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  1. Oh, come on. It's totally Moridin. He's had the hots for Rand since the Age of Legends. All this philosophy stuff is just his way of denying his true feelings. Scorned love always leads to the deepest hate.
  2. You letting this joke go this far is equally so.
  3. I think that would be more like trying to re-weave that thread through existence. A bit more difficult than simply burning it out. Interesting idea though. With a large enough circle, it may be possible. What would the weave track while reweaving a thread though? The memories of the countless other threads that interacted with it? Does a stone have memory? Everything has a weave, and each weave is laced together with countless others. Each weave carries a memory of the other weaves it has (I'm starting to feel like this is a sewing club...) woven through. Or maybe there are faint traces of its previous existence throughout the lace? If it were as simple as targeting the residue of the balefire used, it'd be a complete cop-out. Like, "Nu'hu! Can't balefire him! I shot your light with my light so that cancels them out."
  4. This has always been my theory. The three were split up early on in the narrative of the story. When the three were together, they accomplished great things. They found the Eye of the World, defeated the Seanchan and took the Stone of Tear. Because of their link, these evens were made possible. After this, they've all ended up on their own quests. With those completed, it is time for the heroes to rejoin, to become one (with the stool of ta'verenness), on a single mission. The reason they do not see each other in the World of Dreams is most likely because the swirly color effect is linked to Tel'aran'rhiod and is only active when awake.
  5. Rand bowing to the Crystal Throne is a bad thing. This event will forever haunt the Aiel and become a slight they'll want to rectify. Resulting in the Aiel-without-a-cause to start this unwinnable war. Rand can't kneel to the Throne. It's Ishamael's work.
  6. Alivia is like 400 years old, so there is a clear indicator between her and Sorilea as to how Strength in the One Power affects age.
  7. Yes, and Verin faked her death with the help of a ter'angreal, Noal will escape from the Tower of Ghenjei just before Grady opens the gateway and Nynaeve will resurrect Nicola in the body of Mesaana. Called it.
  8. Certain receptors that are normally dormant are active in the brains of channelers. These receptors allow them to sense and even embrace the One Power. However, when ingested, the forkroot chemical composition attaches to these receptors. Even small doses have great effects - milligrams. First there is the inability to channel - note that a small dose may leave the channeler with a diminished but not completely expunged ability to grasp the Power. Secondly, having these receptors blocked by forkroot may render the channeler unconscious. Since the receptors in non-channeler's brains are dormant, forkroot does not affect them. There. I've just ruined The Wheel of Time for everyone.
  9. You don't like your foreshadowing too subtle, do you? It's been 20 years in the making. After this, there will be nothing left to look forward to.
  10. Why? When that same evidence tells us that the Creator does not intervene. It's up to us to deal with our own messes. There is plenty of spirituality rather than religion. There are festivals, holidays and traditions. Times of remembrance and celebrations of life. You even have Wise Ones, Windfinders and Wisdoms who "interpret the signs" for their people. The world of The Wheel of Time is more Pagan than anything else.
  11. Many religions throughout the years have been used to control a population. The promise of salvation in the afterlife for instance. Used to bend the people a certain way. Here, everyone knows about rebirth. There is no "what is there after death?" question haunting the people.
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