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  1. If she tries to take control of the circle, I'm pretty sure Rand can just back out of the circle. It's not like a 1 male 1 female link where the female cannot let go of the power unless the male allows it.
  2. Like I have always fervently stated, there was no way that Cyndane was severed then healed, since she couldn't have been stronger than Graendal if she was. And I doubt if Cyndane's power can be recovered, the Finns are totally different.
  3. she didn't, stop making up nonsense.
  4. We know the Guardian is incapable of doing so, but can a stedding do it? Given that a stedding intimidates Shadowspawns, which is a property the Guardian does not have, it does seem possible.
  5. And this is the entire reason why Ishamael went Dark, to END this pointless cycle.
  7. Min never saw any glory in Sheriam. but as soon as he saw Logain's, she KNEW it was glory.
  8. I suppose we don't know why he's "one with the land", in a technical/universe mechanics sense. Also odd none of the forsaken or flashbacks seem to mention LTTs one-with-the-land-ness. No but LTT was called Lord of the Morning. Really odd thing to say. I still have n clue about that title. he was probably a dickhead and wakes everybody up early everyday or something. :/
  9. well balthamel IS one of the weakest forsaken, he didn't even get a third name afaik. even moghedien had a third name.
  10. Actually, fancloth was a fashion statement back in the AOL, so it's not really a weapon.
  11. There is usually a small paragraph, either a poem or a prophecy, that explains the title of the book. Just read it, it's really self-explanatory.
  12. There will be no role for asha'man. The True Source will be blocked. This will happen at the resealing of the bore, where Rand will cut off humanity from the True Source completely to prevent them from going insane.
  13. I didn't like the part. It doesn't explain how the heck Birgitte was able to survive for a whole month in that place, regardless of the fact that she was a 'legendary' hero.
  14. But that is our point. Will trumps combat. No Eggs supporter thinks she'll fight like slayer did. More like, she'll just will Perrin to her location lock him down, and crush his mind too. Now you can quibble about whether she's that good yet or not, but fact of the matter is Perrin cannot and will never do anything nearly so badass. Eggy's fighting style is precisely why she can't beat Slayer. She can defeat forsaken because they fight like humans, and can get tied down by force of will. However, her skill in TAR is still surpassed by Bair, who commented on her predictability and la
  15. YOU JUST GAVE ME A GREAT IDEA. In the real world, wolves die by the thousands against the seemingly endless trolloc hordes. BUT, each one slain join perrin's battle in TAR against slayer!. eventually, slayer is killed by a mountain of wolves.
  16. LTT unaided made dragonmount. Yes he ODed, but let's say he took in 3 times of his maximum, a third of the dragonmount is still enough to destroy the shadow's forces at Maradon.
  17. personally i think it is possible that callandor's flaw was intentional. it could be that the remaining aes sedai managed to build some social network website and managed to come up collectively with a way to seal the bore forever. but ofcourse the method was lost as time went on and the breaking occurred.
  18. The dark needs the dragon alive to win permanently, balefiring the dragon doesn't help.
  19. surely farmers use axes to chop trees and hunt things?
  20. Gaidal will be the hero stopping the destruction of Rhuidean by the Sharans who will invade the waste after TG!
  21. Why does everybody talk about egwene's strength in preparation and organization? Her skills in those areas are not even any better than Perrin's. And if Perrin didn't stop and think for a few moments in TAR, Slayer would have completely destroyed him, both back in Emond's Field and in ToM.
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