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  1. If she tries to take control of the circle, I'm pretty sure Rand can just back out of the circle. It's not like a 1 male 1 female link where the female cannot let go of the power unless the male allows it.
  2. Like I have always fervently stated, there was no way that Cyndane was severed then healed, since she couldn't have been stronger than Graendal if she was. And I doubt if Cyndane's power can be recovered, the Finns are totally different.
  3. she didn't, stop making up nonsense.
  4. We know the Guardian is incapable of doing so, but can a stedding do it? Given that a stedding intimidates Shadowspawns, which is a property the Guardian does not have, it does seem possible.
  5. And this is the entire reason why Ishamael went Dark, to END this pointless cycle.
  7. Min never saw any glory in Sheriam. but as soon as he saw Logain's, she KNEW it was glory.
  8. I suppose we don't know why he's "one with the land", in a technical/universe mechanics sense. Also odd none of the forsaken or flashbacks seem to mention LTTs one-with-the-land-ness. No but LTT was called Lord of the Morning. Really odd thing to say. I still have n clue about that title. he was probably a dickhead and wakes everybody up early everyday or something. :/
  9. well balthamel IS one of the weakest forsaken, he didn't even get a third name afaik. even moghedien had a third name.
  10. Actually, fancloth was a fashion statement back in the AOL, so it's not really a weapon.
  11. There is usually a small paragraph, either a poem or a prophecy, that explains the title of the book. Just read it, it's really self-explanatory.
  12. There will be no role for asha'man. The True Source will be blocked. This will happen at the resealing of the bore, where Rand will cut off humanity from the True Source completely to prevent them from going insane.
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