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  1. I aint gonna be original, but to me RJ simply just couldn't write good love relationships. And far from good for the most part. While they act like old wise people in times of war and plots, the main characters seem ridiculously lousy coming to love relationships. Lousy and incredibly childish. I guess what they have is what I had when I was 8-10... Well, the top of this in my mind, is the gloomy Rand-Elayne couple which I simply can't understand. "Oh, she beautiful, me see her once but me love her" and "Oh, I think I should fall in love with him because... I must". Naaaah, it's way too far-stretched. Even more than the others. After that, Egwene-Gawyn are good contenders. We also have a totally impossible love from Egwene to Gawyn for the sake of it. Fortunately, I like the Nyneave-Lan relationship, more adult, even though I still think that the way it happened is kinda "free". But hey, love's a messy thing, so I can buy this one. And Mat-Tuon's good too, but for the irony in here, and the fact that they're a perfect match to me. Well, RJ'd rather have those love stories written by his wife, men just can't write credible love stories, but RJ sucked at it (IMHO).
  2. Unless proven otherwise in AMoL, she never was really dark side, so she doesn't count in my opinion, that's a big twist for sure, but it's no turning-to-the-dark kind of thing.
  3. When I said light sided characters, I meant MAJOR light-sided characters. I totally agree that greed, despair and so on are the reasons why people turn to the dark. Concerning Moridin, I just don't think that he would change if he turned to the light. I mean, he's on the dark side pretty much because of his philosophy. He really doesn't give a poo of the Dark One. If he had to turn back to the light, it's only because he'd somehow realize how hopeless the Dark One's quest is, or his own nihilistic philosophy. He wouldn't radically change as we saw Rand change. Instead, he's just be Moridin, whether dark or light wouldn't matter. Sure, if he is light-sided, he would see some future so he'd tend to kill a bit less people, but he'd still be the Grand Moridin we know. My thoughts eh.
  4. Mmmhh, probable contenders are Moridin and Lanfear to me. Moridin because he is not waiting for something from the Dark One, and Lanfear because she never really was devoted to the Dark One. But the question on the other way around interests me too. Can a light side character turn to the dark side, and not because of a 13*13, but because of despair, greed, need etc...?
  5. 1/ More Moridin, a battle of thoughts between Rand Therin Al'Telamon and him on the metaphysical level. Moridin is awesome, he is the true lord of the dark to me, and far superior to anyone else since he is the only one to have no greed, only pure will. 2/ Fain, the wild card, the most enigmatic character (and mostly because we do not see him), with his strange powers. How is he going to end in Shayol Ghul, and what can his powers do in there? Channeling means instant death, but Fain does not channel... 3/ Slayer, what's behind the man and how is he gonna die. 4/ Aes Sedai and Asha'man being equals and weaving together. 5/ The Dark Hounds horde, where is it, where is it going, what will it do? 6/ Men who can channel from the Sea folks and Seanchan at least, they are such a powerful base, what can they bring? And of course, and so on and on...
  6. He could have hidden something totally unrelated to WoT just so he can enjoy the fun of having us all theorising about nothing. That's nasty. AS for the release date, 4 months after reading ToM, I'm not in the rush anymore, I don't need my fix, so I'm wishing for a "as long as it's needed" and it's all the better if it's real long, cause it will be the last. After the last book, there will be no more waiting, only remembering or re-reading. Waiting is part of the fun, excitement for me, so right now, I'm willing for the best book that can be done with RJ out of this planet. Must it take 3 years to be so.
  7. Mmmmh, I like the idea of the Dark One possessing Rand's body through the True Power, and I like even more the fact of Rand dying in the process of preventing the Dark One from actually touching the world. That solves elegantly the problem of impersonating the Dark One in the real world wihtout having to get it for real. And that opens the way to removing the Dark One from Randland. However I'm not a fan of the Dark One "dying". It's just like the Creator dying, kind of a nonsense. It may be locked away from the world forever or banished in some way that has never been done before, but it can't disappear. The yin yang stuff that balances Randland would be destroyed. Destroying the Dark One is destroying the pattern to me.
  8. Ok, we finally arrive at the closure of the series, and the Dark One has always acted indirectly, never showing itself (for good reasons since it is NOT in this world). But it's Tarmon Gaidon, the end, it's ITS battle. What will it be doing then? Do you think we'll "see" it take a part of it? Or it taking a part of it means the Dark One free and the battle lost? Will we finally get a picture of all its dark plans? Will it go head to head with the Light (Rand)? Anything else? Will it even be a part of A Memory of Light? I really wonder, because... I just can't picture the Dark One in battle per se. It is not of this world, it can dominate it throught its presence, but it is not physical (at last, I hope so). Will it talk or do any action? Ah! Projections!
  9. Hoping too that the Dark One will not be anything more than a voice (or a spiritual manifestation) and a physical avatar in the name of Shaidar Haran. He sure can possess bodies, but as far as it is concerned, I really do hope it is not anything physical.
  10. Option 3, through Moridin's link, with the Dark One's permission. I don't imagine the True Power being accessed without the Dark One being in the know. As I don't imagine the link between Rand and Moridin being of no importance in the process. So that's whay I pick up option 3. Besides, it seems llike a great plan to me to capture the Light's leader with what is the most tempting thing in the world, once tasted. And Rans has now tasted it. Can't wait to see the aftermath, because if it's like a hard drug, he will have to get some dependencies troubles. How, I don't know, maybe with a need for drawing on it again. Besides, the fact that we have been consistently reminded with how addictive it is during the whole series, it must be affecting Rand. He is no superhuman and he shall abide by the Dark Lord at some point of A Memory of Light, because the Dark One now has a hook on him.
  11. Alongside Breasts, is the other randland champion: BOSOM, whether be it huge, impressive etc... And cleavage is also a close contender. RJ had some serious issues with Oedipe's complex.
  12. Once. I'm new to WoT (2009) so I had time for only 1 reread (book 1 to 12), and I think it'll be my last. It takes way too much time (8-9 months) and I want to read something else, just to prevent my brain from burning out because of WoT. But it's the only time ever that I did a complete reread.
  13. As usual, I didn't bother reading the 21st pages of the thread, so accept my apologies if this has been already discussed. There's something... bothering me in the new Rand. Ok, he's kinda Jesus and stuff, but that's already been discussed. No, there's something more. When he fights the shadowspawns army on his own at Maradon (is that it? I mean, the besieged city in Saldaea), after the wiping out, he says something along the lines: "It came too close to a direct confrontation between Him and me, I can't do this again." Well, that sounds dangerously too much like "That's something between Shait'an an me. Not the others." to me. I mean, the World is at stake, and the Last Battle would be all about a single man? C''mon! I know Rand is the Light's champion, but isn't the Shadow's champion supposed to be Moridin? It's not Shait'an himself. Shait'an is more on a Creator level, not Rand/Lews Therin Telamon, mere mortals level. That bugs me. It's like he personally knows the Dark One. That he knows the forsaken, yes, that's logical. That he "knows" (can we even know Him?) the Dark One is very disappointing to me. The Dark One is beyond human, how come can He lower Himself to dealing with mortals?? Can he even "deal" with them given that He has no specific form? Please tell me that I'm wrong and misreading.
  14. Same here. I've assumed that since Rand never got to Caemlyn as far as we know, the clouds breaking over the city would be from Mat's doing. We don't have any hint to that however, but it seems to me like a reasonable explanation. The ta'verens working stronger and stronger together as the Last Battle approaches.
  15. Lord Agelmar! The guy's supposed to be a great captain, and he's king of one of the boarderland, he's got to do something. Plus Hurin, yes, I join the others.
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