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  1. Hey Dusk, curious as to what some of your other favorite fantasy characters are? Cheers. Off the top of my head... Samuel Vimes - Discworld Lord Mhoram - Chronicles of Thomas Covenant Tyrion Lannister/Davos Seaworth - A Song of Ice and Fire Fitz - Farseer Arakasi - Empire Trilogy Glokta - First Law Eddie - Dark Tower
  2. I consider Mat to be the greatest fantasy character I have ever read, and I have read alot of fantasy! So yuh, definetly voted for him.
  3. To me, not being able to kill the DO invalidates part of the point of the series. Rand had a choice at the end, and he chose to seal Shai`tan away. Which it really all it comes down to, choice. I have no doubt whatsoever that Rand could have killed the DO there and then if he wanted. Being a God doesn't make you invulnerable. Anyhow, thats just my interpretation. RJ was asked specifically about balefire, therefore he answered in balefire terms, which is known for its destructive qualities to the Wheel. Everyone is assuming the DO is immune to everything, when there is nothing that says that.
  4. I've never liked Galad as a character, but I liked him in this book. The end when he clutches his arm and spits at Demandred's feet... I loved it. I just wished he had died right there... there were too many "Hey just kidding this character you thought was dead barely lived somehow" moments. Agreed. Both galad and Lan should have died. Lan killing himself to kill Demandred was epic and suited the character perfectly. Him surviving somehow just made it... I dunno, less epic?
  5. If Russia and Germany can survive world war 2, then Randland can survive. And I doubt 90% of the army got wiped out, and not even close to that of the general population. Huge areas of the world would have been depopulated of course, such as the Borderlands, Andor, I cant imagine Arad Doman having many people after its been at war for like two straight years. But generally, everything else is fine. Not to mention, the Seanchan seemed to get by relatively unscathed.
  6. personally I think she will realise the Tower needs her. Whoever is Amyrlin will have to forge relationships with the Aiel, the Asha`man, Seanchan, the Kin, Sea Folk, etc etc. It is a much much different world then previous, and the Whitetower will need to evolve to suit the new world. Cadsuane will work this out and at least be one, short term. But you are right, its all speculation.
  7. This too. The shadow seemed pretty intent on finding the seals. Why would they let one of their people hand over the seals? Did he really just get the seal from some dude? Because the benefit of gaining Rands trust outweighed the problem of losing the seal. He was probably simply trained just to be a dreadlord. Maybe even continue claiming he was the real Dragon to further spread chaos. However, when the whole Blacktower situation came up, the Shadow had to send someone. Sending a Forsaken was potentially too risky, so at the time they sent a simple darkfriend instead. His efforts awarded him the rank of Chosen.
  8. Would have been alot better if Mat went to Ebou Dar with the intention of working on the truce. I can understand why Mat missed the big meeting at Merrilor; he has never really been huge on fanfare and being in front of a crowd. But he should have gone to see Tuon just so he could convince her to allow him to lead the Seanchan army in TG. None of thise "running from his friends" crap that he got over about six books previous. Not to mention, when did he revert to not trusting Rand? Sometimes, he came across as outright disliking him. Just harkened back to his early days for no particular reason. None of that built on Mats character, or contributed to the story at all. Not once in the book later did he think to himself of running. Once he left Ebou dar, he was fully comitted, which was weird the state of mind he was just previously in. Basically this is what happened... Mat: Man, screw fighting in TG. I am going to go hide in Ebou Dar with Tuon. I dont like responsibility and saving the world. Rand: Tuon, you must sign the Dragon Peace and help us fight the DO. Tuon: I dunno.. Mat: Rand is a pretty cool guy, hear him out Tuon: Okay, done Mat: Wahoo, time to go to battle. Lets go, hurry up. Its good to be general again
  9. There wasnt no, but it makes sense. He competed with Lews Therin on everything. And since Lews Therin was a blademaster, theres no reason why Demandred wouldnt have done so just so Lews Therin would be even further ahead of them in the awesome stakes. Not to mention, Demandred strikes me as the sort of person who wants to be good at everything, and theres no way he would allow Sammael and Be`lal to have such an edge over him.
  10. Its war. Things dont make sense, things arent fair, people dont live because they have so much ahead of them. One of the main characters had to die for that final battle to have any real impact, and Egwene was the best candidate.
  11. Morbid curiousity, but I wonder what percentage of the Light army survived, and what were the general numbers among the different groups. For instance, it sounds like the Aes Sedai didn't really get off well, considering alot of them were in the thick of the fighting.
  12. Bela is practically a main character to me. Been around since early days, in the series alot, talked about heaps on the forums. She is on the same tier as Lan and Thom for me.
  13. Do people seriously believe that the books could have been combined into one? No possible way. The books were all fast paced, despite what criticism of them there are. In TGS and ToM there are maybe a handful of chapters in each that didnt need to be there. And this is after people have spent the last couple of days pointing out how so and so character could have gotten more pagetime. Sanderson didnt want three books. He has his own series to write, his own thing to do. Why would he convince others to spread out the project? The conspiracy theories and accusations are getting pretty ridiculous here.
  14. Dont know why one should get furious over someone elses opinion. People like Elayne, I dont. I dont get furious about it. I thought the mindless explosive "throw everything at the enemy" Final Battle was fine. Much like I thought Dumai Wells and the Battle of Two Rivers and whatnot were fine. You can enjoy both, its possible. Because I started reading these books because of what they had in them. Leaving aside the largely poor quality of the Battle, let me try this in a different way I like the Daily Show. I also like the Wire. The Wire can sometimes be really funny, like anything can be, and the Daily Show can be sobering. But if David Simon decided to make another season of the Wire and filled it with non stop guffaws, you know what? I'm going to be really damn angry, and I'm going to have very little patience for people whose reaction appears to be "yay more Wire!" *when the product we are given bears no relation to what makes the Wire the Wire* Yes, but if David Simon died in the middle of finishing the Wire and the replacement got the tone wrong but overall was decent, I would be okay with that. I understand you and I see things differently on the finished product. I am happy that there is one. When RJ first died, I thought that was it, there was going to be nothing. But they actually found a decent author to do the stuff. A decent author who didnt have a decade to pour over the notes, read the series six times, analyse every little thing. I had no expectations, because I knew that there would be plot holes, that certain characters wouldnt be the same, such as Mat. because no one can continue on with another mans epic work and expect it to be the same. Any author in the world would have given the same product. So yeah, I am aware of the plot holes, the character defiencies, the overall general different feel of the later books compared to the ones RJ wrote. But the books are decent. They could be better, but they could be worst. And they could simply not exist as well. RJ missed out on details occasionally to, and even admitted it (such as that missing Aes Sedai who was meant to be at the Cleansing, forgot her name.) Thats because he has 2000+ characters, subplot on subplot, etc etc. And if RJ makes mistakes over his own work, then what could we expect of Sanderson? I dont know, I enjoyed the latest book. It finished the tale, told the tale in a way that pleased me. I finally got to read about the end. Yeah sure, the journey wasnt the greatest, but at least there was an end.
  15. Dont know why one should get furious over someone elses opinion. People like Elayne, I dont. I dont get furious about it. I thought the mindless explosive "throw everything at the enemy" Final Battle was fine. Much like I thought Dumai Wells and the Battle of Two Rivers and whatnot were fine. You can enjoy both, its possible.
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