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  1. Actually, LTT wasn't the construct, but the voice in Rand's head was. LTT and Rand are the same soul, the same person (though they probably have their differences). Now, Rand was faced with all those memories and with growing insanity. His mind constructed a LTT voice in his head, where he put all the memories and all the insanity. That was the construct. And I already gave the ultimate proof: LTT in Rand's head was supposed to be as mad as when he died, while we can read in TEOTW prologue that he was completely sane when he died. And being insane of grief isn't the same as being psychological insane because of the taint. It doesn't make you kill tens of thousands of innocent people, like the male Aes Sedai did. We know that LTT made sure no-one was around when he killed himself and created Dragonmount. Taint-insane LTT wouldn't have taken notice.
  2. There are more references. See Terez´ signature about darkness fitting the sun (surely an eclipse). Back to your eclipse: I saw the same eclipse in 1999 in northern France, except there it became a cloudless sky just before totality (weird; they just disappeared along with the sun disappearing). It became utterly dark. Maybe a glimmer at the horizon, but that's all there was. The difference between our experiences is that clouds disperse light. So your clouds dispersed the sunlight from areas where the eclipse wasn't total to areas where it was. Result: a very dark twilight, but no darkness. At my location there were no clouds (anymore), so the light couldn't be dispersed to where I was. In LoC Prologue, the DO says: 'EVEN I CANNOT STEP OUTSIDE OF TIME'. So no, I don't think It can manipulate time like that.. or It would have been able to un-balefire Its chosen. However, time can run differently in T'A'R, apparently. aMoL DO has much more power than LoC DO. Just dismissing it might be just too easy.
  3. It is the Wheel of Time! I think the Dark One will be able to adjust the direction and possibly the speed of time.
  4. There are some things you can only do at Shayol Ghul... Or another ter'angreal of the White Tower was used.
  5. We actually should have known the voice was a construct (as I said on Twitter): Lews Therin wasn't insane when he died creating Dragonmount: he had just been healed by Ishy. Still Rand said that LTT in his head was as insane as when he died. Rand adjusted the voice in his head to what he knew about LTT (that he was mad, killed all his family and died creating Dragonmount) at that moment.
  6. once for mourning, once for hope... so, what you say can't be what's meant. More plausible is actually his death in the Age of Legends and his coming death in this Age. But there are lots of hints that there will be actually a day with two dawns. Terez has all the clues if you want them.
  7. There are two different sets of oaths: there are three oaths on the Oath Rod for the Black Ajah, so that their lifespan is the same as for regular Aes Sedai. But there are also oaths taken at Shayol Ghul by every Darkfriend. And those are the oaths Verin isn't sure of she could foreswear.
  8. I agree completely, but... That line sounds familiar. You´re not able to channel both Saidin and the True Power are you?
  9. Of course an eclipse could fulfill that prophecy! A prophecy can be fulfilled in three ways: - very litteral - from the viewpoint of an observer or a group of observers - symbolic The second way has happened before: the silver and golf viewing of Sheriam by Min. Fulfilled at her death in the way Egwene saw her execution (golden sunlight on her hair, silvery axe). I have stated elsewhere that the first sunlight after the full eclipse feels like a dawn for the observer. BUT: you gave correctly given us much more hints about what is going to happen (very strange natural occurences, maybe even a reversal of time). So, I will say that the eclipse will not fulfill the 'twice dawns the day' prophecy, something else will. But simply saying 'eclipse is not a dawn' is just not correct. It might be if no other things were said about this event in the books.
  10. We know Asmodean's killer. It's hinted at in ToM and revealed in the glossary.
  11. That takes longer than reading it... The encyclopaedia has great chapter summaries. A great resource for checking what happened when and where.
  12. Seems pretty clear to me. The skinning is a very strange thing to tell on screen, if it doesn't have any meaning.
  13. I actually heard a short piece of the EOTW audiobook and wanted to read more. So I bought EOTW (Dutch hardcover) and after that the rest,
  14. Egwene started that after Falme. Verin gave her the Twisted Ring in the beginning of TDR, which started her dreaming adventures.
  15. The healing of the Bore will not be entirely complete. In a way, the DO will have to be able to leak a tiny bit of True Power into the world. Just enough to be noticed by Beidomon and Mierin, so that they would want to tap into that Power.
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