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  1. Jayne Cobb, the hero of Canton, defines antihero. There's a statue to prove it.
  2. Frank Castle - The Punisher MacManus Brothers - Boondock Saints Blade LeStat - Vampire Chronicles William Wallace Guy Fawkes


  5. *pokes back*...

  6. *radiates his spiciness for all to enjoy (well at least for Demi to enjoy, but all are welcome to)*
  7. I'm sorry, I didn't realize this was the Wolfkin... *checks the sign on the door* Wait a minute...
  8. That's an excellent question. I'll have to do some research tonight!
  9. Ofcourse I did! Now, let's head back to the BT Light barracks so I can show you my true appreciation! Besides, I don't think our stalk-ee would approve of us spamming his thread with BT business, even if it is directly involving him and people paying him attention and pining for his acknowledgment. *nads*
  10. No, no, no, you misconstrue. I was merely accepting the credit on behalf of the team as team leader... *Looks side to side* I would never try and slight you for all your hard work and effort. *Mixes up a pitcher of Red Devils for Talya* Lets not lose focus here and remember our goal. *Grins impishly*
  11. Err, umm, thanks for retrieving my cocoa... I thought we were working as a team? No one person should get all the credit! *nods vigorously* Besides there was alot of work I did behind the scenes with isn't as blaringly obvious as the leg work you yourself did... *Puts on his firetong proof pants*
  12. Ah, why thank you, Mr. JD! *feels honored that he was the subject of the sentence* I guess stalking you does have it's privileges. *feels slighted about JD not remembering his name* Hmm, this is unacceptable, I must stalk you harder!!! *waits outside JD's window with hot cocoa* Dammit, I forgot to pack marshmallows. Don't go anywhere, I'll be right back...
  13. Not animal crackers I hope?!? Those poor hippopotamuses...
  14. Who would that be? I probably know him...
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