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  1. Rhuarc hit me the hardest. When the Horn summoned the wolves Last Hunt I cried thinking that Hopper should have been there
  2. We saw Tuatha'an at the Darkfriend Social in TGH.
  3. Totally Mat.I've liked the mischevious prankster from day one. Since gaining his new memories, the lord of Battles has become even cooler. Who else could have beaten the Fins in their own realm.
  4. Matt's bench in TOM being built by across-eyed Trolloc from the bones of the damned
  5. I'm going with Eye of Saidar to balance the Eye of Saidin.
  6. I think the BLANK is a second EYE OF THE WORLD. We had one eye, why not a second?
  7. It has to be the Cleansing. As cliche as it is, that is the bet part of the entire book.
  8. For the first time reader, I'd say 1. The Eye of the World 2. The Great Hunt 3. The Dragon Reborn 4. The Shadow Rising 5. The Fires of Heaven 6. Lord of Chaos New Spring 7. A Crown of Swords 8. The Path of Daggers 9. Winter's Heart 10. Crossroads of Twilight 11. Knife of Dreams 12. The Gathering Storm 13. Towers of Midnight 14. A Memory of Light On future rereaders, start with New Spring and proceed as normal.
  9. Anyone find possible WOT fans via their names? Anyone name their pets or kids after WOT characters, places, or events? Skipping over most examples of the fairly normal/common (Mat, Thom, Elayne)...how about less common? I know one of the podcasters named his cat Lanfear.
  10. My name is Matt and I am a Wheeler. (Do we WOT addicts have a fan name?) I started the journey with TEOW back in 1991. It was a gift. "You like fantasy so I thought you'd like this." (Good gift choice...listem to me talk about the book review in the paper and how it sounded neat.) Finished it in 3 days, hoped for a sequel. (Read TGH in 1 day.) Then was ready for the end of the trilogy....
  11. What if Reading The Pattern is a Talent? All Dreamers can do it to some extent, but the hyper accuracy of Moiraine's letter was because one or more of the Wise Ones has a special talent. ie All Aes Sedai can Heal, but some can only manage bruises while others can heal almost anything. (Watch out Death--Nynaeave relishes a challenge!)
  12. A thought strikes me...yes, Shadowspawn are using a waygate to attack and burn Caemlyn. So where else are they emerging via waygate? The borderlands are all but overrrun even without waygates. The Two Rivers should be safe with its waygate locked...Moiraine cut the waygate "a few hours south of Fal Dara" open so what stops a dreadlord from doing the same? Shadar Logoth is gone...but is its waygate destroyed as well? Manetheren's survived the destruction of the city. Who's watching the Cairhein waygate?
  13. Someone call Harriet...we need licensing! We need these in our stores! I need one of these...any of the exotics. Even the Trolloc plushie. A To'raken would fit in quite nicely with my dragon plushies. Please ask Aubree for contact details for us all.
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