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  1. I am excited for the finish, but sad as well. I think while we all want to read it, we also want to be in better shape than the previous two, with errors all over the shop. So if it's November 2012 so be it. It will be worth the wait.
  2. I think it's really unfair if Harriet does delay the ebook release date. Many of the fans are unable to hold heavy, and they certainly are heavy, hardbacks. By refusing to release it the same day, she is doing two things - alienating a section of the fans, and secondly and this is the biggest one encouraging piracy. Sadly most books are on the net as copies within days. With this being the last one, and as it seems not allowing it to be released the same day, some will turn to illegal copies to read it. Plus is it really fair to not allow fans to see how it all wraps up, after all if we are wa
  3. She's been over that for about 8 books. You didn't read those, apparently. Epic fail
  4. When did BS adjust it to November? I follow him on Twitter and haven't seen anything to suggest he's saying November 2012.
  5. My personal hate list is rather long, but top of my list and has been since book one is.... drum roll Nynaeve - arrogant, stubborn, arrogant, believes she and all women are superior to all men, she really has no idea to be honest. The fact she still holds onto the fact it is all Moiraine's fault shows really how mind-numbingly stupid she is. The others are.. Cadusane - Ugh..another stupid, stupid woman she doesn't like to be gentle with her tactics to get people to do something she likes to run them over like a ten-ton truck, or is this world a fully laden cart. Galad - simple.
  6. I've read them through twice all the way. But, the first four I've read about six times. I plan a complete reread at the end of the year, or later depending on release date for aMoL. I have the first 11 in paperback, and all 13 plus NS on my Kindle. I suppose after aMoL is released I'll do a reread maybe once every 18 mths or two years. I don't think I'll stop reading them due to no new material.
  7. 1. tEotW 2. tSR 3. FoH 4. LoC 5. tDR 6. tGH 7. tGS 8. KoD 9. WH 10. ToM 11. aCoS 12. tPoD 13. CoT For me, personally, tEoTW stands out. Yes it's not as in depth as some of the others. But the breakneck pace of it grabs you and pulls you into the world and the characters. You start to glimpse tiny glimmers of their future. I used to read it while walking to work, and often got told by people "oh, I saw you this morning with your head in a book"
  8. But didn't RJ say that not all plot lines would be resolved? Surely this means that those ones will be left as they are, hanging. We will get the final one book, but I suspect it will be possibly close tSR in terms of words, which if it is that will allow more freedom of closing off plot lines and finishing it in a just and proper manner. While I think a lot would like a second part to aMoL so it is tied up neatly and more plot linbes get reolved without the feeling of being rushed and done for the sake of it, I also think you'd get another section who would be annoyed that once again they
  9. But would forkroot work on the True Power? After all Rand managed to break the bracelets that stopped him touching saidin by touching the True Power.
  10. But, we don't want the errors that were in ToM. The Kindle version was riddled with errors, to the point Little Brown had to revise it and send it out again. So if the editing takes long to correct I am not going to complain, as long as Harriet releases the hard back and e-book on the SAME day. Not 3 months later, that would we terribly unfair and smack in the face to the fans.
  11. The other question is, will they release the e-book version the same day. Or will we have the farce like we did for ToM? I really hope it's released the same day, to do otherwise would be completely unfair to those who are unable to hold heavy hardbacks.
  12. I am now reading the spoilers as I have just finished ToM today. So a speculation thread for aMoL would be very interesting.
  13. I would hope that after the huge and rather vocal backlash with ToM e-book that aMoL will be on the same day. Harriet certainly heard fairly quickly that the fans were, to say the least very annoyed that it was supposed to be released on the same day as the paperback.
  14. I've read it between 3 and 5 times. but the first 4 are around six or seven times. I intend after reading ToM on Monday, to start a complete reread in about November or December hoping to finish ToM around when aMoL is published. But that is hoping. I've done a reread for ToM, I finished tGS around the early part of this month.
  15. That is one neat tattoo pminze. It incorporates so much of the WoT series. I am suitably jealous. If only I wasn't such a coward for pain, I'd get one done.
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