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  1. My understanding is that the One Power can't be used for healing madness and the True Power is the only thing that can do so there. The One Power can heal physical ailments, but madness is a spiritual ailment. There was that workaround in ToM but I believe that was just BS looking for something to fill pages with.
  2. They had no way to know about the Gateways and Dreams. Plus it was not as secure as they thought - they were convinced that the Children were unaware of them and yet as it turned out Pedron Nial was well aware of them. Now he failed to attack because a divided Tower was good for his plans (namely the Andor campaign) and later he got busy with a war with the Prophet of Ghealdan, but he could have attacked them, and if the complete armies of the Children and Amadicia had struck Salidar - well even if they did not annihilate them completely they could have inflicted irreparable losses on the Aes Sedai (and worse still - their mystique) and would have had a far easier time recovering themselves.
  3. I don't have the Companion handy so I can't check, but I believe it says that Satelle was never healed. That said, I'm fairly certain that burn out can be healed, because of course anything aside from death and madness supposedly can be healed by the One Power, but it certainly doesn't happen in the life time of these characters.
  4. I suppose related to that, would a shocklance work in a Stedding? In the Age of Legends basically all technology was fueled by the One Power. Now I have this vision of the Steddings each having a coal power plant to provide them electricity.
  5. No, our world is a past age. I don't think the mirror worlds are fully real (which isn't what I wanted to believe) but ultimately it is the only one that makes sense - each person only has one soul after all.
  6. I like this idea. And perhaps everything is dead because these automated machines killed most things off? One thing which took me a long time to realize was that, because of how the Wheel works, although this world diverged from our own at an early date (pre-Age of Legends if the grolm are native, although that said, we have no reason to think they are as there are no traces of other exotics and Lanfear could have grabbed them from their own world and brought them to a lifeless - avoids the risk of complications) it still will likely follow a certain "path" so chances are, when Hawkwing lost to the Trolloc armies, both sides probably had guns and tanks and other advanced technologies. And that makes sense because the Wheel weaves to bring about certain figures (although of course, we really don't know if Hawkwing even existed in this world, since it seems Loial can't read Trolloc).
  7. I would say the effects of isolation vary from person to person. Regardless Elyas seemed to be a very awkward person to me who was not totally comfortable with interacting with these people. He also does not seem to be THAT isolated, the Tinkers know him well in that caravan, and what are the odds that is the only caravan he knows anyone at?
  8. It is probably a reference to this: Interview: Jan 16th, 2003 COT Signing Report - Tim Kington (Paraphrased) Question (inaudible) Robert Jordan Yes, the Champion of the Light has gone over in the past. This is a game you have to win every time. Or rather, that you can only lose once—you can stay in if you get a draw. Think of a tournament with single elimination. If you lose once, that's it. In the past, when the Champion of the Light has gone over to the Shadow, the result has been a draw. Which doesn't really mean the Dark one won though.
  9. I don't think Wiccanism was what RJ had in mind. In this case it was probably Masonic.
  10. I don't think it is true that one cannot discover the dangers of tabac. In the seventeenth century people said tobacco was bad for you. It's just that people didn't really listen. I agree with the general topic of the thread, I see no reason why tabac would be any less unhealthy than tobacco, or for that matter why it would be any different. It's life kaf, it's just a vaguely different name for something we already have.
  11. I forgot darkhounds had wolf souls. That said, I think it was firmly stated that Fades don't actually have souls.
  12. I think they'd have to be human souls, the Nym had human souls after all. Jordan said they had souls, though something to the effect that their souls were so pathetic you could scarcely still call them that. Which calls into question where they come from - if they are human souls are they just the souls of Darkfriends? Possible, but then Trolloc numbers would be dependent on dead DFs. And how come Ishamael can expect to be reborn a human via natural causes? But DF souls do apparently go the Pit of Dhoom. Where they probably wouldn't be reborn - I was always expecting some sort of Harrowing of Hell scenario at the end but it never happened.
  13. I don't think RJ necessarily meant that the more shadowy worlds were less plausible possibilities as BS seems to think. I think the ones that seemed more shadowy and phantomlike were simply further away from "our" universe - our Randland probably seemed the same way to them. IIRC Jordan also answered Brandon's question re: "What happens if the DO wins in a mirror world" - He has to win in all worlds, simultaneously - or he wins in no worlds, which is kind of paradoxical. At the absolute minimum they would not be different worlds with a different Dark One - the DO, like the Creator exists outside the Pattern - although whether he could destroy or remake mirror worlds is an interesting question.
  14. My understanding is that Jordan already had a contract for 6 books? He still expected to finish the series in 3 but his publisher gave him 6 just in case (and if Wheel could be finished in 3 then he could start a different trilogy). Is that not accurate?
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