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Who Would It Upset You The Most At This Point To Find Out Now Is a Darkfriend?

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I got the idea for this Topic because there has been alot of chatter about this from folks here lately.


I don't know how to do those fancy poles. I will just ask (giving a few of my own choices) - WHO WOULD YOU BE REALLY HEART-BROKEN TO LEARN NOW IS A DF???



1 Amys



2 Rhuarc



3 Tam (just throwing this one in for the fun of the Shock Value AND because I don't believe we have ever had a Tam POV)



4 Selucoriea



5 Bashere



6 Post-TOG Moiraine.



7 Alivia



8 Alanna



9 Logain



10 Talmanes




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Is something amiss about Amys? Does Melaine seem malign? Will Bair be bared? Shall Sorilea feel sorry later than sooner?

Can Bael be full of bile? Is Rhuarc.... okay, I got nothing.


If Sorilea's husband turns out to be a blacksmith, well--- awesome. Sulin as a DF would be a shocker, though.

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Thom would be a real bummer. Lan... naaaa can't be!!! Can it? Flynn and Narishma also.

About women we're not totally sure of, I think I just don't care. Alivia yeah, because she's so strong.


Among the others, few would upset me. Surprise for sure, disappoint maybe, but upset, quite not.



Edit: Dark Bela would surely upset tons of people.

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Faile would upset me loads because it would mean we sat through her rescue and Perrins Brooding for no good reason. Berelain would be a shocker too.


Would also be a bit of a table turner if Aludra turned out to be a darkfriend -

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Of those on the list Moiraine, Tam and Logain as DFs would upset me greatly.  As to the others, I think their revelation as DFs would add a nice twist and make the story more interesting. 


Other characters who's reveal as DF's that would upset me:






Faile (yeah that's right, Faile I guess b/c of all Perrin went through for her)

Elyas (sp)


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If Rand was a DF I would be mad  ::)


How would you feel about Rand being Chosen though?




Is this why Egwene couldn't ID Mesana in the White Tower - she doesn't consider herself a DF, but Chosen; therefore, swearing she isn't a DF isn't a lie?

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Tam, Thom and Moraine would be the only that I wouldn't be happy about.  As for everyone else, like other posters said it's the story.  Also, we haven't seen enough DF's on Light's side as it were; we had Ingtar, who nearly got Rand killed but that was book 2 and we had Verin, who doesn't really count.  I want people high in the Light's councils to be revealed.

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The Chosen all stared at the gathering darkness before them.  They knew the Nai'blis had been chosen.  Upon a throne a shifting blackness sat a creature unlike any other.  A silent voice pressed upon their minds not unlike the Dark Lord's own; only a shade less glorious and terrible that of their Master's.  They heard, "I have pressed my will upon the pattern since the begining with the power given to me by the Dark Lord himself.  Now bow before me, Bela, the master of the Wheel of Time. Mu Ha Ha"

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Hello everyone, this is my first post.  I am in the middle of rereading TGH and I just got to the part where Vandene tells Moraine that Lanfear was "Link" to LTT.  I know that there was a relationship there but were they bonded?  If so would that bond be around in the new age?  I really think that one of the four women that are bonded to Rand is atleast a Dark Friend.  


Also the betrayer of Hope I believe is demandred?.   In the next two books I can really see a big betrayal.  Outside of Matt and perian and Rand, who would be considered the biggest betrayer?

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Any of the head-honcho Aiel who are in Rand's close confidence.  Particularly Rhuarc.  And I have a suspicion that he, Amys, or Sorilea is going to turn out not-quite-what-s/he-seems, and that's going to make me sad.


After that, I think no one would really sadden me - some would be surprising, some would be out-of-left-field and not make much sense (Galad?), but the Aiel are the only ones that would make me feel like I had been punched in the gut for 20 years.

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