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  1. It just says Graendal watched them work. Unless you mean the first instance when Graendal makes him talk? Only Graendal has ever done that, and she is the best at compulsion. Everyone else, including Rahvin, Moggy, and even Graendal herself with Moggy and Cyndane, used speech to make their victims obey. Why should this guy be better than the Forsaken?
  2. I've never had the BWB but isn't it possible for rivers to change course?
  3. Thanx, aross. I think now that Romanda and Lelaine have pooled their resources, it's possible they've influenced all the Green Sitters. After all, Green = Blue + Yellow . I'm not sure, but IIRC, Rubinde was in Romanda's faction.
  4. If the a'dam blocks a person's entry into TAR, wouldn't an a'dam in T'AR have a similar effect?
  5. Mr Ares, you forgot to add that you faced everything on your own feet.;-) You know you're a WoT fan when you ask yourself 'What would Semirhage do?' when in a dilemma. How's that for evil, Elgee?
  6. Have we seen Compulsion without a verbal command? Except for Verin's, which still involved a lot of talking.
  7. It seems to be that there will be gay men in any society, however repressed or free that might be. Therefore, Randland undoubtedly has some homosexuals. The fact that they haven't featured in the story so far should considered abnormal, irrespective of whether it is by design or by accident. The same could be said about homophobes. And probably about anti-homophobes. Also about people whom the issue doesn't matter, but try to be PC and judgemental (like me ) Also the argument that it shouldn't be included because of space/plot concerns doesn't stand, considering that it won't be very long, and that there are too many details in the story anyway (not that it is a bad thing.) Most of the pro-gay debaters assume that others are homophobic. Which might be true in a few cases, but from the posts I've seen, it doesn't look that way. The issue here is : is Mr. Sanderson playing the crowd? When I look at this issue with what happened in ToM, I have some nagging doubts, which I will not air in public. I'd like to PM some of the mods and Terez, if they agree.
  8. Those guys must be crazy. A non-Aiel wearing ca'dinsor in a city policed by Aiel? How do you get away with that?
  9. You say 'Let the Lord of Chaos rule!' before dumping sugar into your nephews' cereal. I also try to be mule-headed stubborn, but end up acting wool-headed. Does that count? PS Rosee, my earlier post wasn't entirely true. It wasn't true at all, but I'd like to do it someday.
  10. It probably has been discussed before, but does this have parallels to the Sealing in the previous Age?
  11. When you run around a hospital screaming 'Death is lighter than a feather!'
  12. They're probably pissed about Silviana. BTW, who are the new Green Sitters?
  13. Again, it's only 'pandering' to the extent that RJ was pandering to fans when he supplied the requested Malkieri Aes Sedai in KOD. Fans thought it odd that none had been mentioned, so RJ conceded and put one in the books. Aside from that, Swithin's last paragraph is worth considering again. The two situations are exactly the same. Of course the Malkieri are buying the books, and if they want one of their own as AS, they should be indulged.
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