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Brandons kid has a STUFFED GROLM!


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When has she made enough to have them appear in Dutch shops? It would be so cute for our baby boy!


I believe the lady that makes them will do more if you pay for the materials. She also has patterns to make other Seanchan exotics. Unfortunately, I don't have contact info. Next time I see Aubree online, I'll ask her.


Ok, that is awesome!

I want one and I'm 25!... The grolm that is.

And I'm not meaning to be rude or anything, but is the kids name actually MeatLoaf, or is that just a nickname?




It's just his nickname. Brandon prefers not to refer to his children by name online. So his oldest is nicknamed "LimeBoy" and his youngest is "Meatloaf".

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Someone call Harriet...we need licensing! We need these in our stores!



I need one of these...any of the exotics. Even the Trolloc plushie. A To'raken would fit in quite nicely with my dragon plushies.



Please ask Aubree for contact details for us all.

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