >.< Yeah, when I saw that, I immediately thought of your story about the 'presents' you recently found
  6. Ah, I didn't know that part, I feel like I have been slightly enlightened. It's a good feeling! My point exactly. It's not just that you're under siege. From a military standpoint, a siege can be withstood. It's also the fact that vs. a zombie hoard, any of your dead or wounded will eventually turn against you. Every casualty is a 2 point swing, eliminating a member from your team and adding one to theirs. Zombies don't sleep, they don't rest, they don't need bathroom breaks, you will have to let your guard down eventually, and that's when the proverbial poop hits the fan.
  7. Very true, though most people outside of the BBQ belt associate "BBQ'd meat" with the sauce regardless of the cooking process, hence why I brought grilling into the equation. There is a big difference between "having a barbeque" and "eating BBQ". Now that's worth 5 points!
  8. I'll give you that I'll give you that one too, doesn't mean they'd win. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt on that finite number of zombies, but come on. I'll agree that the Vamps are stronger, faster, smarter, cooler, sexier and stealthier, but in a zombie apocalypse scenario, you can only win individual battles, you cannot win the war, I don't care who or what you are.
  9. Anyone really. WinAmp is a good example. Even WMP is better than iTunes in my not so humble opinion.
  10. They actually do have a new term for it. Those guys developed an app called "Songify" so now that's what they're calling their new stuff, e.g. "Mr. T Songified".
  11. Blah, see, I'm very particular about mustard. Mustard is good, I like it, but too many people put it in everything, and use too much of it as well. When I'm eating potato salad, I want creamy and salty. Mustard just overpowers a good potato salad, IMO. Mustard on hamburgers is an outrage as well. My first time South of the Mason-Dixon line I order a hamburger at a fast food restaurant and bit into it not knowing they put mustard on them by default... seriously WTF?!? If your burger or steak is prepared correctly, you don't even need sauce. It should be juicy enough and aged and marinated, basted or dry rubbed in the case of steak, or have adequate seasoning mixed into the ground beef on a burger. Also, well done, is not a food group, it's turning a wonderfully tender cut of meat into shoe leather. Now other cuts of beef that require some tenderizing, I've got no problem adding as much sauce too as you want. The same goes with other meats that don't have as much natural flavor on their own, like chicken or pork. In those cases, it's all about the sauce.
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