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  1. "Who slew Ilyena Sunhair?" *camera shows a brunette woman*. "I go to rejoin my family" *walks upstairs in his modern suit and fist-bumps some kid* GG REE. Doing the memory proud. Edit: Haven't seen this anywhere on DM yet: http://www.reddit.com/r/WoT/comments/2vqaet/red_eagle_suing_bandersnatch_behind_a/
  2. Narg is the dark one, Rand accidently slew him at the start of the series. The faceless entity in Shayol Ghul is merely a gas leak, causing hallucinations in all who approach.
  3. The Mist will shoot out from Fain and take Rand in the neck. Rand will accept the Corruption as it was his Choice (important theme) and his skin will boil etc as he collapses. He will resurrect in the nature of corrupted trollocs, and Fain will dance with glee. Fain will then get a look of horror on his face as the corrupted Rand, trollocs and himself burst into shards of light. The Dark One will then transport Rand's body on a litter carried on the shoulders of Fades away for mysterious burial, and there will be a Truce with the Shadow. Min will see coloured halo flashes above people's heads
  4. ^^ That always made me wonder. Later in the books Darlin has something of a sense of honour about him, whereas in this scene he seems like a typical cruel high lord.
  5. I agree it reads like a special significance was placed on the "Thirteen" of them.
  6. Graendal is disguised as Moridin and calling Shaidar Haran a pussy little girl who couldn't handle a real man like he did Mesaana.
  7. He probably drowned in a sea of plotlines reading tPoD.
  8. The DO is banking on an end to all things. He isn't preparing redunancies, he's fully committed to ending things this time. That's why he's had Demandred balefiring everything since LoC.
  9. The three will merge into Ilyena, then Ilyena will kill Rand in an act of womanly (misguided) revenge-rage. Everyone will be shocked, and Bela will whinny "I win again, Lews Therin".
  10. 1. Sheriam's finger was removed by Mesaana. 2. Sheriam was executed so nobody's checking anything.
  11. I think most of her time was spent on preparation work, killing Anaiya/Kairen, killing the maids was used to secure her backstory and free up her path to Egwene. She couldn't have known she was about to be exposed, she believed she had plenty of time perform. Heck, even in the few short months she had the rebels terrified of an unknown assassin, not a bad accomplishment. She also tried to get a few proposals over the line that would continue to ensure division between TAS and SAS. Don't forget, her main authority figure to work through was a girl considered a child amyrlin by most of the siste
  12. Egwene being infuriated by Elaida suggesting an Oath of obedience when she herself has half a dozen Aes Sedai with oaths sworn directly to her.
  13. In the test Sharina was mentioned as Sharina Sedai, not Sharina Melloy (the name of the super old lady). I don't think it's been confirmed that they're the same person, though it is likely they are.
  14. Gee you're doing well to have read aMoL already! Re the other stuff, I'd put it down to her ability as a Dream and inherent Dreamwalking talent.
  15. Also, both parts of my signature made/make me LOL when I read them.
  16. The letter was out of place. Mat had written a letter previously in the series and it wasn't highlighted as misspelt. Just listened through the spanking of Joline scene again, very funny "That killed the goat".
  17. I want to see Daved Hanlon get obliterated. He's one of my fave characters, but he makes the Shadow look too competent. He should be elevated to Chosen and granted True Power usage.
  18. I'd say whitebridge is cuendillar, and the shadow that appeared to ripple across it was Rand's imagining in context with his trepidation about Aes Sedai. He was far too melodramatic in the first two books!
  19. There's multiple references to calves born with two heads and things like that. Osan'gar is considered plain looking, and he pants from exertion (a short run) during the Cleansing. Lots of characters aren't considered handsome or beautiful (Sorilea, Teslyn, Kumira, Vandene...)
  20. 2100 of the 2200 listed characters would be answered with "filler". You would have maybe a day :P.
  21. Doubt it There are multiple references throughout the books to what is only appropriate with your wife or betrothed. "You're hardly a wife" points to the sexual response of the bonding. I've read and listened to this scene dozens of times and never taken it as anything but that. Extra Bit is capitalised when iirc it was a spoken quote. Goes to show how a meaning can be misconstrued when the reporter takes emphasis into their own hands.
  22. I think everybody here is wrong about at least one point. The extra bit was the affect the bonding had on Toveine (the climax), the purpose was compulsion (if RJ said that compulsion was the extra bit he misspoke) and Toveine has never gone in to seduce Logain, that was Gabrelle. They learnt how to do it via a kiss, so they must do it like that. The bond with the wives is different, I can't see Sora Grady standing for being under compulsion to Jur.
  23. Any references in the book to helmets, armour or shields Perrin uses? He spends most of each battle fighting, it makes sense he'd use gear.
  24. Ituralde had a force of 100,000 soldiers, he lost 50,000 in the battle. It's true he did well to trick the Seanchan into attacking immediately, and forcing the Damane up against the walls where their channeling hurt themselves as much as him. I was impressed with his defense inside Maradon, I don't know, I just think the captains have been talked up a LOT and have little to show for it. Agelmar Jagad and Gareth Bryne especially. Niall was proved a great captain through flashbacks, and Mat is Mat. Davram Bashere's Seanchan battle involved soldiers protecting asha'man flanks while they killed ev
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