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  1. I've gotta go with POD. If you can get through about the first 1/4 of the book (The Perrin parts) its really a pretty good book. The bits with Rand going after the Seanchan are very exciting especially since this really illustrates the extent of Rand's madness and the flow in Calandor (sp). Winter's Heart would be a close second as most underrated. The first 6 books are generally loved as are 11-13 so I don't think any of these books could be said to be underrated. Its mostly 7-10 that people complain about and CoT is not underrated, it deserves ever bit of criticism it gets.
  2. In my first read through it was all about Perrin, Nynaeve and Thom for me. I still love all three characters, but I have also come to really like Mat, Moiraine, Lan, Galad and Min.
  3. The second - after Matt, Tom, and Moiraine escape the Tower of Genji Matt tells Moiraine that Morgaise Trekand is dead. Galad and Morgaise were both in Caemlyn when Tom and Matt were there. I find it hard to believe someone like Tom, who is aware of so much, missed this tidbit of information: the former queen is alive! It also seems unlikely that Perrin, in his meeting with Matt and Tom, would have failed to mention that Morgaise was in his employ and judged his trial with the Whitecloaks. There's very little chance that Tom and Matt would not have known. Well two Ta'veren were involved so some very unlikely events were bound to occur
  4. Wheel of time for the simple reason that in the past few years RJ has but out more books posthumously that has GRRM who is quite alive and well. For all the complaining people have done about the length of WOT at least RJ got each volume out in a timely manner. Martin needs to get on with it!!
  5. Option three makes no sense. Why would the DO need to arrange for Rand to draw on the TP via his link with Moridin when he could easily just give Rand permission to use it?
  6. I look at the bracket finding so many unfamiliar names and come to the sad realizations that I'm just not the nerd that I used to be.
  7. I"ve always found the whole 'Third age" thing to be a bit odd. It seems that in a seven age cycle that the LAST battle should occur at the end of the seventh age. Honestly, I think the phrase "called the third age by some" is RJ giving us a hint that this story occurs two ages after our own. Thus we are the "some" who would call it the third age.
  8. I'd say that we can safely rule out Aginor since he invented Fades. As we know, 13 Fades are necessary to preform the 13x13 thus it would be impossible for Aginor or any Forsaken who came to the shadow before him to have been turned via the 13x13 trick. I'm not sure in what order the Forsaken turned to the Shadow and while he may very well be ruled out by the above I'd say that Demandred would be the most likely for several reasons: -Yes, Demandred did envy LTT. None the less, he was a very high ranking individual in the AOL and among the forces of the Light during the War of the Shadow Would envy alone really be a enough of a reason for such a person to give all of that up? To turn his back on everyone and everything he knew? In and of itself it always seemed like a rather weak reason for a person of his position to turn to The Shadow, if for no other reason that it seems like an easier path to power would have been to find an opportunity to betray LTT on an individual level. Much of what has been said of Demandred's position in the AOL implies that once LTT was out of the way he would be next in line to take command of the Forces of the Light. The become the new "Dragon" perhaps. However, it is said that the 13x13 trick amplifies a person's worst qualities and given the envy seems to have been Demi's worst quality perhaps it could have been amplified to the point that it would cause him to turn. -Demandred has been kept rather mysterious throughout the series, but Brandon has confirmed that he will be a major player in AMOL. The alleged affects of the 13x13 trick were seen at the end of TofM and it would make since to foreshadow the rise of a Forsaken who had undergone this treatment by finally introducing the reader to the effects of said trick.
  9. It was a very difficult decision choosing my favorite book. It was kind of a toss up between The Shadow Rising and Towers of Midnight. I the end I had to go with Towers of Midnight for several reasons: -I've always been a big Perrin fan and TofM was the first book in a while where Perrin was really enjoyable to read. He had some good moments in KoD but it was nice to see him finally learn how to use the wolf dream and accept his role as a leader. -Finally got the ToG storyline. Mat and Thom are also two of my favorite characters and they both got a change to shine. Plus the return of Moiranine. -The Rand/Tam reunion was very touching. I kinda wish he had elaborated on it more but still a very moving scene. The rest I'd have to put in this order: 1. Towers of Midnight 2. The Shadow Risining 3. The Gathering Storm 4. Lord of Chaos 5. The Fires of Heaven 6. The Great Hunt 7. Knife of Dreams 8. The Eye of the World 9. The Dragon Reborn 10. Winter's Heart 11. The Path of Daggers 12. A Crown of Swords 13. Crossroads of Twilight (probably no surprise here) So really I guess I pretty much agree with popular opinion, the stretch between LoC and KoD was the weakest part of the story with CoT being rock bottom. I guess my top picks may vary some from other readers' choices.
  10. Its all very simple, the DO is Terry Goodkind. Think about it, the DO wished to destroy the Wheel of Time and hence all of creation and reform it according to his own perverted vision. Quite similar to what Goodkind has attempted to do to Robert Jordan's work. :D
  11. I agree that we need more of Bayle, I keep expecting him and Juilen to form a Legolas/Gimli style friendship. But of course they both recently left Mat's party and are headed in the same basic direction so I guess it could still happen
  12. and I'm not sure if its the same artist doing all these covers but if it is then Harriet, please commission this guy to do all the art work for the WOT Encyclopedia. And please include A LOT of it.
  13. and looking at this image I can now understand why some people might mistake this guy for shadowspawn. Also it looks like there is another human being over on the right edge of the scene in the background. Could this possibly be Neald?
  14. Wow!!! Simply breathtaking. I was torn between this scene or a scene depicting Noal's last stand complete with Aelfin and Mat and Thom in the background. And I must say I am very pleased with what we got.
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