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  1. I was bawling during the scene with Tam in front of Rand's pyre - it really got to me. Other scenes where I got choked up were definitely Siuan's (and by extension, Bryne's) death, I loved her character so much, Rhuarc's death and also Egwene's death - hers was truly honorable and I clung to some small hope that she would live even when it was said that she had drawn too much of the Power. AMoL was the first book where I actually cried and I think that that was fitting at the end of a series that I love so much.
  2. I just finished it a few minutes ago and the one word I keep repeating is: wow! It is one of the only books to have made me feel the full spectrum of my emotions and while I am still in shock that it is all over, I do feel a sense of closure. Quite simply, it was brilliant and I do hope to see a little elaboration in the encyclopaedia as to the Rand/Min/Aviendha/Elayne future.
  3. Wow they are really great - especially love the Nynaeve and Leane ones
  4. It's a really beautiful cover...too bad they won't be using that for the Orbit edition :(
  5. Voted - and she has a lead on Kylar - let's keep it that way!
  6. I personally am very happy that Brandon is in Australia at the moment since I can go and meet him, however I would have loved to go to JordanCon before the release of aMoL! I wish I could hear Harriet read the excerpt but I guess I'm just going to have to wait until Jan. 2013...so jealous!
  7. I had hoped for a 2012 release date but with a 2013 one - well at least it will get my last year of high school to a good start
  8. This is great! Brilliant stuff to keep us enthused in the lead up to aMoL.
  9. Exactly my thoughts, Bolt Walt! I couldn't think of a more apt year for the release of the final WoT book.
  10. It's certainly a very striking design - keep the great work going! A perfect way to kick off the Year of the Dragon with the Dragon Reborn himself.
  11. There are many great scenes to choose from but for me, these are the ones that continue to stay vivid: * Mat vs Galad and Gawyn quarterstaff/sword fight * Aiel ancestry at Rhuidean * Dumai's Wells * Cleansing of saidin * The whole scene with Rand, Min and Semirhage in tGS ...That's as much as I could narrow it down to!
  12. Ah! Thank you so much, Suttree!
  13. This is something that has bugged me throughout my current re-read, which is: how exactly do people join the Shadow? Are there separate joining methods for the general public (i.e. to become a Darkfriend) and Aes Sedai (i.e. to join the Black Ajah)? I previously thought that they would all go to the Pit of Doom or Shadar Logoth, but they don't exactly fit logically - how would the person know who and where to contact?
  14. I too am in the same position. I picked up tEotW when I was 10 and the main reason I did was because I liked reading BIG books, and I remember that I struggled to get through the prologue because I had never read a 1000+ page book. Nevertheless, I am glad I persisted to find and become home at the rich, complex world that is WoT and to have the company of some of the most relatable and personable characters in modern literature. WoT is what encouraged me to become a truly avid SFF reader and try my hand at writing some of my own.
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