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  1. 1 I may be wrong, but I was under impression that Elayne, Min, and Avi all are bonded to Rand, but only Elayne/Avi have any kind of bond between the girls and even they don't have a full warder bond, more like a vague analogue of it. In fact, I'm quite certain that no bond exists between Min and either of the other two girls. Elayne/Avi didn't first-sister bond Min, they only used a weave "similar" to that weave in order to include Min in the warder bonding process so she too could be bonded to Rand. That's why you never read anywhere in the books of Min thinking/wondering/knowing about where Elayne/Avi are or vice versa, whereas they all mention Rand and his whereabouts/direction many a time.
  2. I hadn't heard, good to know :]
  3. The Portal Stones can take you from this reality to another reality or from this location to another location in the same reality(where another PS stands) depending on which half of the stone, bottom or top, that you use. What Rand did with the group is location change, what he did chasing Fain was reality change.
  4. The WoT wiki has plot summaries of each of the books. That ought to give you a quick recap of the events up till now. If you want a more detailed recap, chapter by chapter, the Encyclopaedia WoT does single chapter summaries for all the books. Links: WoT wiki Encyclopaedia WoT
  5. It isn't conclusively stated anywhere whether or not he had the DO's permission. Personally, I think he didn't have it, and it was solely through his link to Moridin that Rand gained access. Here's a quote from Sanderson: (Underlines added) While BS doesn't come out and say one way or the other, he seems to be strongly implying that "generally" one must have permission, but Rand didn't, and that while Semi "believed" the DO betrayed her, the DO wasn't really involved in the matter, it was simply the Moridin-Rand link.
  6. Yeah there are comics, about 7 or so out so far, but they're pretty hard to get your hands on(very few in circulation and the publishers have been late on sending out the issues to retailers multiple times). Basically, I tried looking for them in three cities in the U.S.(if you're not in the U.S. I'm sorry but chances are slim of you getting a copy) and out of the two or so comic book stores in each city I tried, none of them had copies. Finally, my hope dwindling, I checked one last time in a fourth city(I've lived in multiple places) and thankfully my luck came in- they had one of the 7 and were able to order the rest. That being said, the situation may have changed now that they have been in circulation for a little while and it might be slightly easier to find them. As for online, most places I saw had the comics for extravagantly high prices and the sites that had cheaper prices were iffy, I didn't want to put in my credit card info somewhere like that. Anyhow, I'd suggest reading the electronic versions if you don't feel like waiting and searching for months to locate the paper ones.
  7. Hey you never know, trying to pay with a strange shiny paper-thin doo-dad might convince them you're missing a few marbles... Maybe they'd just gently but firmly escort you out of the inn and direct you to the village Wisdom/Mother Grub with a few coppers to boot. After all, the Light shields madmen...
  8. I'd be too incredibly excited about being in WoT with things unfolding around me to worry about what I missed(besides my family/friends of course). First thing I'd do is go learn the sword, preferably under the Gaidin at the WT, not that I would intend to become one, mind you, just so I could learn it from the best. Actually, first I'd go get tested at the BT for saidin, then go learn the sword if I didn't have the ability. As for your original question, I guess I'd miss my family the most. I'd miss my friends too at first, but I think it wouldn't be as bad because I'd make new ones(hopefully) in Randland.
  9. Other people noticed that too? I thought I was the only one- I kept hearing about how people loved the Mat segments in BS's books so much and thought that they were RJ's writing etc... And even more so than Mat, Talmanes! Talmanes was always a dry humor, subtle twinkle in the eye kind of guy who in the BS books turns into a very overtly joker-ish guy. Where went the subtlety?? Don't get me wrong, I appreciate Sanderson's work and all he's done to make this happen but his portrayal of certain characters is about as blunt as a hammerhead.
  10. So are you asking what order you should read the WoT in? While New Spring is set previous to the events of the WoT main storyline, I would still recommend you read at least a few WoT books before trying it. It uses characters and WoT jargon known from the main series and you may find yourself a bit confused/lost without the introduction to the WoT world. Additionally, purely from an enjoyment perspective, you'll probably be entertained and enjoy NS more if you know where these characters came from in the original series. So basically, I'd suggest reading NS as a prequel, not as the first book. A lot of people here, when doing their rereads, read NS based on its publishing chronology(after Crossroads of Twilight). I don't think you need to wait that long, but I'd definitely suggest waiting at least a couple of books into the series. Personally, for plot reasons, I'd say read it after the 5th book in the series- Fires of Heaven. You'll understand why I say that after you finish FoH, I think it's the perfect time to do so.
  11. Here's the quote, the first line is the one herid quoted, from the beginning of Ch.48 which is right after her 1st trip into the pillars: If you don't want to read the whole thing, just look at the bolded text, it shows that she did in fact pass through more than once. As we can see, she makes the first trip and walks out[1], enters again[2], sees different visions, and after coming out the 2nd time, walks in again a third time[3], but the third time the pillars don't work. EDIT: As for the original question: I'd say the columns are now broken and/or dead. Avi's first observation, before she walked through a 2nd time: "She sensed the powerful aura of the pillar. It was far more potent than any of the ter'angreal she had handled with Elayne." Compare that to the final line in the above quote- "[...]there was no life. No hum, no sense of Power." I believe her "reprogramming" made them do something they may not have been made to do, tell the future instead of the past, so it could have fried them.
  12. The book will be jam-packed and there will be multiple loose ends, but I don't doubt that it'll still be one book. As others already mentioned, it's not like he'll be covering all that much in terms of story time length, just a lot of plot points. As for Mat, I haven't read the interviews and such where Brandon and RJ mention them but I'll trust the others who have that BS intends to follow RJ's wishes and that RJ wanted him to live. Having some open-ended characters at the end such as Mat instead of killing them really isn't that big a deal IMO.
  13. *shudder* I would feel SO bad for Mat. (No offense yoshinobu)
  14. Perrin's judgement is in no way "irrelevant." He's a warrior and has already taken a Myrdraal out 1 on 1 in TDR:5 by that point. So when he calls Lan and Rhuarc deadly... it means they're deadly. As for Perrin v. Mat, that's less certain. I know for sure he couldn't beat Mat "no problem." It comes down to whether the ashandarei can take an axe/hammer blow directly on the shaft and not break. We know it can burn or at least smolder as of ToM(during Mat's fight with the Gholam) so the wood isn't invulnerable even if the blade and shaft are Aes Sedai work. If it can take the hit and not break, I'd say Mat would take Perrin straight up, he's just too fast with the ashandarei for Perrin to keep up with the hammer, we saw how much trouble Perrin had with Aram and all Aram had was a sword, which has only one fighting end. The ashandarei has two deadly ends(don't need a blade to kill a man, as Mat shows us with the quarterstaff when escaping Tar Valon with Thom). So yeah, if the ashandarei can take the hit and flex instead of breaking, Perrin's done for. If Mat has to avoid direct hits because the ashandarei will break, Perrin has more of a chance. Either way, Perrin's situation is far from "no problem." I don't think it needs even be explained why Perrin taking on Lan or Rhuarc would be a bad idea for Perrin, especially Lan. (just read previous posts in the thread)
  15. Agreed. I'm still stuck though since I want to choose "Rand will die before" and "at" the Last Battle for the first question, and want to choose that he will body-swap and have Nyn resurrect him in the second poll. Might just have to go with "other" on both, although that would feel like a cop out.
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