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  1. I know tPoD isn't everyone's cup of tea, but I always loved Rand losing it with Callandor when fighting the Seanchan: " "I am the storm,” he whispered—a shout in his ears, a roar—and he channeled. "
  2. SPOILERS Pretty sure that a tied off weave will remain even if the weaver dies... otherwise the weaves around Callandor, Tar Avalon, and the Eye of the World wouldn't remain. Lanfear's shield on Asmodean doesn't in fact dissipate - Rand thinks it a cruel joke on him to give him hope that he will be able to channel again at full strength. Often channellers deliberately weave shields to dissipate after a length of time, such as after Semirhage's 'daughter of the 9 moons' attack.
  3. If you're reading aMoL I'm guessing you're not bothered about tFoH spoilers... Rahvin kills Asmodean, Aviendha, Mat and others with lightning strikes when they first jump into Caemlyn. Rams later balefires the hell out of him, reversing the last actions Rahvin did, essentially resurrecting Mat. This also appears to have cut his connection to the Horn. The hanging didn't kill Mat, Rand saved and resuscitated him in a normal fashion.
  4. Apologies if this has been asked before, but what were the three questions Rand asks the Snakes/Foxes? How to win the last battle and survive, and what were the other two? Been a while since I've done a read-through and I suddenly found myself thinking this at work!
  5. I wouldn't have let over a thousand channelers be wasted on Healing and whatever the hell else they were doing. Just make 10 circles of 72 and have the rest mop up. Use gateways to hop this massive channeler force about and crush the enemy in each location...
  6. Agreed. If there is vital plot information in ROS then it is a colossal failure on the part of all parties involved not to include it in amol. If there isn't and it is just for colour, then I am left to conclude there is no reason for Demandred to act like a stupid, raving idiot. +1
  7. Not sure why Perrin is suddenly the ultimate master of T'A, but yeah he's tav'eren blah blah blah. Personally I thought a much better ending would've been if Faile died and Perrin stays in the wolf dream forever, always looking for that falcon. Would've been tragic as we know he's saved her before, but the only person who could save her now is the DO. Literally have no idea what Lanfear was doing in AMOL. The truth of the matter is, if she had stayed in character, the Light would've lost, so they made her a massive retard so Perrin could snap her neck (wtf was that about!?). Just my opinion.
  8. Seemed to me that the Power became ordinary in the Last Battle. There was none of the wonder that we felt when we see Rand blasting apart an entire Seanchan army with Callandor in about 3 seconds, or Dumai's Wells. Demandred has a stronger sa'angreal than Callandor, a circle of 72 and he kills what, 20,000 people over like a week!? Come on. Even with the Light's channelers, I dunno what he's doing. With that much of the Power, he should be able to scour the land clean! He also, for no reason, stands completely still and has 3 different people come up and try to stab him! He shows no skill with the Power, as we already know that wearing the medallion hardly makes you invulnerable. He throws a few rocks............., when he is wielding more of saidin than any person except Rand at the cleansing/when he went a bit crazy in tGS. Oh, I dunno. Was quite happy to see that he had met a Sharan girl, pretty random considering we don't know who he is or who she is, but was nice to see a bit of depth to him. Bao the Wyld was a nice touch. Still can't get over why he didn't just have his guards cut them apart. Okay, we know he's prideful and a fantastic swordsman, but as he even states these guys come up from nowhere trying to stab him in the back, only focusing on killing him. He should just buried them under a ton of rocks, or thrown 500 of his own men at them. Seems pretty pathetic tossing a few rocks that don't even knock them to the floor LOL. The Sharan army was decent. Glad there was finally an opposition other than loads of trollocs. Just my two cents.
  9. I went for tPoD for the cover art and the Shadow Rising for the name, I mean, it just sounds so badass. And is.
  10. Gotta be a quote from Eben Hopwil for me: "I piled the bodies in a hollow," he said in a flat voice."The horses, everything. I burned it all to ash. White ash that floated in the wind like snow. It didn’t bother me at all." And then Rand understanding that he's lying, that it did indeed bother him. Awesome.
  11. Personally I felt this was one of the great strengths of Rand's character. It shows he's a goody, but remembering every face/name is a touch crazy I find I can relate to him a lot more with this, rather than him sacrificing loads of people for the "greater good".
  12. Sounds fun; I know that there's a theory that the 100 weaves could be instrumental to the Sealing of the Bore. Imo, it just ain't gonna happen- there's 1 book left and too much centred around Callandor for them to be useful. If you're right, my money's on Nynaeve to use 'em
  13. 7,8 and 9 were decent in my opinion. Perhaps a little slow, but the Rand chapters always kept me hooked. CoT has repeatedly been stated as the worst in the series so, yeah , if I had to wait 5 years with that as the most recent one it would probably have irritated me too. Luckily it didn't I'm still a big fan of PoD, not my favourite book, but still awesome if only for Hopwil's quote: "I piled the bodies in a hollow," he said in a flat voice."The horses, everything. I burned it all to ash. White ash that floated in the wind like snow. It didn’t bother me at all." , oh and the small matter of Rand channeling through Callandor and decimating the Seanchan as well as his own army!
  14. "99 problems but a b*tch ain't one" for Rand? Seriously, Sigur Rós is awesome for all those grand displays of the Power!
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